Monday, December 27, 2010

Ipoh, I'm back!!

That's how the end shall be. There goes my first semester for my first year. I never know degree life can be so hectic yet so relaxing. The word relaxing exists because of the nature of laziness in me and not because of degree life is really relaxing. Okay.. Back to the main point. Let's elaborate a bit of my weird degree life. This was perhaps the super weird one for me. There were a lot of things that happened during this semester. Too many..far too many.

Things weren't the same that I had expected. Or should I say 'we' instead of  'me' alone. We predicted things which basically went the opposite way. We expect that my unit will be the most quiet unit but eventually my unit became the center of attraction. Everything just went wrong..

It was not only that, studies was one hell of a thing for me to cope. 4 subjects - 1 subject was easier than expected, 1 subject was normal, 1 subject was hard and 1 more was crazily hard. Going through the 2 hardest subjects was the toughest of all. It's not easy at all especially the stupid Telecommunication subject.. All the acronyms don't make sense at all.. I would rather learn and use these kind of acronyms ~ CB, WTH, WTF, MH....oppssss.. Pardon me.. The lab for this subject was also a torturing one. Imagine doing something that you do not know what it is at all. It is so not cool at all. Going through the days during my university life was so torturing. During beginning of the sem - thinking of mid sem break. During mid sem break - thinking of final exam. During final exam - thinking of holidays. The timetable for my final exam was so not fair. My first exam was on the first day of exam for the whole university. Then the next paper was after 9 days of the first paper. This is so not fair. I cannot finish the exam earlier and go into holiday mood earlier compared to other people. On the night before my first paper, Benji and Vj were incredible, they blasted songs in my living room. It makes me totally not in an exam mood. How cool it was. So relaxing. Hahaha!!! The last paper was Programming and it was super torturing. During the preparation for this paper, I remembered I can't concentrate at all. My mind kept on thinking about what am I suppose to do during holidays. How wonderful it was!! And during the paper, the stupid room was superbly COLD!!!! The moment I stepped into the room and sat down on my seat, I started to shiver. And I survived through it. Some of those question I didn't even answer because my brain seriously frozen and can't think of anything. =D

After all those torturing moment, there were just some moment worth remembering. How interesting it can be. Talking about the beginning of everything was really funny. Gymnastic and football. This two types of sports are not related at all but yet it did this time. Guys without balls.. Hahaha!! Amazing.

I took Airasia flight back to west Malaysia early in the morning just because I need to attend a wedding dinner. I almost miss the wedding dinner thanks to Airasia ~ where everyone can fly LATE. I reached airport quite early that day and I stood there for around 1 hour for boarding. I saw them moving our luggages into the plane and in the next minute, they moved it out again. And I heard this annoying voice in the PA system saying, "Ladies and gentleman, the flight number AK5201 which will be boarding at 9.35am will be delayed to 12.40pm". The next thing that I heard was the sighing of all those passengers for that flight including ME!!! There was this lady standing beside me asking me what happen and I told her the exact thing that I know. And she told me she have an international flight to catch while I was whispering to myself that I HAS A DINNER TO CATCH!!! I was so frustrated that time. That delay caused me my bus back to Ipoh. Fortunately there was transport for me to go back to Ipoh on time for that dinner. I reached home around 6.30pm and went for dinner at 7.00pm. COol..

The dinner was quite awesome. I get to meet up with my ex-classmates and all my best friends. The best thing of getting back to Ipoh is meeting up with friends. After I went through so many things, those reflection and experiences... Nothing is better than those friends that I went through most of my secondary life with. They are the one that I should really really treasure. I'm awake. Sorry my friend.

The first few days in Ipoh were rather busy for me. I get to hang out with my friends. And one most important event that I went through with them was PAINTBALL!!! I was absolutely cool though painful. It was so so so exciting. Unfortunately, it was an unfair game as it was 3 against 2 where Steve, Wayne and Ben against me and Kok. I got shot a few times (thigh, wrist, head) and I ate the stupid paint.. EWWWW.. It was super BITTER.. YUCK!!! Wounds and bruises were all over my body. But the fun was worth it.

