Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sibu and my Beloved Ipoh

Just before i stepped my feet back to Ipoh, I got a chance to go to this small town in Sarawak, Sibu.

It was quite a nice trip as an eye opening experience. Sibu can be said as a small small town just beside the famous Rajang River. Due to its location, the land there was super soft. Therefore, the roads there were quite uneven.

I have the chance to enjoy a movie in a super traditional and antique cinema. Or perhaps I shouldn't call it a cinema, it was like an old theater. There was only 10 people in the cinema watching the movie. Break my personal record of watching in a 16 people cinema. COOL.

I also get to get a chance to have a tour to the biggest temple in South East Asia if I am not wrong. The temple was really really big. There were many single building structure around the area. I really like the decorations there. Along all the so-called fences, there was many craving of pictures where each and everyone of it is different from one another. I also saw a nice chrch which looked like a hotel to me too. It looked so white and nice. Beautiful and creative decorations located in the city. Cool

A visit to 1 of the modern long house. It was my first time but I intended to visit those traditonal long house which I think will be even nicer than those modern one. Hees. There was this super BIG market located in the town area too. It was so big that there was a specific parking lot just for the market too. It was said to be the largest wet market in Malaysia. There was so many large things and building in the Sarawak. Haha.

Another things that amazed me was the food there. Although it wasn't really something that was really nice but those food was really different. And special too. Kompia, teng bian hu, egg cake and etc etc.. I also got to eat a superbly big prawn which was basically even longer than my palm. Haha. It was nice. Yummy..

One conclusion that I made after my visit to Sibu was that almost all houses in Sarawak were super big. Those land which was almost the size of a few basketball courts. LOL. How can this be?? I also want to be like them. Haha.

I seriously wanna thanks Linda's parents to give such great hospitality and treatment to us. Woww. It was really really an awesome trip. THANKS!!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Weather had been really really bad lately. I just can't stop myself from loving and hating it. The rain doesn't seems to stop somehow. It's like an alarm which had been set the time.. Once it reach a certain time, it will automatically rain. The rain just make everything so cool and chilly which make me so comfortable. However, the rain always stop me from doing many things.

When we are alone, everything seems to pop up in our mind. Now I understand the importance of fellowship. Friends do help alot but they won't always be at your side to support you. I mean really really by your side and support you for everything.

Things do change. I can't stop myself from saying this but things o change. And definitely, we can't stop things from changing. So just let Him handle everything. Faith~~

I had finally finish my exam. Now waiting for my time to go back nie. Ipoh.. It's been awhile since I had step my feet on the beloved hometown of mine. I miss everything there. IPOH~~~ I'm coming soon. Wait for me!!

And it's raining now as well. The weather express my feeling~~

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post for 2010

~It's Done~