Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009!!

It’s really really long since I blog. Been busy with my assignment and also because there is one kind feeling within me that asking me not to blog so much though I have lotsa things to blog about. =P So now here I am now..

Yea, there is this one thing that I wanna stress about. It’s the movie ‘Avatar’.. It was superb nice… Those animation, graphic and storyline… WOW… Meaningful storyline.. Even the Pastor in the church also can relate his sermon to the movie. Haha. It was definitely worth it for me to go for a late midnight movie on that day… Didn’t regret going for it.

The moral assignment really almost take my life away.. Doing on the topic on ‘Suicide’ almost made me wanna suicide as well. Been cracking my head to do it. It caused me so much of my hair.. arghhhh…. Need to visit Yun Nam Haircare… hahaha.. Finally no more assignment now.. Just left with presentation and final exam nie.

This was the 1st year that I celebrate Christmas in East Malaysia.. And also the 1st year I joined for Christmas caroling. It was so embarrassed at the beginning caused we were basically performing in the town.. From shopping complex to shopping complex. Haha. But it was a nice experience to be remembered. Christmas Eve was boring but on the real day of Christmas, I went out almost the whole day. Hees. Went to The Spring (Shopping Mall opposite my uni) to see fireworks and for countdown as well. I saw Sarawak BB.. It reminds me of those days when I was serving back in company.. Community Service.. There was this urge in me to go and say Hi to them, but eventually I didn’t do it.. Too paiseh.. haha.. Straight after the firework, I went back.

The next day was a nice experience for celebrating Christmas in Sarawak. Went to church in the morning.. Then Christmas lunch. Didn’t managed to get any prize.. Not my day after all. =] Got a chance to visit Zac’s house.. His house was so cool.. It was more like those kampong style house near to the city. Or it should be said, in the city. I can’t believe that he rear pigs. Haha.. His cousin was super cute and hyperactive. Chubby.. Created all the laughter in the house. Then at night pulak, went to Natalie’s house. I can’t believe that she actually invited me to go because I wasn’t really close to her. Blessing!! Haha. Thanks for the invite, Natalie. The Shepherd’s pie that her mum made was super delicious.. The two later mashed potatoes with minced meats in between it really an eye opening experience.. oppsss. Should say, taste buds opening experience. Haha. Managed to eat turkey for Christmas this year. Wakaka. And something really different this year, I drank alcohol.. =P shhhhhh.. eh, I’m not underage d leh. No need to be so secretive. XD Drank XO (40%), red wine, white wine…. The XO was so so so so hard to drink. It haven’t even enters my mouth, I already can smell the bitterness of it. George’s whole body was so red after he drank those alcohols. Haha.

New Year is just around the corner… This year seems so fast for me. It feels like I didn’t really do much thing this year. No matter how short this year is, all those times that I had went through will always be memories that shall never be forgotten. There were only three main things that happened to me this year. Working in church, Form6 and also here, in Sarawak.

I still remember I went to work in church in the beginning of the year with Ph’ng. Those experiences were really great. How well did we work together, teasing each other, driving out for lunch, cracking out brain for BB activities, burning our skin under the hot and mighty sun, playing the PA system in church, folding bulletins, etc etc. wow.. Those experiences were really unforgettable. I started to miss Ph’ng.. It’s been a while since I saw him. The little chipmunk that is so cute.. When you look at his face, you will definitely know that he is harmless. haha

Form6 was really a hell and heaven experience. At the beginning, I really thought that I will end up there and finish up my STPM there.. I still remember the 1st day I step into 6RB. The environment was so tensed. Everyone looks so foreign to me except for those of my ex-classmates. When I enter in with Kinwai, there wasn’t any place left in the middle so we were force to sit at the side. Surrounded by 4 foreign girls in front and back of us. Jin was beside us. Then eventually, one by one, all left the class.. 1st was Ee Xin, then Kin Wai, Jin and the last one was me.. I really didn’t regret entered form6 although it was just awhile.. The most unforgettable thing at that time, were those new friends that I met there. Sokwai, Bubu, Yiwen, Ben, Yeesan, Kaylynn, and the list goes on.. Those moments that we spent together will only be mere memories for me to be remembered forever.

Stepping my foot in a foreign land was totally a new experience and new journey for me. Kuching, Sarawak. It the 1st time I sit on a plane. I believe that God send me here for a purpose and that’s why I am here now. Another new bunch of friends here. Communication here was really a problem for me. They speak in mostly 2 dialects, mandarin and hokkien, which both are a problem for me. It’s never been easy for me to adapt to the new environment here. It was hard to have a peaceful life here with ‘bullets’ flying everywhere. Been struggling so much. Nevertheless, I will keep on fighting to survive. Since I came here, I had been growing a lot in term of physically, mentally and spiritually.

Friends have been asking me about my New Year resolution but my answer to them was just a simple smile. I never had any New Year resolution. It was because I never try to make any effort to achieve those resolutions that I had made. So I do not find any reason for me to make any New Year resolution. Or maybe I have one. One and the only one, ‘to enjoy while suffer’. As simple as that. LOL

Today is the last day of 2009. And here am I writing the last post for the year of 2009.

Signing off.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Tagged by SokWai

Rules of the game:Once you are tagged,you MUST DO this quiz and tag 16 friends,including the person who tagged you.Copy and paste everything,do it and re-post the title with whatever rank you were given.Ranks are given at the bottom of this note.If you have done something in this school which is indicated by the sentence, mark the [ ] on the left side of the thing you have done with a x.Let the game begin.

Let the game begin.

Level 1:

[x]Sleep in class

[x]Talked in class

[x]not seating at your own place in class

[x]Scolded by a teacher

[x]Litter the classroom

[x]Did not do your homework at least 15 times

[ ]Submitted your homework late at least 10 times

[ ]Came late for school at least 10 times

[x]brought/wore home clothes without school's permission

[ ]brought/wore jewellery to school

[x]did not pay attention in class for at least 60% of the time

[ ]cried out "sian" or "wa lao wei" to the teacher

[x]plucked a flower/ killed a plant in school

[x]copied other people's homework in desperation (that I really had no choice !)

