Saturday, May 30, 2009


And there goes the 1st semester of the year. we practically just attended 3 weeks of school. Though that it seems like a short period of time but yet many things happened during these few weeks. Happy, sad, frustration, anger, funny etc. Remembering the 1st schooling day for us, there were so many blur faces present. But after this short period of 3 weeks, many of them had changed. My class which was really a big class which consist mostly of former students from poi lam make de vector power belongs to them. LOL. I can hardly recognised most of the new faces in the class.

I had wrote about those teachers in my class for the previous few blogs, so i'll jump to the students found in my clas. =P i had found a yin and yang in my class. One was my beloved deskmate and one more is the so-called 'coconut tree' by our PA teacher in our class. You will never find them in the school the same day. One will definitely absent from school if the other shows up. xD Isn't that hilarious??

There are so many 'future' actuarial science graduates. A competitive field of job. Though that many would say that this field is tough. And some said that studying actuarial science will end up being an insurance salesman which i do not agree. Lol. Luckily i am not that interested in this field because of the toughness of this field. You basically need to take 8 papers if i am not mistaken to become a real actuary. And those papers are all extremely darn hard.

Most of the Poi Lam guys were all, i'm sorry to say this, nerdy. I hope that none of those Poi Lam guys will see this. =P From what i observed, 90% of them are all concentrating more at the books lying on their table than other things else. they were like so so so clever which make me so pressure. As what you said, i'm gonna be bald soon. Haha.

I can really say that most of my classmates are all of those committed type. One very good example is my very respected monitor. Sorry Jo. Since that you are not my monitor this year, the title had been giving to someone else. Haha. Everytime i would see her doing stuffs related to the class. I do not know whether is it because of his on dedication and responsibilities or because of the teachers forcing her to do all those things... =D She would definitely answer, " I don't want to do one ar, teachers ask me to do one". Lol. So far, we had collected the most recyclable cans compared to other classes but not to be counted in the form of ratio. Hehe.

It suddenly pop out in my mind that i had so many things to do. loaded with tonnes of holiday's homeworks. And does the term holiday's homework really exist?? Shouldn't holiday means that we can relax ourselves and have our own private time to rest and shake our legs if we want to? But it's not. MUET's homework was the worst!!! 5 compulsory essays to write and 20 you-want-to-do essay. duhhhh. How can you expect a student to write more than 2 essays everyday for these 16 days holiday?? This is totally torturing... CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!!!! She need some treatment to end this form of indirect CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!!!

Because of her nagging, my head is so heavy and pain now. sorethroat and headache at once. Her detruction power is so so so powerful that even just 2 periods of time (70minutes) can handicapped me. LOL.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will I??

i was sleeping on the floor when my dad suddenly standing beside me with a letter. i was so blur at that time. i took the letter and glanced through the envelope and i saw the logo of Singapore Government thingy on the top left of the letter. I was like so so ....... wow ....... I got the letter. ASEAN Scholarship. =P But i always know that this was some kind of hope that can easily fade away. Hope that filled with happiness and excitement but won't last long. Just like JPA scholarship.

I doubted of going for the test in KL. Maths, English and IQ test. It was so torturing when i saw the timetable for those tests. The thought of not going for the test kept on appearing in my mind. duhhhh. But dad keeps on forcing me to go. Aiyah....... Sei jau sei la. Gonna go for it.

HELP... School is so so so boring. I HATE MUET and MATHS..... Why!! Why!!! Why must she teach us MUET??? She is not teaching us. She is feeding us with other people's knowledges. Reading from a set of papers and feed us with those knowledges from the paper. I never saw any teacher before that ask their students to go for tuition. =.=" What is this?? Isn't it teacher's resposiblity is to teach their students?? There is talented artist in our class. Haha.

Holidays is coming soon. I am so so looking for it. Pangkor during the holidays. Haha.

Mancherster United vs Barcelona. Hopefully that MU is going to win this. Glory Glory Mancherster United. I wanna watch this match but it's only shown in ASTRO. Sad....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

a so-called pre-U life

finally i made up my mind to surrender to form6. at the very beginning, it's a very big NO NO for me to enter form 6. there is just no reason for that. frankly speaking, i just hate form 6. but in the end, i just ended up here. i DO NOT KNOW why... i'm in deep shit now.

the 3 days orientation was superbly boring. totally speechless about that. there was only speech speech speech and speech going on all the time. can't they prepare somethng more interesting and fun than just plain speeches. i was being called out on the 2nd day of orientation together with others few more. the 1st thing that flash through my mind was 'DAMN!!WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME???'... i was even shocked when they chose us for the Teacher's Day committee thingy. i was like still new if i am considered a new lower six guy that came for school just a few days. wtf... and i don't think that i contributed much to the teacher's day preparation. i felt so .......... speechless...... duhhh......