I remembered telling myself that I prefer football more than futsal. But eventually, I went futsal more than football since I came back here. Perhaps there are more friends playing futsal compared to football. I need more sports!!!! I'm getting fatter since I'm back. I can feel that and I can see that. OMG.. I shall put some effort on it.

And then CHRISTMAS!!! This year I get to come back to Ipoh and celebrate Christmas. Now I realized that the Christmas celebration in Ipoh was totally no match of Kuching. Next year I shall celebrate Christmas in Kuching instead of celebrating here. It was superbly boring here. Nothing special at ALL!!! Now it make me miss Kuching. What I'm trying to mean is only for Christmas celebration. At least there are more friends of mine celebrating Christmas where I can actually visit their house. COOL!!! Shepherd's pie which I remembered the most!!! YUMMY!!!!

This is the update for so far. Until then....See ya!!
~Missing as I always do~

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I SURVIVE through a hard week. I know it's too early for me to be happy about surviving through it but I have to admit that there will be more to come. Quiz and tests were not easy at all.. Assignments and projects are torturing. Of all things, there will be always one thing that can make you happy. Cheers..

What can I say, green tea ice cream is just too nice for me to resist it. yummy!!!!!! One word to describe it...AWESOME..

Being fed with drugs is definitely not a nice thing. However, its addictive enough to make you keep doing it. There are just too many drug dealers around here. Drugs here are totally different from what we have in Peninsula.. Instead of the traditional way of making you addicted to cocaine or tobacco, they fed you with SONGS!!!! Yea, thats how pathetic they are.. They will DRUG you with SONGS.. Those songs are so addictive that you wouldn't live one second not singing that song in your mind. The effect is even stronger than those normal and typical cocaine.. I can say that I'm a drug addict now.. That is so not nice.. =/
Electropop hot, funk addiction when I can't stop~~~skin tight jeans~~~

In the time of war, people were deeply hurt from the inside out and outside in. Though bullets and fire could be seen everywhere but still, there will always be allies around to aid them. War and chaotic time will just happen without choosing its time, place and reason. And that was what happened during the WW2. What would happen to the WW3 that is coming soon??

It's not easy as inferiority complex had always been an issue but still I managed to pull myself up and geared it up. I didn't expect that I would do it but I did. I didn't expect that I have the courage to continue on but I did. Though things may seems a little bit lacking and messed up but still pull it up together. I mean what I meant. Yes, I mean it.. I'm just glad that I did. =)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Festival of Light

Deepavali had just passed. However, I still want to wish all of you who are reading this Deepavali nalvaltugal and Diwali subakanchulu. Two new words that I learned from an Indian friend of mine. One which is in Tamil and one more is in tagalog. Cool....

Same country, different generation, different culture, different environment, different celebration. One of the most regular thing that we will do back in Peninsula with our parents is to visit their Indian friends who are having open houses while eating "murukku". Things were a bit different compared to last year and last time when I was in peninsula. Instead of visiting my dad's Indian friends and eating murukku, I actually celebrated or should I say went through Deepavali with my friends in cafe. 

The environment in the cafe was cool.. Really really cool. It was quite dim where we sat under a hut, a wooden hut. Surrounded with dim little oil lamp and a few dim light bulb. With the decoration of a cool little pool at the very corner where frogs were sounded like they are mating and flowers growing up in the typical boots where Phua Chu Kang used to wear. 

When the menu was in my hands, a glance through the menu and I saw a very interesting order which attracted my attention. It was super duper funny enough when I showed it to the others, they were all excited about it. As you know, this is the mindset of teenagers nowadays. Unfortunately, noone actually dare to order that 'thing'. 

Food were extremely nice there especially when I tasted this small little soft-shelled-crabs. YUMMY!!!! Chit-chatting while laughing at every single little random things that came from our mouth. This is what make a simple little dinner to be so lively when laughters are spread continuously. 