[x]played a trick on your classmates/teacher

Total so far: 11

Level 2:
[ ]sent for detention class
[x]late in class
[x]not wearing your school uniform (if you have) properly
[ ]shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[ ]scolding vulgarities in class
[ ]spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[x]used a school facility without school's permission
[x]played soccer/basketball or any other sports/games in classroom
[ ]singing loudly during lesson (but NOT THAT loud)
[ ]walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x]did not greet the teacher properly
[x]went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[ ]played a trick on the teacher during April fools
[ ]used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump
[ ]made yourself a nuisance to the teacher

Total so far: 17

Level 3:
[x]was asked to stay back after school/ break time
[ ]made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ]wasted the school's toilet paper
[x]sabotaged someone
[x]irritated someone

Total so far:20

Level 4:

[x]forged your parent's signature

[x]forged a classmate's signature

[ ]forged a teacher's signature

[ ]made rude remarks to the school cleaners in front of them

[ ]flew a paper aeroplane down from the school from at least the third storey

Total so far:22

Level 5:

[ ]fiddling with your handphone during lesson time

[ ]played with your PSP in school

[x]using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission

[ ]listened to an MP3 player in school

[ ]messed with the teacher's pigeon hole

Total so far:23

Level 6:

[x]vandalising with school property

[x]tried to defame your school in public

[x]used the internet to scold teachers

[ ]fought with someone in school

[ ]shoplifted in school

Total so far:26

Level 7:

[x]cheated in a class test

[x]cheated in a school examination

[ ]cheated for your PSLE/ GCE 'O' or 'A' Level Examination

[x]Lied to your teacher

[x]played truancy for hall assemblies/ specific lessons

Total so far: 30

Level 8:

[ ]took drugs in school

[ ]smoked in school

[x]set fire to something in the school

[x]locked the teacher out of the classroom

[ ]played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

Total so far: 32

Level 9:

[ ]refused to pay school fees

[ ]cheated the school money

[x]stole things which belonged to the school

[x]bullied someone in school ( just playing la )

[ ]pranked called your school

Total so far:33

Level 10:

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against a student leader

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against a teacher

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal

[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your principal

Total so far: 33

Level 11:

[ ]brought weapons to the school

[ ]brought real firearms to the school

[ ]brought a real bomb to the school

[ ]fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill

[ ]dressed up as a terrorist to school

Grand total: 33


If you are between 0-15 -------------{I am a good student}

If you are between 16-20------------{I am a good student but with occasional trouble}

If you are between 21-30------------{I am an average student}

If you are between 31-40------------{I am a bad student}

If you are between 41-50------------{I am a very bad student}

If you are between 51-60------------{I should have been caned by the discipline master}

If you are between 61-65------------{I should have been expelled from school}

If you are between 66-75------------{I should have been sent to a reformatory centre}

Answer : {I am a bad student}

















Thursday, December 10, 2009

So be it...

There are alot in my mind but yet those words just couldn't be express easily like how I want it to be. God created us with complicated structure compared to other living things. With this complicated structure especially our sophisticated brain, we can think differently. I know that He made us in such a way because He wants us to make a different to others but yet I wish that life could be much more simpler so that I do not need to think so much.

I have been thinking thinking and thinking again.. Everything started to make sense but yet I refused to believe. Problems arose one after another. I'm getting weaker and weaker day by day. I feel like letting it go and let nature takes place. But after all, is it because of me thinking too much and makes everything become so complicated that bring me into this position.

I felt like I had been lied times after times but yet I still hoping that I'm crawling in my dreamland and waiting for the time to wake up. All the promises were again mere lies. I can't blame it on you after all based on the rule of utilitarianism. There is no right or wrong in everything that you do.

Things change, don't they?? We can't stop the world from changing. It's part and parcel of life. It's always me that doesn't want to accept the changes happening all around me. So, I shall throw this word out again that "I don't care". By this way, it at least make me feel a little better. I really hate hurting others so I decided to hurt myself rather to hurt others. "If you want others to love you, first you must let others to hurt you"

I have been getting alot of teaching, life teaching, lately. I feel like uneasy about what I have been doing. I found out that I had not doing much things about it and keep on falling deeper into it. I reflected on myself. i think that the problem lies on myself after all. Now i understand the importance of fellowship. It really does help. I shall lay my burdens onto your shoulder and leave it onto you.

Life is hard.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Let's rewind back what had happened previously.

My time that suppose to be my summer holidays is now packed with classes. I'm now stucked in summer sem. I have to do my Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies. Just finih my 1st week of class for summer sem. It was EXTREMELY boring. What taught in Malaysian Studies are basically all that we had learned in our History throughout Form 1 to Form 5. ~Paleolithic/Stone Age - Malacca~ Moral Studies is even worst. It's totally different from the things that we learned in our high school. More about philosophy stuffs which are superbly sophisticated. Those terms and words that were used are not for human. I repeat, IT"S NOT FOR HUMAN. ~Deantology Ethical Theory bla bla bla theory~ Eventually, Moral class wasn't as bored as Malaysian Studies. The lecturer at least add in some jokes which made us even colder which is a good way to keep us awake. Haha.

Just the 1st day of the release of New Moon, I went and watched it with a few friends of mine. The movie wasn't as bad as I had expected. Heard from yeesan that the director of New Moon is not the same as Twilight. No wonder there was so many kissing scenes in New Moon. Haha. Guess what. Those girls especially those underage girls are so obsessed with Robert Pattison a.k.a Edward. When he appeared for the first time in the movie, everyone was screaming at him and it makes me so irritated. For goodness sake, we were there to watch the movie, not him alone.

Yesterday was my roomate's and also Yiwei's birthday. LOL. Wish them Happy birthday. We planned a suprised birthday celebration for him. He was really suprised at the end when we suddenly appeared with a cake in front of him when he thought that we forgotten his birthday. Good planning and preparation. =) Unfortunately for me, the venue for the birthday celebration was in my room. As usual, 'cake throwing' will be a ceremony that is needed for every birthday celebration. So you can imagine how horibble my room will be after the celebration. And the main point was, they all were aiming at my bed... It was just my bed that got 'shot' the most. One word to describe them, 'MONSTERS'. Not only my bed, my shoes, slippers, wardrobe, chairs, hangers..... However, they were monsters with hearts. After everything came to an end, everyone did gave some of their efforts to help up to clean our room. =)

Today. I got a chance to sit on a van to go the city centre with a bunch of friends. Our 1st intention was to go to the PC Fair. The PC Fair here was rather small even compared to Ipoh. So ignore the comparison between Kuching and KL. Definitely here will lose thousand miles behind KL. Haha. Since everything here were already expensive compared to Peninsular, so eventhough it was a PC Fair so the price was actually considered as the normal price back in Peninsular. Didn't managed to buy lotsa things due to the guilty-ness in us that prevent us from buying stuffs.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's done.

It's done.. Finally my final is over. Got my freedom for 5 days before the start of my summer sem. Or should I say that it's only 4 days now. LOL. Can even get enough time to go back to my beloved hometown. Guess this test my patient. =/

After the final paper, I do not even know how to describe my mood. Dwi-mood perhaps. I think I did badly in my physics test. NO NO.. Should say that I did badly in the test. I didn't get to finish the paper, I forget most of the formulae needed when the formula sheet only provides us with those formulae that we do not really need them. Hate formula... I remember the back part of the formula but I forget the front part. For instant, I remember 'ma' for 'F=ma' but i forget that 'ma' is equal to Force.. swt swt.... I should quote what Mr. Siva said, 'Gagal Dengan Cemerlang'. :-P

That's the first part of my mood - Sad. But when I be optimistic - think the other side, I should be happy when the exam is over, for the first chapter of my life. There will be more to come. :-/

However, those things did not hold us back from getting into madness mood. We straight headed to The Spring or to be exact, MBO. We watched 2012, a superbly nice movie that we have been stalking since even before it was released. One word to describe - AWESOME.

