Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last week was supposed to be out mid-term break but instead it had became our mid-term test week. Although we had been informed that there will be no mid-term break for us in the beginning of the sem. But still I want a break.

The mid-term test week was actually quite nice because there was only 1 test for me on that week, Physics. I think I screwed the test so I'll just skip the test part. =P This sem is not easy at all. For goodness sake it's just foundation but then those workloads are increasing day by day. oppsss. Maybe I'm just exaggerating things, not daily perhaps. But still, there are so many things to do, Physics reports, English report, Innovation and Change assignment, homeworks.......

Right after the test, I went for BBQ in one of my friend's house. The BBQ was AWESOME. It rained on the moment when I sat into my friend's car and headed for BBQ. That was actually quite disappointing but then thank God that the rain stopped just as we reached there. haha.. Isn't that amazing? There were a few chefs there that have only ONE duty, to BBQ for us. Sorry because we didn't help much but then all of your BBQ-ed food were DELICIOUS. haha. Sat right in front of the TV with the food and watched Thomas Cup which was an embarrassing one. Malaysia KALAH teruk. To China again. And Lee Chong Wei, lost straight sets to Lin Dan again just like how he did it for Olympic. Need to dig a hole and hide his head inside ady. =P Then Malaysia lost straight games to China 3-0. Then I walked out and take some fresh air and amazingly, the air was superbly fresh and cooling. WOW.. The feeling was so nice. There was a big pond just beside the house like a swimming pool. Feel like jumping in there and swim that day. haha!! Then chatted with friends outside of the house and it was nice. It was the 1st time that we chatted so long. WOW. That's SO COOL.. hahaha!!! And it's nice. 

I went for a class trip to Kubah. WOW.. It was amazing though it was a bit plain to me. But still, ITS AMAZING!!! I love the trip, I love my classmates and I love my teacher who put in a lot of efforts to make this trip a success.

The 1st day was filled with excitement and question marks in my head. I've never been there before. But this was the 1st trip for the class this sem and I hope there will be more to come. Okay~ back to the main point. The morning was kicked off with rain and I was kinda worried about the trip. For your information, Kubah is a place for hiking and waterfall. So now you know what I'm worrying about. We gathered in the uni and 13 of the guys stuffed into a mini van. The journey there was stuffy but then it was fun because some of us kept on doing some silly things and joke as well to induce our laughter. haha!!! There was one car where one aunty and a few of her children (I think) kept on looking at us when we were at a traffic light. They make us look like clown in the van. LOL.

It was a fun and short journey there. We checked into the chalet and had our lunch (with curry chicken) ~delicious~ Then we headed to the waterfall which required us to hike and also go through a little of jungle trekking. The journey up to the waterfall was not that hard. As soon as we reached, we jumped into the waterfall when the water was EXTREMELY COLD. Because of the rain that morning. I almost froze to dead but then that didn't stop me from playing in the water. =)

However, our journey back to the chalet was not the smooth as the journey to the waterfall. We thought of taking the shortcut back but then the route that was supposed to be the shortcut became longer. We were quite terrified that time because the sun was setting and the sky was getting darker (plus the sign that indicates the distance back to chalet was getting longer as we continued in) In the end, we managed to reach back to the chalet safely just before the sunset. Thank God. =)

Had another BBQ there. While playing with cards (police and assassin) wow. That game was nice when you are playing with a bunch of friends. We actually played that game until way past midnight. And it was not boring at all. LOL. VJ slept on the sofa and we tried to wake him up to ask him go back to his room and sleep. But then when we tried to wake him up by shaking him, he snored. The more we shake him, the louder he snores. XD

The next morning when I woke up, Adden was also just awake. And it was because of the naughty Salman and Edric who put toothpaste on Adden's face and armpits. THAT WAS SO FUNNY. They should at least wake me up to see if they do not want to call me along into this funny moment. Good time seriously doesn't last. The trip ended with a group picture. But at least we had fun playing together and get to know each other more. It was really an unforgettable trip and I hope that there will be more to come. =)

Just 2 days before the trip, I went for swimming. It had really been awhile since I swim. It was fun although that I got sunburn after that. And because of that also, my skin now is shedding like a snake. It was really torturing the next day after I swam. The last time when I got sunburn was so long ago and it was because of swimming too. But that was because I entered a competition and this was because I swim for fun. So big different. haha!!

So fast, it was already 2weeks plus since Lauretha left. She was really a great friend. Though that we just knew each other less than a year, but then we are FRIENDS!!! Friends Forever. And now its Christian's turn to leave us. Too bad. He is really a good guy. =) Take acer Christian went you move to Aussie.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY. Firstly, I want to thank my mum for everything, thank her for bringing me up, thank her for teaching me, thank her for.........................................(endless)

A lot had happened lately but then I forget what I wanted to blog here now. That's how pathetic it is. Let me recall.. Hmmm Hmmmm..................errrrrrr.........................

Oh ya... After 2 weeks of short and hard practice for the hand-miming performance, we did well in the real performance. Although there were some mistakes made but then the result was still NICE... The song was actually quite normal for me at the beginning but then after a few practices, the song just couldn't get off my head. HOLD ON~~HOLD ON~~ I still remember there was this particular practice when I laughed until I shed tears and rolled on the floor. All thanks to CHANG TING. She pointed out my mistakes and give me the 'look' which caused me all this. I did some mistakes in the move and mix up all those moves only, then she looked at me. Then I did even more mistakes and her face expression really make me can't stop laughing. It was really a torturing laughter.. haha!!!

I never realised that the caregroup last wednesday was the last one for Lauretha for now. She is going to work in PJ. I knew her barely for a year but then she is really a friendly and funny friend to be. After the caregroup, everyone suddenly gave her a suprise farewell by singing HOLD ON to her. This song really make an impact to each and everyone who had involved themselves in the miming performance. And also to those who are not. I can't take off that song out of my mind now. The impact of that song is so big. We kept on repeating that song until she actually wept. Because it was too touching for her I think. All the best for you, Lady Tha Tha. God bless.

I hate my this sem. Especially the stupid physics lab report. There are so many works to do for each report. And the works are like getting more and more for each and every report. Plus I have a so 'brilliant' lab assistant that doesn't like to explain stuffs and like to tell us stuffs during the last minutes. Workloads for assignments are building up too. Idea Generation, Idea Conversion, Idea Diffusion, Six Thinking Hats, NAF bla bla bla..

Entering into Mid-Term Test week. But eventually everything seems to be so hard to get into my thick skull. I wish I can drill more holes on my skull so that things will flow into my brain easier. haha!! But let things go by flow. =) And I haven't really started my revision for the test yet. Gonna die very soon. Haha..

Oh yea, I watched Ip Man 2 and also Iron Man 2. I can seriously say that Ip Man 2 is super NICE.. WALAO!!!!! Kacha........Quote from the movie, 'you think winning important or eating with your family is important?'. If everyone is given a choice, I think they will choose both. haha!!

Happy Birthday Jill.

(Hold on~Hold on~)