Thursday, April 30, 2009


got called up to go to yum cha at night because of the return of the 3 mighty one from kl, that is kok, ben and wayne. lol. chatted for awhile before going for pool. all are kinda addicted to pool/snooker because of the recent heat on the movie King of Snooker which i never heard of. lol. back then was basketball and now is pool/snooker. xD then went out for badminton today with the same gang after such a long time abandoned the sport of badminton. wayne came back with a different hairstyle. lol. but this one was pretty better then the previous one. lol.

chemistry is getting harder and harder. from A and now it's in M. i am gonna die by the time it reaches Z. and maths is even worst. it's so hard even just in the beginning. every question which seems so easy but i'll eventually got stucked in the middle of the solution. =P

it's been awhile since i played time is running out. i am gonna appreciate every minute and every second of the time we are gonna enjoy together. that's part and parcel of life.

Praise God that it happened for a purpose!!


Monday, April 27, 2009


I HATE SMOKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people smokes because they want to satisfy their hunger of smoking, not because they enjoy smoking. but why would they smoke in public and make others to suffer as well. that's totally not cool.

having headache, flu, sore throat. everything in one. 3 + 1. lol.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

up up up.

over sensitive is totally not cool.

let's assume that today is still monday since monday just past 10 mins ago. woke up kinda early today though u slept late because of that stup match between MU and Everton which was totally not worth watching it. went to St. Peter Church for the Fun and Food Fair since that i had promised Dijie of going. those food was extremely expensive but because it was for charity so i should use the word 'cheap' instead of 'expensive'. xD i saw Cheong with the clown costume. he was already a clown without the costume. haha. imagine him with the clown costume. hilarious

my second part of the day was about climbing hill. my 1st time of joining my dad and his friends to 'conquer' the top of kledang hill. so-called rtm station. it took me 1hour25mins to arrive at the top. the whole journey was about 4hours. it was so long and boring. lol.

the orange team. dutch!!! lol

centipede which is even bigger and longer than my fingers. =P

i think the longer one is for tv3 and the shorter one is for ntv7. hahaha

that's for rtm channels. hahahaha.

i'm always sad for some unnecessary things. damn!!!! there is this strong wind blowing now. with those sounds, it is so scary. lol. better off now and hide. =P

Happy Birthday, Jamie.
May God Bless YOu.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i hate liar!!! and i hate being lied. don't make any promise that you can't do it. just getting fed up for the continous lies. =.='

i am now physically exhausted because of the continous playing of balls. football and futsal. duhh. my legs are now in pain.


Monday, April 13, 2009


felt myself kinda emotional lately. being too sensitive in everything that happened around me. although those things might not be true but i can't help myself from stop thinking of that. isn't that weird, feelings are hard to control. how mighty He is that He created human that is so intelligent but yet they can't control back their own feelings. =) praise the Lord. duhh. is that a good or bad thing??

you have changed a lot. i never knew that you will change this much though you might not know about it. but you can't see something by yourself, just by yourself. so trust others.

having a severe headache now because of the continous impact on my head just now. so gonna bang my head now on the bed.

~timid bullier =D~


Sunday, April 12, 2009


there wasn't really much interesting things happened recently. maybe that was the main reason i didn't blog so often these days.

there is always problems arise although those might not be a-should-be-counted-as-a-problem to those normal person. but to me, it always does trouble me. maybe i am just taking a burden to myself although that i can throw it away to the sea. =.=' but it isn't easy to control it huh...... so, i'll just pray hard.

i missed the reunion outing with moga and philip on friday. due to some clashed of something. it's been awhile since i saw moga. ahhhh. i miss him, and please don't misunderstand me or don't ever try to think of anything dirty. i'm not gay. miss him in term of friend-friend relationship. so sutttttt...... and on that same day also, i was so exhausted. i can't believe i am so so so weak. football on that day was totally a mess. never been in such condition for a long long time. almost 9/10 of my tries to kick the ball, i missed the ball. and instead i kick the 'air'. when i kicked the ball, by right the ball should go in front but in the end the ball went backwards. conclusion, i sucks in football. ipoh padang wasn't that high standard afterall. the field became a swimming pool when it rained on that day. feels like swimming in it. hahaha. those thunders made someone to believe that there is a war going on out there.

went for the school drama. the drama was overall okayyyyy. not really good but not that bad. it is just because of the sound system that the whole drama spoiled. it made everyone present there to guess on what were they singing and talking about on the stage. things would be better if there was a better sound system. but i couldn't expect much from a school standard drama. lol.

i'm kinda shocked knowing things that i shouldn't know. lol. is it a good or a bad thing?? know more die faster?? that's what those chinese always say when ones know too much.. haha.

~a snail actually can speed even faster than a turtle. and the snail always bully the turle xD~

~but at the end, it still lost to the turtle. haha~

and Blessed Easter to all....May God be with all of you....


Thursday, April 9, 2009

tagged again.

RULE: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours and tag twenty people. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real.. nothing made up. If the person before you had the same initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you cant use your name for the boy/girl question.

What is your name : Mun Keat

A four letter word : Moon

A boy's name : Michael

A girl's name : Michelle

An accupation : Musician

A colour : M.................. -.-'

Something you'll wear : Mask. haha

Food : Mini Cornetto xD

Something you'll find in the bathroom : Me.. =D

A name of a place : Malacca

A reason for being late : Moody. LOL

Something you'd shout : MAN!!

A movie title : Mask Rider. LOL

Something you'll drink : Milk

A musical group : idk. =P

An animal : Mice??

A street name : Money Street?? lol

A type of car : Mini cooper (BMW)

A title of a song : Merry go round - YUI