I like this movie alot. Though that the storyline is a bit too fake because the actor never die.. Eventhough you thought that he will die, but eventually you will see a hand reaching up from nowhere. LOL. Besides, it contains alot of life lessons and also humanity values. "Humanity stops when you stop fighting for it"..

Currently planning for my 4 days 'holidays' but anyhow, I got nowhere to go. If it is so, then Chao Yan is doom since that he is still having his final paper on Friday cause I will disturbed him. hahaha.

So far for now.. It's way past midnight now and the bed is summoning me. Good night all. And best of luck for all those who are sitting for SPM.. Just in a blink of eye, it had been one year since I took SPM. :-/


Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Party...

Exam is really getting nearer but still i can't stuff anything into my thick skull. Looks like the era for me to study had yet come or maybe will never come. Or it is because i do not really care and bother about the exam??? or because i wanna keep myself cheerful in this way. Less stress less pressure less pimples and so happier. =) wow, what a conclusion i had made.

This week was like a study week for us. Most of the classes have been cancelled due to the exam next week. But unfortunately, we didn't really use much of the time to study.. Contribute most of our time to play.

Yesterday was Jing Yang's birthday. Played till kinda 'high' that time.. Bought a cake from Secret Recipe - black forest chocolate cake. We have been talking and laughing about the word blackforest lately and eventually we bought a blackforest chocolate cake. haha. Has a special meaning behind it. haha

The cake was kinda creamy and so we used most of the cream to do facial and also used as hair gel.. hahaha. Though it was superbly smelly but it was fun. xD Anyway, let the pictures do the talking. =D

The gang =)

Cream decoration on our hair..LOL

Me and the Birthday Boy!!!

Till then.....


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday..

Final is coming soon but still I haven't even really started doing my revision yet. Life in Uni is definitely different than in high school. I can't concentrate in my studies and my revision. Need some motivation.. C'mon C'mon....

2 consecutive night futsal really make me sick. I mean real sick. My stomach feels so weird lately. Been really really uncomfortable with the feeling. Especially after my every meal or every food that I consumed.

Finally I finished my IT assignment. Though it might be a bit plain but yet the satisfaction of fulfilling and finishing something is great. Currently left with my final exam before I really relax myself and enter summer sem. hehe

Church dedication is this Saturday and I still haven't remember the lyrics yet. =P Gonna die and embarrassed myself. haha.

And one last thing, Happy belated birthday to Eu Jin and also happy to birthday to Sok Wai. Wish both of you all the best in everything. God Bless.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Come back..

Currently reading my notes for tomorrow IT Online Quiz. I'm so gonna die. My brain can store no more information that basically need me to memorize them. And now i have to memorize those notes again which i can't.

Physics Quiz is on Thursday which i haven't even touch yet. That means another quiz which I'm going to fail (Gagal dengan Cemerlang). Everything started to be so not cool.

Sensitivity sucks... Come back the old 'me'.. where the hell am i??? Where did i stray to??? COME BACK.. I hate myself.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Berbatov sucks

Have been really getting fed up with the stupid website design. No clear instruction, no sample, simple and little notes on it...... How do they expect us to do it when there is so little explanation.

Just get a chance to watch MU vs Liverpool downstairs at the extrance of my hostel. Most of the residents in the hostel grabbed the chance to watch the clash of Titans match live here just at the entrance of the hostel. The place was basically divided into 3 parts where 2 parts of left and right were occupied by all Liverpool's and Mancherster United's fans. While in the middle, neutral spectators filled up all the space. The most exciting part was not watching the match only, but when the fans of both team screaming and shoouting, cheering for their own favourite teams. Everything became much more 'aggressive' when the match left about 5 mins. All of them were like shouting, 'F**k You la (while showing middle finger)', Liverpool, MU, etc etc. Their shouting can actually make the whole hostel collapse. wow. Praise God it didn't. =P But in the end, as predicted, MU lose. They can rarely play well when facing those top teams and especially that 'Berbatov' is playing. He sucks. Lazy, soft, coward.... He is even lazy to jump and hit the ball... swt.. Game ended, Liverpool 2-0 Mancherster United =(

I didn't know why i suddenly felt abit moody. Noone to talk to.. Noone to share to at this time..


Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Been really busy with my tests and also assignments. but now left with the most important test of all, thats the final...

Deepavali is tomorrow and most of those West Malaysian students purposely fly back to celebrate with their beloved family. Even one of my classmate flew back this morning after attending half of the 1st class today. i wish that i can do that too. purposely rush back to Ipoh for 2 or 3 days. Its been awhile since i leave Ipoh and i miss everything there (family, friends, food, entertainment etc). After all, my beloved little hometown is still the best.

Finally there wasnt any extra class on wednesday so we got a chance to go to the cinema after our 'long' morning classes. "Sorority Row", a horror movie talking about a group of 'Theta Pi' (a group that only consist of girls) members that accidentally murdered one of their sister. i really dont know how to explain this movie cause i think that everything seems not logic at all. The movie is really really disgusting and gross.. haha

yesterday was the 1st time i played futsal under the rain here. whole body drenched and my shoes are wet too. cause me to wear slippers to class today.. and im freaking cold. shivering there and can hardly think.. even make my stomach superbly uncomfortable.

Drama tonight.. "Alice in the Wonderland".. Would be going there to give a lil moral support. hehe.

Lastly, Happy Deepavali again to all Indians. Happy holidays to all.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I dont know what happened to me today. I'm starting to wonder whether all the things that I am doing all these while were right or wrong. Whenever i thought back on how i really behave makes me feels like a moron myself. i feel like a complete idiot trying to make a fool of myself.

Your words really struck deep into me. It's just like a blade cutting through my throat when I'm concious. People seems to get more serious at times. A simple move or word can make a person angry or unhappy easily.