Random days will always come,
Random things might come unnoticed,
Random happiness will always be remembered,
Random moment will always be cherish.

The sky is crying,
It purposely pollute the water,
It wets the hairs,
It worsen the sight,
It restricts everything,
But it's nice and I like it.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Bonanza monopoly!!

Life after mid term break is quite relaxing not because there isn't any work for me to do but then it is because of the laziness in me that overwhelm and control me. I just couldn't start doing anything other than enjoying myself with the entertainment around me.

Just before I started the other half of my sem, I felt down during sports and injured my elbow. Slammed down on the ground, landing with my right elbow and left palm leaving both of these parts in pain after awhile (palm blue-black with right elbow bleeding and in extreme pain). After a few days, which was yesterday, I went for sports again. Though the accident was not even noticeable, I felt a shirt scratched my wound and "Dah-da"~ my elbow is bleeding again. How amazing that is!? Wow!!

My 2nd sem watching the University Basketball Tournament Final. This year final was AceX vs Magic. AceX was the runner up last year and I wanted them to win this sem because they couldn't win last sem. They were behind in the 1st and 2nd quarter but after another 2 last quarter of heart-beating action from their team which I was totally amazed of, they won!! The beautiful passing, amazing dribbling, perfect blocking plus accurate shooting really left me shouting and screaming there with my friend. A totally unforgettable match. Didn't regret going for it.

We recently was totally addicted to this game, MONOPOLY. This game was kind of special compared to the normal monopoly that I knew all along. This game was played using a set of cards. ~Deal breaker, Sly deal, Forced deal, Just say NO, and the irritating Pass Go.... How could this name of cards be taken away from my mind. I remember playing it during lecture and tutorial.. There you can see how desperate and addicted we are to the game. xD

OMG!!!! I didn't know what had happened to my roommate. He had turned from an innocent guy which always claimed he is 15 to a guy who still claimed he is always 15 but who is super perverted. I seriously do not know how to describe his perverted-ness here. I think those actions and words are totally indescribable. Safe me from the lion's mouth!!! It is still normal if he is only interested in girls. But UNFORTUNATELY, he is also interested in GUYS!!! OMG!!!! What a big and drastic change and evolution he is experiencing!!??

But still, he bring laughter and joy. Bad in certain way but cool in different way. =D

Today was cool. We went for a movie called 'The Other Guys'. This was a really stupid and weird movie but yet it is funny. Funny in a stupid way!! I couldn't resist myself from laughing because of those stupid and weird actions and dialogue of theirs. Through some funny and tiring part, I managed to go for Sushi King. This was my 1st time going for Sushi Bonanza!!! WOW!!! It was really really cool!!! Unagi, salmon, tako, nihotate, ika, ebi ten, chuka iidako, chuka chinmi and ikura!! AWWWW!!! I'm so hungry now!!! Better stop it now or else I will die because of starvation. HAHA!!

Guess it's time for me to head to bed now.


I still can't figure out how I can make you work, circuit.. Could you tell me in real life or in my dream??

Friday, October 8, 2010


This is my official 1st blog since I had back to Uni or should I say -away-from-Ipoh-again 'trip'. I had move myself out of the in-campus hostel this semester where I thought I can enjoy myself here with the internet connection and the new environment but it wasn't that easy after all. The internet connection here was totally rubbish. At the beginning of the stay, it was still okay as I still can online though that it might be super lag. Eventually, the connection became worst when I can't even connect into it. What a disaster!! Now me and my house-mates have to spend some extra Ringgit for our own internet connection.

This was actually going on pretty well until problem after problem started to arise and break the silence. Some things are meant to be kept to ourselves so I would rather not speak it up in public.