it was so so so full. 45 in a class. can u imagine that. there was 38 in my class back in form5 was also considered as so full. we are gonna spilled out of the class just like water spilling out from a full water bottle. everyone is still a stranger to me. =) hopefully i can noe them better.

i really don't like most of the teachers that teaches me. i HATE MATHS AND MUET!!! screw it!!!! pn lee is so naggy... she's even more naggy than steven aka add maths tuition teacher. steven which was full of his own philosophy of life. but she was even worst. full of those stories of her own. she will definitely jumped into her own stories in the middle of her teaching. bla bla bla...... she just can't stop talking about her son. she kept on nagging the same thing over and over again, telling us that this is a very hard game. you don't work hard then you will lose this game.. -.-" muet was so not fun. ms chang just pulled back our hope of enjoying our form6 life here. can't she make muet much more interesting like the other teachers did?? josh and adlan told me about the way pn susila tought them muet in their class. it just make me so envy of them. i wish my muet teacher is ms foo. lol. i like her way of talking and teaching in the class. she just make the environment in the class to be much more cheerful and lively. the way she nags and scold her students is more fun. can u believe that the 1st day we entered her muet class we had our reading test. that was also my sleeping test. haha. i actually felt asleep in the middle of the test. everytime i woke up, i was like 'where am i??? i think is this line..' hahaha. can u imagine that. xD 2nd day was already speaking and i screwed that. 3rd day writting. duhhh. it will be a miserable 1 and a half year for me to go through.

but luckily i there is physic. to balance it back. haha. i like physic!!!! he just like to smile and laugh. not forgetting making people laugh. haha. there was this new theory that i learned :

pressure is inversely proportional to area
increase AREA to decrease PRESSURE

funny equation... haha. a way of increasing the area. his method, open your hands and legs wide just like a 'big' word in mandarin. this can increase the area. xD i just like the way he teaches us. *thumbs up* his class just make me relax. not so tensed like the other class especially maths. =) the crapping pa teacher. pervert. haha. he is almost like thiru. lol. no comment.

i'm still considering the clubs and societies that i wanna join.

MU won!!!!! glory glory Manchester United. haha. go for the Champions League as well. xD though that i like the way Barcelona played, but i like MU more. haha

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

birthday boy.

i attended a small listen talk about health (blood circulation) thingy. they provided a free check up of our blood circulation in our body. i didn't missed out the chance and had a little check up. and duhh........ the result came back was not so cool. ~*entangled blood vessels*~ which mean i do not have a healthy lifestyle since that i was the youngest there. ~sleep too early that is during midnight which i totally agree, too much of meat, stress~ she can hardly believe that since that i was the youngest there and i frequently had my sports routine too. even me, myself can hardly believe it. =P

khan is coming back tomorrow. which mean tomorrow, thursday, from NS. my handsome little buddy had suffer/enjoy there for almost 2 months. hopefully there isn't any huge physical change in him. haha. hopefully he is not darker then me and wont got tanned. haha. like me.

today is one of my best friend's birthday. there is such a long long long history between both of us. much thicker then a yellow page. xD we actually met each other in kindergarten and knew since then. we were really really notorious at that very age. but that's the main thing that bring us together. haha. weird duh... plus minus around 13 years. that is such a long time. haha.

HappY BirtHdaY, k0K!!!
WiSh U aLL tHe BesT....
tAke CaRe,Br0.......
we actually celebrated a be-early birthday with him since he came back. we for dinner and pool left us no time to actually eat the cake. lol. the cake we bought was really really nice. auchhhh....i am hungry now.... =D

time really is not enough. i don't have much time left. got to enjoy every minute and every second that is left.


Friday, May 1, 2009

LaBouR DaY aka KK's birthday

today is labour day, huh. all employers and employees, do enjoy yourself on this special occasion to recognise all of your hardwork and also sacrifices. though it just last for 1 day/24hours, but it will be a memorable day to be remember as the day that we do honoured all of you. =)

woke up in the morning and got a call from a friend inviting me for a simple dinner. i do appreciate that. thanks for the wonderful dinner and i owe u. hehe.

went for a movie after that. it was really awesome. =D

a special post just to wish all a wonderful labour day. hehe

oh yea. today is kar khan's birthday.
Happy Birthday, Khan!!!
wish you all the best!!
May God bless You!!!