I think i should start keep my f***ing mouth shut and just observe. Stop being talkative and make the environment lively. The world would be peaceful with me shutting my ASS off.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival

just try something really extreme lately. maybe i am too fond of sports that i have been missing for so long. the moment when i came here, i havent been really sweating much and be really exhausted after sports. sports here are meant to just for fun and to relax. but not till yesterday (i dont know whats wrong with me) when i went for a straight 5 hours sports (badminton, squash and basketball). i can really say that i havent experience such good feeling of tiredness since i came here. the feeling is awesome. hahaha. sounds crazy... =P

everything are just like promises that are never to be true. those plain and blank promises are merely words. never to be fulfilled at the end.

and lastly, Happy Mooncake Festival to all.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Its been awhile since i blog, again.. haha. let me think of where to start. many things happen lately. haha.

okay.. let me start of the santubong trip. it wasnt that nice as i was expecting. the environment and fun that i had in santubong was incomparable with the time that i spent in pangkor with my schoolmates of mostly BB primers. i do not know how to explain those fun that i had in pangkor compare to the santubong but it was just different. the experience of waking up early in the morning to see sunrise but instead there wasnt any, the jagung bakar that i was so desperate for but yet i didnt managed to have it, night time poker, snorkelling, kayaking, 'sandhuman' and etc etc.

this santubong trip was kinda a plain one. just managed to go there and enjoy the environment there. didnt managed to play much due to the limitation of time. those beaches there are weird, they have time of visitation for the beach. nothing much to play at the beach as well. have a little fun time in the swimming pool. all of us were fighting in the water. it was fun. seafood dinner. and at night, we watched the new movie 'Tsunami'. the storyline was kinda boring for me. i felt asleep during the movie and kept on asking when will be the tsunami striking. haha. *evil* can you imagine, we watched tsunami at the seaside. haha.

i just slept on the carpet without blanket and pillow with air con in the room. it was torturing,. the next morning woke up with flu and neck-ache(basically whole body paining). thought that i will have another chance of kayaking there but unfortunately, aikssss...

in conclusion, i prefer pangkor more than santubong. XD

i screwed up in my test again. assignments and tests wont stop. another assignment, create a magazine. aiksss. class magazine. i thought of writting my beloved town, IPOH. hahaha.

gonna catc up for dinner. gtg


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie Week.

Finally finish my 1st English assignment. I'm quite happy with the end product. But unfortunately, before even the deadline of the assignment, there is another new English assignment given to us. life in uni is pretty hectic with just assignments alone. ~i hate referencing~

last wednesday was a day to be remember. 09/09/09. it was the opening of MBO in The Spring. The neareast cinema just opposite my uni. went on the 1st day of the opening of MBO and watch Aliens in the Attic. An action movie with hilarious action in it making the movie a nice and a must watch movie. haha. the cinema was big.. really big.. like a five stars hotel when u went inside. but unfortunately, going to toilet was the most troublesome thing and the last thing that you wanna do when you are in the cinema. the chair wasnt really nice to sit cause it is hard. the screen wasnt that big and the 1st time the movie hang in the middle. should say at the beginning make us to be super frustrated. but luckily the movie was funny and balanced our emotion up. hehe

the day didnt end just after the movie.. went to shawn's house and have sushi making competition. haha. it was really really fun. thought we lost but anyhow, i have a lot of fun there. i didnt know that i know how to make sushi. though it doesnt looks nice but at least those sushi were edible. haha.

all creations.

my group's home-made sushi..

then went to the cinema for the second time yesterday. watched the singapore movie, "Scare till laugh". haha. super funny movie which can make you to laugh your head off. though they were mostly talking in hokkien but still it was funny. xD laughed till my tears also burst out. haha.

after movie, we went for dnner+supper=dinper. chatted for quite long there and continue on at the park. I think this is the 1st time i went out so late and so far from my uni. haha. good experience after all.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gagal Dengan Cemerlang!!

The week had been too busy for me to even blog anything. though many things happened in the past few days. but yet i cannot blog it. busy with my assignments and studies. finally reaching the finish line of my assignment but not really finish yet. still got a little more to finish it up. and congratulation, Sum, you screwed up in your test. -.-'

okay, cut it. the most interesting event was the 1st Youth Anniversary of Hope Church. better to blog it now. if not everything will fade off from my mind. Theme of the night, 'Fiesta in the Jungle'. The church was decorated by bamboos, trees, leaves which was really looked like a jungle. cool. They served around 21 types of food vary from modern to traditional food, spicy to non-spicy, hot to cold, big to small, sweet to sweet and etc. those food were really nice and nice. haha. and the whole night was about dancing, singing, laughing and enjoying. chinese dance, indian dance, modernised dance and even the african's style dance. all were totally a new experience for me. there was also Jungle King and Jungle Queen contest. Though the building was small but yet everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest.

(The man in the middle was crowned the Jungle King. LOL)

and straight after that. they organised a trip to Semenggok on the Independence Day. I get the chance to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the nature in Sarawak. Basically the 1st time i got the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature since i arrived here one month ago. Got the chance to see a humongous Orang Utan which are twice or thrice the size of me. Heard that one slap on your face can make you coma. thats what happen to a previous foreign visitor. He brought food along in his bag, and the Orang Utan had super sensor that can sensed it. The Orang Utan went towards the man and the foreigner thought that the Orang Utan was being friendly to him. But when the Orang Utan started to grab his bag and take the food, the man refused to give the Orang Utan. He started to fight with the Orang Utan and in a sudden, the Orang Utan slapped the man. And there goes ................................... coma for one week. haha. can you imagine how strong Orang Utan can be. xD


met up with a few new students here. and met a guy from the same college where philip is studying now. same course too but too bad he dont know who is our 'joker'. =P

Do not judge people by their appearances but judge them because of their internal beauty. People here are really different back in Ipoh. I was overwhelmed by their extreme 'friendliness'. wow. totally a different environment for me. people here are extremely friendly especially those people from the church. they are there for you when you really in need and they will not let you walk alone. can you imagine that?? these kind of caring cant hardly found in a city where everyone is living in a hectic life when they cant even care for themselves.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Its been awhile since i blogged. with the strong demand of asking me to blog, so i shall blog. haha. no la. im just too lazy to blog.

there are too many things that happened and i can't think of so many of it. or perhaps none of thsoe appear. let me think... hmmmm....

oh yea.. this one is specially for joshie.. do you know that my physics teacher's name is something related to your favourite thing. YEah, you are right!!!! HOLLAND. His name is actually Richard Belanda Anak Dagang. haha. nice name huh.. which is related to ORANGE!!! haha. i know that you will be very excited now. haha

I got this opportunity to go to explore to the cinema in kuching. the 1st time was the LFS cinema which is a disaster. It was the 1st time for me to watch a movie in a cinema with COCKCROACH!!!! that thing just pop up in front of out seats. and Jun was like watching it moving right to left and left to right. -.-' that's............ewwwwwwwwwww...... besides, we were watching an alien movie. District 9. imagine a cockcroach watching prawns in movie. haha.
but the second time was abit nicer and this cinema got the 'look' of a cinema. haha. it basically looks like a cinema compared to the previous one. wednesday was indeed a movie day. haha. our class ends quite early. give us time to watch movie. haha. watched GI JOE. a very nice movie. fond of their high tech gadgets.. haha. especially the high tech sut. hehe. but i am looking forward for the new cinema in The Spring. haha. and Avatar!!!!