I was taking my Programming subject this semester. My brother actually told me that this subject was superbly hard and I didn't really believe him at the very beginning I believe him. It was definitely hard. I think I flunk my 1st Lab Test. Another hard subject that I was facing now was some kind of Telecommunication subject where I can hardly understand the lecturer during lecture. I took most of the lecture time to visit my dreamland. Should I be proud of that??

My Uni celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. I thought it will be a grand carnival that will be held on Saturday but in the end......There was a carnival but then it was just a small carnival. Not really small but just that it was not as grand as I had in my mind.

Then I attended 'Youth Got Talent' and basically I participated in it. Don't ask what did I do on the stage but thanks to my group members, we managed to get the 1st runner up for the group category. There were 19 performances from both solo and group categories. There were 1 particular performance that made me had goose bumps. Ewwww... There were other performances that were nice but there was this particular performance ~ by this one friend of mine who performed her AWESOME skills in playing ukulele.. WOW... Her voice were nice and her skills was amazing in handling that ukulele. She deserved to be the Champion in solo category. One word, AWESOME!!!


Just finish my tests before mid-term break. HOORAY!!!! I do not know why, this week had been so difficult for me, not physically but mentally.. Maybe the disease of thinking-too-much come back again. But who cares now.. I'm cured.

Now is mid-term madness... Errrmmmm..... but should I really say it as break because I have tonnes of assignments to complete where I don't even know how to do on it. What I need to do now is to prepare myself to die nicely only. How amazing. xD Circuit oh circuit, how shall I complete thee!?

So, adios guys. I shall prepare myself... HAHAHA


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Malacca Trip as Farewell

Time flies especially when things are going the way that you want it to be. So fast and I'll be leaving Ipoh~my beloved hometown~ soon......really soon....

During this last week of my holiday, I managed to finally visit the famous historical state, Malacca, together with my mum. I was quite reluctant to go in the beginning but then the experience of my stay in Malacca and the beauty of it really proved me wrong of thinking that way. This time of my visit was actually to visit my brother as he kept on persuading me to visit him and as well as to enjoy the scenery of Malacca. Now, I finally had the chance to make it true.

My journey of about 5 hours was really torturing. I've to thank my phone for doing me a great favour in accompanying me throughout the journey. *music music music* I barely can take of my earphone once I've put it on.

First drop, 'Melaka Sentral'. I was really amazed of the station as it is much more beautiful, cleaner, nicer etc than 'KL Sentral' and this is needless to compared to the dirty and dusty 'Medan Gopeng' that we have here in Ipoh. It seems that 'Melaka Sentral' was bigger than 'KL Sentral'.It was basically a small shopping complex where you can find all types of things that you can find in a normal shopping complex can be found here as well.

After dropping all of our belongings, we headed to the famous Malacca's Petaling Street, Jonker Street. Unfortunately, this famous street will only be crowded during Fridays and weekends. However, we still managed to get a tour around Jonker Street. My mum bought a lot of local food such biscuits and candies. I managed to taste the original 'gula Melaka' here. WOW!! I was totally amazed of it. The 'gula Melaka' was seriously 'kao' and sweet compared to the 'gula Melaka' elsewhere.

After a long walk along Jonker Street, we went to have a tour in Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade. The one thing that I regretted not doing there was I did not buy Yui's latest album 'Holidays in the Sun', the only shop that I can find Yui's latest album. AHHHH!!! We went to a coffee house famous for its delicious and mouth-watering mille crepe, Nadeje. The mille crepe was absolutely amazing where it can trigger your appetite. The original mille crepe taste sold there was of no comparison to others mille crepe.

Then we head to the famous Satay Celup. The word satay definitely will give you an impression of the normally made satay where those meats were poke through with a stick and barbequed. This was a different version of satay that were normally found in Malaysia. It was something with the concept same as 'Lok Lok' but the soup that was used to cook the food is not normal soup but satay sauce. Food such as fishball, chicken meat, vegetables etc were cooked using those sauce filled with crunched peanuts. WOW.. My stomach is 'drumming' now when I'm talking about it.