Class is still normal. most of the subject is like form6 n form5 especially physics. But engineering maths is superbly hard. the formulae are so many and kinda long plus complicated which are hard to understand. Classes here are like so cold!!!! i mean extremely cold. It's like studying in the North or South pole. lol. even a jacket or sweater wont do enough for you. actually one of my classmate sometimes brought two sweater to class. haha. then you can imagine how cold it is. when i was in form6, i was always looking for coldness in school, but here.... everything is different, we craved for hotness. haha. we did all kind of stupid stuffs here, filling up hot water in the bottles and bring it into the class but eventually the hot water will become cold water in the end. think if we take an ice cream there and put it on the table for 1 hour, it also wont melt. haha.

finally i went for sports yesterday. WHAT A RELIEVED!!!!! this was the 1st time i do my sports since one month ago. maybe that's why i was sick previously because of the lack of sports. the futsal court here sucks. it is so dangerous and not to the scale of the real court. and the court is on the top floor of the carpark. and they like to kick the ball down although there are high fences there. haha. and i got 'first blood' even before i put down my bag. aiksss. the unlucky me. =/
the food here are alot. so let the pictures tell it all. hehe

a superbly tall ice cream which wasn't nice. haha

the well-known 3-layers teh (it's nice but you wont cry after drinking it,haha)

the extreme laundry that i did make me to suffer from a severe backache now. even when i am sitting to blog now, i still can feel the pain on my backbone. ahhhh. help..

will be attending an anniversary tomorrow. a youth anniversary. hopefully it is fun and there will be a lot of food. hehe


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100th post with suprise =D

this is my 100 post in this blog. CHEER. but there is also a big suprise for you all. haha. this can make my 100th post more interesting and harder to be forgotten. haha.

Went to a dont know what thing on sunday. dont know what what what and i just went there without a purpose. i only know that we have to learn something about handicraft when we were there. we were told and taught how to make 'handicraft'.. and we need to make a 'Hornbill' from bamboo because it symbolises Sarawak and to make the Hornbill useful.

We brainstormed and chatted for awhile in the beginning. And finally we decided to make a windbell. We were kinda indolent to work for it but as we continued on, things were getting much more interesting. Though the windbell can hardly make any noise even if we blew at it. haha. but its nice and there was satisfaction for completing such a thing in such a short time. hehe.

i got one picture that i really should post it here. and plese feel free to comment what you see. (bear your own consequences of looking at this picture with your naked eyes.) haha. dont open your mouth too wide and scream. LOL
(TEIK SERN!!!!!! with my group's craft)

Just got 2 assignments at the same day yesterday. This is gonna be tough. Life here is like everyday the same.
another nice hornbill =)

multi-function hornbill. haha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Deserve A Sum Today.

Go to:
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8. Your parents ask you why you got home late, you say...
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10. The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
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11. Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/her...
Gotta Lotta Sum.

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16. Your message to a special someone..
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17. Title of this post will be...
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Just something I found interesting. :)
Tagged: Bubu, Anna, Kirukato, Jill and Joanne. =)

Friday, August 14, 2009


sampan experience...
Kuching Festival.. =)

Pictures tell it all. hehe

I miss KC LEONG's way of teaching. I dont like the physic lecturer here. He's not that good compared to KC LEONG. He's like so blur. Always did mistakes in his explanation and we have to correct him. So if you are not concentrating, you will be doing the wrong things and fail your test. (he's like Mr Liew,BB Captain. Looks like him, teaches like him, talks like him as well) I told you that there are many people looks alike here. =)

I'm sick. Headache, sorethroar and my head feels heavy. HELP. Need to get some sleep now. -.-'

- i think i'll get 1 but not using it cause no phone to use it on. or you can sponsor me 1 phone.haha.i know its cheaper. =)
-oh, yea. i didnt think of that. it's a good idea. LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


kaylynn>your siblings!! haha

The City of Cat. =D

Manhattan Fish Market. It's nice!!


Class finally started. Went through 3 days of classes and so far it's still okay. Because there isn't any assignment yet. But srtarting from next week onwards, i think there will be assignments. or should i say it's sunday cause the assignment will be released on sunday. =P can say as my 1st assignment here.

There are really varieties of food here. Went out and tried the famous satay that cannnot be found elsewhere. *drum rolling*................ "pork satay".. WOW. This is really the 1st time i heard this and tried it. Where can you find it elsewhere. If you try to open a stall that sell pork satay, your stall will be gone by the next day or even worse, it won't last a day. haha. and i try a new kind of drink here, the "white lady".. nice name.. seems high class but it is sold at a small stall. xD and it is nice... very special. milk with pineapple juice i think.. haha.

Then just now, when out to Kuching Festival..3weeks plus festival. Food festival mostly. THere were so many stalls there. Even KFC have a stall there. I found out that people around Kuching or Sarawak dont like McDonald's and they like KFC more. That's why i can hardly find McDonald's here but can simply find a KFC here. the 'siu mai' here is so hard. Not as nice as those in Ipoh. aiksss.

And i heard the Ipoh now is getting serious about the spreading of H1N1 virus. ACS now reported the 1st infected H1N1 case. I'm so worried about all my friends there. Hopefully they all will be find and wont be infected by it. Take good care all of you.. I'll pray for all of you that are sick.. Get well soon.

-i won't change to Digi. You change to Maxis. The most only i will buy a D-campus here. haha
-i'm too still thinking of a way to decorate it. =P give me ideas.

P/S: Yiwen is MsChang favourite student and she's trying to become like MsChang. xD


Sunday, August 9, 2009

'meow city'

This would be my 1st post i blog in Kuching.

My 1st time on plane. It was kinda awesome to actually sit on the plane for the 1st time although the plane was kinda small for a tall person with long legs like me. haha. But fortunately the place beside me was empty so i managed to stretched my legs. Those forests in Sarawak is kinda systematic. Or should i say those were plantations?? I just don't know. So don't bother that. Those roads were really straight and it makes those forests to be in a 'square' shape. Arrived Kuching International Airport and it was nice. So i thought that Kuching was quite a developed town. Saw the 1 and only MCDONALD'S in Kuching so far,there.

This uni is consider okay until i was taken for a tour to UNIMAS in kuching. i really couldnt believe wha i actually saw. it was like a town. its bigger than old town i think. 20++ buses operating in the campus itself. a gold course,bowling, etc etc alot more. i'm totally speechless. perhaps as big as ipoh?? LOL

The food are different from those of ipoh. the laksa here is actually curry mee. but those food are actually nice here although it was kinda expensive. I finally get a taste of the 3 layer tea here. i was nice but not as nice that it will make me cry like what edwin said. LOL. Sunday sucks. No food in the campus. i have to walk out to eat and by the time i walk back, everything will be finish digisted. so in the end, the trip for food around my campus will do nothing good for my stomach. LOL

My class will be so torturing. everyday it starts at 8.30am. thought that i can sleep a little longer for a few days but eventually i cant.(dont be mad.i know what you are thinking) =P i still can adapt to the new things and new environment here. can you believe the sun rises at 6.15 here and it sets around 6.30pm?? goshhh... and there is no NIGHT LIFE here. I'm gonna die of boredom. everything seems to close around 9 or maybe worst, 8... the biggest shopping mall in kuching/sarawak is even smaller then ipoh parade i think. no cinema in it so far. coming soon only. AND I DON'T HAVE A LAPTOP YET. IT'S SO BORING!!

do you believe that there are actually many people around here that look so familiar. especially my roommate. he's so much like teik sern!!!! he looks like teik sern, talks like him, laughes like him, smiles like him, acts like him etc etc.. goshhh.. they are so alike. i shall ne day let you all see his photos. haha

people around here are so hard to communicate with. cannot blow water with them. cause i cant blow water in mandarin and english. and that's what they are all speaking in. this is relly really challenging. wow.

got a city tour this morning. not really nice. went to those historical places. visiteed a museum and make me to get a flu. the weather here is so hot and hazy. gonna die of dehydration.

i think it's long enough for you all to read till the next time i blog when i have a laptop on my own. currently blogging through 'teik sern''s laptop. haha

gonna have orientation night later. gonna do performance that will make me to have a bad reputation here. 'mean judge'. hahaha.

to you all. take care in whatever you all are doing. God bless...