In the end, we have a little of Malacca Night Tour. I managed to see the famous Stadthuys a.k.a 'Red House'. It was really really ~red....... HAHA... It was closed when I visited it that time and I didn't get a chance to get a tour in the building. Ships as museum, a tall skyscraper for visitors to view the whole city and many more historical places where I didn't managed to visit in one day.

I returned to Ipoh on the next day. I will be back to Malacca one day to truly enjoy the beautiful scenery of it. Unfortunately, the bus that I was on, broke down and one hour of my time was wasted. If it was not because of my mum, we will not only be waiting for one hour.

It's time..........

-Finger down-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Remaining

It had been weeks since I am back to my beloved town Ipoh. And in a blink of eye, my holiday is going to end in another week time. Time really flies especially when you are enjoying most of the time. Or maybe not most of it, just partially. But still, happy time does fly. That's how cruel the world can be when it wants to grab away the time that you are enjoying the most. That's the reality. On Earth, happiness does exist but it doesn't last long. So my dear readers and friends, grab every opportunities that held in front of you all so that you won't regret it in the future.

Reviewing back on what I had really done for the past few weeks in Ipoh, I really can't think of much that I had done. However, I do appreciate the time that I spent with my friends here in Ipoh during this holiday of mine. I managed to drive down to Kampar and had a little suprised visit to them where we ended up in a cybercafe. People might think that we might be dumb to drive so far to Kampar and just ended up playing computer games but then for me, those time was precious. Or should I say priceless.

I watched a movie recently and I really felt this phrase is meaningful ~ "A person's property is not measured by his/her wealthiness but by the number of relatives and friends that he/she has" ~ Friendship and relationship are just priceless.

I just attended the Hillsong [Unite=Conquer] Concert in Syuen which was totally mesmerizing. Hmm, shouldn't really say that. Should say it was AWESOME!!! The worship was rocking and the sermon was attractive enough for people like us to listen. I can barely meet someone that I know there. Ipoh now are filled with strangers. It was seriously nice until I do not know how to express it into words. Hahaha!!!

Sports had been always my favourite hobby of all. I had been continuously going for sports especially football. I did spend some time on other sports as well such as badminton, table tennis, basketball, futsal and even pool. HAHA!! And one more thing, I had gained weight.. This is the worst scenario ever. I can't maintain back my weight before I left for Sarawak. =.='

According to Chinese Lunar Calendar, it was the beginning of July just recently which is also known as the Ghost Month of for the Chinese. And in conjunction of this also, it marked the opening ceremony for the injury of my TWO toes within THREE days. I told my dad that day about the incident that I accidentally kicked the table with my toe, he was shocked and told me back, "What!? Again!?". Even my dad was shocked too when he heard about my toes. =P MY POOR LITTLE, WEAK AND SOFT TOES.

I'm glad =)

-Fingers down-

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's been 2 week since I left Kuching and 1 week since I reached Ipoh. I have not done much but then it is much more better than rotting in Kuching. The air in Ipoh definitely smells better and sweeter than Kuching's one.

Football fever had finally ended for almost 2 weeks. Spain had been crowned the champ and I was too happy that time that it almost caused me my hand because of the ceiling fan on top of me that time. It had been a boring week in KL though I managed to meet up with Lauretha in KL. It has been awhile since the last time we met in Kuching.

Ipoh.... The one and only thing that I wanted to say. I was really amazed of this small city. 4 months of disappearance. so much changes on this small city. Old building collapsed, new building emerged, old shop closed down, new shop appear. Now I wonder what will happen till the next time when I will have my holiday and come back here again.

There was just a kind weird feeling somehow in my heart. But just ignored it caused its not important. I get to go Bon Odori in Ipoh and also the one in KL though both of them I also arrived late. =P Anyway, Bon Odori in KL was superb because the moment I reached though it was almost ending and a lot of people were leaving but still, there were still many there. I like the atmosphere there when all those people standing around the stage where the performances were going on, followed the dance and dance along. THAT WAS AWESOME. Compared to Ipoh, it was quite plain. Stage was small, less people and those people just stood there and take pictures only. Oh yea, and they sell 'Japanese Apong' and 'Japanese char kuey teow' which is basically local food. LOL. Quite disappointed actually.

Thanks alot to my friends who celebrated with me. Appreciate it alot. Thanks for the present as well. =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That's the end of it...

And so....that's the end of my foundation year in Swinburne. In just a blink of eye, one year had passed.

There were so many things happened throughout the whole semester this time. Many happy, unhappy, pleasant, unpleasant, funny, hilarious, sad......mixture of dozen of feelings into one. That's how life in uni suppose to be. There will be up and down in our life but still, life goes on.

I still remember from the beginning of this sem, I was so sad because I was separated from most of my classmates last sem. Basically, I'm all alone to adapt to new friends and new environment again. I thought that my sem this time will be a boring one because I was one of the very few Chinese in the class. But things weren't that bad after all. I had a peaceful yet happy life. Things will definitely had the bad and good side of it. The secret lies on how are we going to view that particular thing from.

From just a stranger to a friend,
A normal friend to a close friend.

We joke together,
laugh together,
fight together,
suffer together,
and most importantly,
we enjoy together.

Things that can be so hard at the beginning, became easy in the end because of you all.
Things that can be so complicated became simple because of the helps that you all gave.
Situation can be so tensed up but because of your jokes, things chill out.

I do not know whether others will remember this semester but for me, this sem will definitely be in my heart. The new friends that I had made, the experience that I had gained and the jokes that I had laughed. The times that we spent together are priceless. We used to stay up late at night/in the morning to think of ideas and do out assignments, skipped class to finish up our assignments, rushed during the last minutes to finish up our reports, loiter during class and went for tea-break, went out for a little bit of 'cucuk-ing', dinner at 'cute menu', and crashed my car.

There were also things that weren't that smooth.. Things that struck me so hard will just make me stronger. There were things that happened and it really pull me down, but then what's important here is I managed to stand back up and continue on my journey. It is indeed true that people do change as time goes by. From just a short time, people can change. Needless to say whether from good to bad or from bad to good, people do change. Life isn't that easy after all. We have to adapt to it and live with it. When you keep yourself quiet and observe, you can see everything in a clever vision. It is said that a wise person will observed more than they will talk. Many things happened but I would prefer to shut myself up. Looks a the brighter side of things and you will definitely be happier.

And so, that's the end of the semester and also my foundation year. I blogged part of my experience and memories here but the all of it will be remained in my heart and mind forever. Somehow, somewhat... life still goes on.. So cheer up and fight for what we believed in.. Continue on our life happily and strive for the future.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gawai Celebration

Actually there are lot of things that I wanted to blog lately but then time doesn't allow me to do that. Or I shouldn't say this way cause I don't want people to think that I'm so so so busy. So, I'll just say that I'm lazy and that's also the main reason I din blog about it until now.

The most important thing that I wanted to blog about is the Gawai celebration on 1st of June back then. It was awesome!!! This is the first time I ever celebrated Gawai. Before this, we often heard about the Gawai celebration during our school days but never really get a chance to experience the atmosphere before. But now I DID!!!

I managed to join an outing to Annah Rais for a longhouse visitation. WHOO!!! Although it wasn't the original Iban longhouse because Gawai is mostly celebrated by Iban. By the way, it was a Bidayuh longhouse. We started off our journey to Sister Niensi's house for our lunch and headed to the longhouse then. As soon as we arrived there, we met Lyn to be our tour guide there. =D All those houses, longhouses, rooms, balconies, furnitures are made of bamboos. Their craft works were really really nice and practical enough. It was just like entering a 'City of Bamboo'. The place there was really crowded with people. Some were cooking, some were preparing for the celebration that was at night and some were busy to introduce their culture to the tourists there. We even managed to enter into the headhouse (Panggah), where the skulls of Japanese were placed. Creepy but truth enough. 