Monday, August 3, 2009

My Last Day...

This special 2 parties in 2 different dates, 2 different days and 2 different places had added into my 'chamber of memories', never to be forgotten and never to be faded.

Friday.... My official last schooling day. Living things are weird especially 'homo sapien'.. We, 'earthling'. never will appreciate something until we finally lose them in reality. Once that I was still in ACS, I complained almost everything about ACS. But when it is time to bid farewell, everything seems to be so hard. Kicked off my last day late to school. Time flies when we want it to be slow. New and old friends... Friendships... The most unwilling thing that i wish to part with. Chia Wei aka Chai Fei, Yew Tuck aka Tucker, WengHong aka Hong, Joshua aka Josh/Doreamon...And new friends SokWai aka Ah Sok/Uncle, YiWen aka Wen2/CicakWen, WeiKang aka Bubu, Benjamin, YeeSan aka 123, Kaylynn aka LameLynn/hornbill and the list goes on.... infinity..... After school attended my last CF meeting, and Yiwen's wish came true. She's now the Woship Director. Hong as usual with his Games Director. My last Mr Ang's tuition... Can't really concentrate in what he was trying to teach. Ended up chatting with Yiwen again. LOL. Sorry yiwen, I distracted you from your studies.

The party gone wild in the evening with the arrival of 2 'lame' guest. haha. AhSok and Bubu came the earliest. Slacked and chatted till almost every1 came (Yiwen, Hong, Benjamin, Philip, Steven) Thanks Phi and Stev for the present. Though it didn't really fit me but i like it very much. =) My second candles blowing ceremony of my '23rd birthday'. Bubu sang a weird birthday song for me (cantonese, english and mandarin, and I hope i can hear Japanese version birthday song) hehe. We crapped and laughed most of the time. Philip was kinda quiet that day (probably too much of testosterone ady) haha. JUST JOKING. They bugged my sister to tell them where I keep my childhood's photos. Mission Accomplished but Ah Sok left early and she can't see them . haha. Party officially ended at 11.45pm when Yiwen asked for a move..

Started my Saturday late again.... Supposed to meet up with them at 7.30am at MYC but I woke up at 7.45am.. GOShHH. The 1st thing in my mind was, SHYT.... And that's what I sent to Bubu. =P but still I managed to be there within 15mins. hehe. Waited awhile for Ben then headed for breakfast. Then divided into 2 groups and me as the driver for my group (Yiwen, Ah Sok and Bubu) headed to Tesco. Enjoyed every moment we spent there and it reminds me about the time we shopped for the camp's materials. Bubu showed his so-called 'manliness' by pushing the shopping cart. haha. I like Yiwen's room, double-storey bedroom.. And saw a mysterious leg still sleeping there.. A kid's legs who is also known as Yiwei. haha. shhhhh....

Headed back MYC. Most of them went tuition and left a few of us in MYC to continue on with the work. hmm.. I marinated the chickens. cool... Went out to buy some food, ice and also lighter. Ah Sok followed along and we have a chatting session there. Heart to heart chatting. hehe. Wrote a 欠单 (don't laugh again)

The party started around i don't know what time also. haha. Joan gave a short grace and everything kicked off. I was kinda blur there. I feel really really weird and I don't like it ~phantom of the opera in action~ kicked Bubu ass in table tennis. haha. I liked those corns, toast, garlic bread and I don't like BBQ-ed marshmallows.. ewwww. The game was okay.. Maybe that I was exhausted. Camwhore awhile before the party ended. I have to admit that I didn't really help to clean the place up. Sorry. I'm really sorry for that.

That's not the way.. I do not like the way it was being carried out. I do not understand why... A leader shouldn't act in such a way. A nation can't last long if he kept on acting in such a way.. It's not easy but you can't succeed without the help of your followers.. Bear in mind that it is not easy to be a leader.

Today is the last day I'll spend in Ipoh. Goodbye my beloved Ipoh and everything and everyone here. The place I borned, the place i spend 97% of my life (my 18 years and 7 days), the place I have my 1st experiences in almost everything, the place I love so much. In the end, I have to go and leave this place. If God had guided me to this path, then so be it.. I'll follow when You lead me to.

Ah Sok, hopefully that u can get ASEAN Scholarship and get out of Form6 life. Scholarship that you wish/hope for so long. Hopefully I didn't get my interview call up and you will get.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

2nd episode


Just a simple mistake can make a cost a life. Tevindran, a Form5 prefect, passed away yesterday. Though I do not know him, but I saw/met him before. Quite a bright student. But at the end, it ended up like this. Life is so short. It might just end tomorrow or maybe it will even end right here and right now. So treasure it and enjoy every moment while you still can enjoy your life on this planet.

I can't believe tomorrow is my last day in school. My last Form6 day. Time flies... Those friends who are dear/close to me.. My old close friends and new close friends. I really do appreciate and enjoy every moment that I spent with all of you.

Yesterday,was really a fun day. Started of with our MUET lesson in the computer lab. She actually asked us to search something about Project Based Learning (PBL). But instead we spammed in every chatbox in our blogs. haha. It was fun. And that's the reason why En Cheng and Meor appear in my chatbox. haha.

Then we have our chemistry experiment. Bubu actually started the declaration of WAR the moment he sprayed distilled on my pants (my ass part). He was standing/hiding behind me when I was keeping my apparatus. WAR!!!

Depression won't help. But happiness/laughter will help you alot in your life. Cheer up, Hong!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

a memorable birthday....

I'm really happy that my classmates and schoolmates celebrated my birthday in school. Really really appreciate that. Words can't expressed everything, so I'll just give you all a bow... 180 degrees bow. haha. Thanks alot. *arigatou gozaimasu*

Mango cake, egg tart (as cake), mangoesteen (as present) and a self-decorated shirt by Yiwen, Sokwai aka Ah Sok, Hong, Tucker aka Private, Josh aka Doraemon, Chiawei aka ChaiFei, WeiKang aka Bubu, Benjamin, Kaylynn aka Lamelynn and Yeesan. I like the shirt a lot. The paper made by Ah Sok (heard that it took about hours to do that) just burned... Thought of keeping it as a memory but unfortunately i can't.

time don't allow me to continue.

~credibility on the stake~

To be continued.........

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No problemo

First and foremost, I wanna stress that I'm not a hornbill. Which part of me looks like a hornbill?? Haiyoh. Lamelynn, I'm not!!! Now the rumours are spreading like wild fire. :P

Went back to school this morning to give a supportive cheer to my classmates who joined the basketball competition. Ing Ing who is the backbone of the team (yiwen, sokwai, yeesan, ing ing, marie) lead them to won 2 matches out of 3. Not bad after all. From this you can see how supportive our cheers were. LOL.

Then went 大树脚 aka 'big tree leg' to have our 'brunch'. (i know what you all are thinking, so don't laugh) Hahaha. We have 1 VIP today to join us for brunch. That's............that is........... Ms Lydia...... (sorry if i spell your name wrongly) She was actually having the same laughing style as Sok Wai. LOL. Are both of you SISTERS??? ;D Driving there was a real funny thing. BUBU ran the red light. Bibo Bibo.... Police coming. LOL Correct direction become a wrong direction.

Then went to amc canteen day for awhile. To fetch my sis back home. Finally I met up See Lin in person. She spoke English and I made me to have inferiority complex. GOshh... Breaking news...THis was the first time I saw her with some boys. Isn't that a great news. haha.

I shall go for dinner. Laksa doesn't fill my tummy. hehe

P/S: sok wai, shinpai suru koto dewa nai ~bow 90 degrees back~

~Hate people whispering in front when you are left out of everything~

Monday, July 20, 2009

To infinity and BEYOND

We are now at infinity.. Not dat infinity behind JJ but the real infinity. lol. Mr K taught us that we are actually standing in a point of infinity (refers to the infinity point of the point from infinity) confused right?? try to understand it. It's quite meaningful and hilarious. LOL. Enjoy life while we still can. That's what i always ask others to do. haha. Hopefully they will. Life is short. And there is no repeat in your life. So enjoy to the fullest while you still can. hehe.

Yiwen suddenly bake a chocolate cake to school today. Though it was kinda dry but it's edible. haha. Just joking anyway. I mean it's edible and also nice. Really nice though it's true that it was kinda dry. It's nice. :D I think the 'chocolate chips' in the cake that make the taste of chocolate taste better. It's a good combination of usage of those ingredients. ~acting like an expert*perasan nyer*~ haha. Thanks thanks.

I'm really tired now. Exhausted.. I've never undergo such intensive training for such a long time already. I think the last time was in form 4. It really drained all the energy out of me.. Can hardly breath that time. Every body part of mine became feeling-less right on the spot itself and now I still can't feel my legs. haha.

P/S: Happy day again. :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

High Praise

High Praise yesterday was so awesome. Though there were not many people came as i had expected but the attendance was quite satisfying. I was kinda late due to the football thingy but fortunately the event haven't get started yet. Phew... Met KokLin, YiWei and DiJie there. The feeling of weirdness was there again when I saw Yiwei. haha

Started with a kinda boring and lame game which i do not really wanna describe much. ACS Choir team performance was just okay. There were 4 guys who danced. Breakdance, robotic dance and hip hop dance. It was nice and eye-catching. Praise and worship was the main hightlight of the whole day. It was really really awesome. Shout and sing until voice-less. LOL.

And yea... Sokwai and Kaylynn suddenly drove Bubu's car out.
Text from Sokwai >We are now going to JJ with your car<

Bubu was so shocked that time. I know that he was hiding his worries behind the cheerful smile. So sked that his kancil will become a bike. xD

Sermon by Pastor Elijah was interesting. ~'Why are we born at the first place? Borned as a boy/girl? Borned in Ipoh?~ Those whys' questions were so many but there was just one answer for all the questions. ~'We were borned for a purpose'~ Everything was created for a purpose. None of us are exactly the same yet we all have a purpose and that's why we are living now. It wasn't boring at all.
Yum cha after that event. Chatted for quite some time. But it was only a few of us that were talking. So feel kinda awkward. :P

Attended BB meeting this morning. Nothing really special about this meeting. Not as fun as the previous meeting. Dr Ting was there again with his long-winded talk. Repeating everything over and over again. But whenever I listened to his talk, I didn't really feel sleepy. Kinda weird. :P
Those seniors played with the cake for their farewell. Luckily there isn't any last year. There wass this nostalgic feeling when they were handing over their post to the form4s. I feel so old. Thinking back the time when we hand over, i feel that it was just recently. Time flies.

The most anticipating moment, refreshment. Pizza time. Haha. I can't believe Bubu can eat 4 slices of pizza. wow. That was incredible. :D

'superman' sytle.. :P

'da da'...

Choir team in action =)

A self-declared 'happy' day... LOL

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooked (ready to be served)

Time is running out.....Is this the right choice??? Tell me O God...

My class is kinda busy with the recycleton project recently. And my group finally finished up everything from the banner to the field today. We created our own China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand etc. I can't believed that those efforts that we put on our measurement on the banner kinda wasted with just a few words from Dr K ~Aiyah...Don't worry.. Those measurements are negligible because it is a World Map.. You don't have to use so many points to draw those lines..~ swt swt... We counted so many points on the banner to be transferred to the field are just useless. But anyway, we finished our job on time. Good job all (applause). We kinda decorated the map a bit.. I'm cooked under the sun for so long. It's been awhile since i stay up so long under this hot, dry and sunny weather. It feels so not good. Sorethroat and I'm still staying under the sun. :P

I started to like the class now. It's starting to get lively. Not as dull as the class that i know previously. I didn't know the Bubu was that hilarious and likes to talk craps too. haha. He's not that kind who is serious in everything.. hehe. that's cool.
I'm happy that I'm not that redundant anymore. Wakaka. Though I'm... Gonna have my MUET speaking tomorrow. Hopefully that I'll do well. And pray that she won't bang me too much. If not it won't be a discussion anymore.. If not it'll be a debating session. haha
Everyone kinda hooked up to be emo lately.. Cheer up...
P/S : You are blazing today.. :D (I'm cooked and ready to be eaten) xD
-a new cute dog-

Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Shyt' Up

Mandarin is hard.. Just learned a few mandarin words yesterday and now i have totally forgotten those words. I have such a bad memory.

I'm so jealous of those fellow ex-MGSian.. How come they have prizes for their efforts in SPM while we got nothing but just a cert of recognition. I just boycotted 'Hari Anugerah' because of the poor attitudes of those teachers in-charge there. I met with the teacher in-charge of the preparation for that day (which I do not want to reveal who that teacher is) and he asked me to sit on this particular place.. After waited for almost 2hours, they eventually sent a representative in my place and took that cert. I bored myself there with this STAR newspaper with me that I kept flipping through every single page and almost memorised every single article in the newspaper. I felt so disrespected at that moment and wanted to go to his face and yell at him... Luckily i managed to keep my cool. phewww...

BB on Saturday wasn't that boring afterall since those ex-MGSians weren't there because of their 'Hari Ucapan'. Those games were funny and with those hilarous classmates of mine. ~big fish; small fish; husband wife~And YEAH.. Josh and Tucker came for their 1st meeting.. I'm really glad n happy about this. xD Finally met Dibin after such a long time didn't saw him.

P/S: I feel so weird when met Yiwei.

-very big fish-

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From the mountains to the valleys

Perak State BB Sports Carnival was a real success for 1st Ipoh. It was a grand event that we all should be proud of, thanks to such dedicated and responsible officers such as Chee Khoon, Kah Loon and Edwin. Can you imagine how much work 3 of them gave out for this grand event. Credit need to be given to Chee Khoon especially. He contributed the most in this event.

There is no regret that i went for it. Joined the Captain Ball during this carnival and grabbed the 1st place and won a T-shirt. =) I can personally say that the BB Band team that performed that day was much better than our school band. Though that i can see the fancy drill was not that nice but i did admired them. Stepped up and performed there. ~applause~

Praise and worship was really really awesome. BB can actually rock the House of God.... Because those members in 1st Ipoh do not really like to sing. I can still hear the melody beating in my heart and mind now. ~from the mountains to the valleys; hear our praises rise to You....~One Way....~ =D

Sometimes, it's hard to make a decision though people might have and answer for that decision for you. And it's even harder when you have to announce people's decision as if it's your own decision.

MJ's funeral later. Another chance for those fella to take advantage of MJ's death. Can you imagine you need a ticket to attend that funeral. Goshhh. Can't those fella respect someone's death..

Having severe flu now. Gotta off to bed. And stop cursing me... Yea, I'm talking to you. To you....


Saturday, July 4, 2009


there is this one thing that i MUST blog here now though I'm really tired now. And there is this Interstate Sports Carnival tomorrow.

TRANSFORMERS IS SO SO SO SO cool.... hahaha. I finally watched it. It was so nice. I wish I can watch it for the second time. hehe

gotta go. Gonna recharge for tomorrow. =D


YES.... It's true... It's High Praise.... And it's ACS Christian Fellowship HighPraise... Gonna be held in YMCA on the 17th July 2009.. It's an open to all.. Christian and non-Christian all are invited. Please don't be shy to join this event as it's not only limited to Christian Fellowship members.. It's open to all... Except for Muslims.. =P 7.30pm sharp... Bring along your friends to join... goshhh.. I am actually doing publicity here. hahaha.

P/S: What's wrong with me and the peace sign!!!??? Gooshhhh... Stop it..... And don't laugh...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Different from the other

Yesterday was the most interesting schooling ever. How good would it be if everyday is like that? Then life would be much more interesting as well. =>

There was this sketch thingy for Lower 6 students. 7 reps from all lower6 classes acted in the sketch. I was actually in the sketch and acted as a woman... SWT... Luckily it ended well for us. Nothing embarrassing really happened though I didn't end the sketch well as planned. We do not have enough time to prepare. We just managed to planned the situation verbally but haven't really practised it. So it was all spontaneous reaction. Up the stage n CRAPS flew out!!! haha

This was the 1st time i went into that room that they used to keep those cans. The whole class went in (played + helped).. At the beginning everyone was so shy to ditry their hands but in the end, everyone went in and WAR!!!!! Cans flying all over the room. Heads, bodies, faces.........all of the targets.. haha.

We tried to burn the corn. But not successful those we used so many concave lens to direct the sunlight to burn the corn. Instead of burning the corn, we actually burned ourselves up.... -.-'

I SKIPPED CLASS THE WHOLE DAY... That's an improvement. hahaha. And Sokwai didn't actually argue with me today. Good Good. Peaceful....

P/S: That's so not true....... Not every drama end that way..

Why everyone is judging a book by it's cover?? LOL..

Monday, June 29, 2009


Let just talk about Sunday 1st. Woke up early in the morning and thought that I can go for service since de previous week i missed it. But when i was preparing myself, a sms just make me wake up so early for nothing. In the end, woke up so early, didn't do anything and can't go back into dreamland.

I actually went to waterfall on that afternoon and caught an orange fish.. It's so cute but unfortunately it just died just now. DUhhhh... (and it's not because of me that the fish died)

Today... Again schooling day. Many many hilarious stuffs happened today. It can really make you laugh your ass off. Burst into tears of happiness. haha. So i'll just cut it short that it was quite a fun and nice day. In addition, we don't have R&D today because Pn Jocelyn was absent.. So more free periods for us.

Tomorrow is the sketch thingy. I'm gonna go up the stage and embarrased myself thanks to my class monitor... Don't feel like acting. I'm bad in acting. LOL.

The death of Michael Jackson really struck the world. I do not really like his physical appearance but i do like his MOONWALK. Hope i can too. haha. We can always see that only an artist and his/her works will become famous after his/her death. But this is totally different. Michael Jackson is already super famous before he died. And now he is even more famous after he died. I can say that those flowers and candles shops gained lots of profit from this.



Friday, June 26, 2009

Gonna Be in 2 Pieces!!!

Since someone asked me to update, i'll just update my blog.

Things are not going well... The new schooling system is gonna suck all my energy away.. Screw the government. The schedule is so tight and we can hardly breath in the class. Plus with those Poi Lam and Buntong guys there, giving us more pressure.. Pressure Pressure Pressure, when are you leaving us!!!??? Can we deserve a period break in between of those classes when exchanging teachers??? At least give us a MINUTE break for some muscle relaxing movement... Gosh.. Do they have any brain in deciding such a timetable for us which make us even harder to cope with the life in school?? I can't believe that those PL and Buntong guys had been acting so hardworking and it's all because of people like Yew Tuck and Sok Wai in our class. LOL.

Again, thanks to the new system that we have only less than 30 minutes for badminton and we still have to pay RM1 for it.. Goshhhh... Tell them to be a little considerate!!! Time are like so short everyday. Before this, i spent more then 2 hours per day on TV but now, haih... What more can i say about it..

Poobalan, Soong Cheong, Lok San and Karthiresan have officially left the class. Bad and good news come together. Don't feel like explaining more here. Not intending of hurting anyone's feeling. So shuuuuutttt.... =P The class now are even 'QUIETER' than before because of the departure of poobalan from our class. Chikkkk.... Enough is Enough...

NEXT!!! When for CF interview this noon and i don't even know why i was there.. lol. Maybe that i followed Yiwen there. Because Hong doesn't really want a post in CF... The interview was much more easier compared to the Voyager interview i think based on what Yiwen said.

Mr Ang's maths lesson was getting worst day by day.. I can't understand a word that was coming out from his mouth... I only heard ~bla bla bla lalalalala bla la bla la bla bla bla bulalala bilalalala~... I'm gonna die in this statistic chapter. lol.

Enough for now i think.. It's UPDATED!!! haha

P.S : We'll see. Anyway, don't take it so seriously. Was half joking by the way.. And half are real.. =P