Then we headed to a river/hotspring nearby for our relaxation time. We sang there, acted some sketches there, and most importantly, we played water there. XD The hotspring was just beside the river and it was so small. Though that the hotspring was small but then the water was really boiling. It almost boiled off my feet.

That's mostly the experience for the first day for the Gawai celebration. 

The next day, Zac invited me to his house for Gawai celebration. Many actually attended but yet we still managed to have fun there. Joke around and chatted around. "That was the first time I ever chatted so long". I even managed to try 'tuak' which was the 'legendary' and traditional alcohol that must be served when a visitor visits a house during Gawai. Maybe he didn't prepared that tuak with a high alcohol content and that's the reason it wasn't that bitter compared to other alcohol drinks. It was quite nice to be honest. Straight after you drank it, you can feel the heat within your body. It was so so so hot that you wanted to take off your shirts. xD THanks Zac for the invitation!!!! ^.^

Christian left yesterday. He was a really really nice guy. Extremely friendly, never get mad at others, cheerful, funny, and a totally 'harmless creature' (Chang Ting 2010). I can only say that he is really an influential man. He influenced me a lot and I remembered very clearly on what he have done to me. I will NEVER FORGET you, Christian. Take Care!!

Life isn't that easy lately. Nothing is easy. Had been through a lot and more to come for me to go through. It's so hard when you keep things in your heart.

*Thought of solving one problem today but eventually one more arise when one is still unsolved*

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Last week was supposed to be out mid-term break but instead it had became our mid-term test week. Although we had been informed that there will be no mid-term break for us in the beginning of the sem. But still I want a break.

The mid-term test week was actually quite nice because there was only 1 test for me on that week, Physics. I think I screwed the test so I'll just skip the test part. =P This sem is not easy at all. For goodness sake it's just foundation but then those workloads are increasing day by day. oppsss. Maybe I'm just exaggerating things, not daily perhaps. But still, there are so many things to do, Physics reports, English report, Innovation and Change assignment, homeworks.......

Right after the test, I went for BBQ in one of my friend's house. The BBQ was AWESOME. It rained on the moment when I sat into my friend's car and headed for BBQ. That was actually quite disappointing but then thank God that the rain stopped just as we reached there. haha.. Isn't that amazing? There were a few chefs there that have only ONE duty, to BBQ for us. Sorry because we didn't help much but then all of your BBQ-ed food were DELICIOUS. haha. Sat right in front of the TV with the food and watched Thomas Cup which was an embarrassing one. Malaysia KALAH teruk. To China again. And Lee Chong Wei, lost straight sets to Lin Dan again just like how he did it for Olympic. Need to dig a hole and hide his head inside ady. =P Then Malaysia lost straight games to China 3-0. Then I walked out and take some fresh air and amazingly, the air was superbly fresh and cooling. WOW.. The feeling was so nice. There was a big pond just beside the house like a swimming pool. Feel like jumping in there and swim that day. haha!! Then chatted with friends outside of the house and it was nice. It was the 1st time that we chatted so long. WOW. That's SO COOL.. hahaha!!! And it's nice. 

I went for a class trip to Kubah. WOW.. It was amazing though it was a bit plain to me. But still, ITS AMAZING!!! I love the trip, I love my classmates and I love my teacher who put in a lot of efforts to make this trip a success.

The 1st day was filled with excitement and question marks in my head. I've never been there before. But this was the 1st trip for the class this sem and I hope there will be more to come. Okay~ back to the main point. The morning was kicked off with rain and I was kinda worried about the trip. For your information, Kubah is a place for hiking and waterfall. So now you know what I'm worrying about. We gathered in the uni and 13 of the guys stuffed into a mini van. The journey there was stuffy but then it was fun because some of us kept on doing some silly things and joke as well to induce our laughter. haha!!! There was one car where one aunty and a few of her children (I think) kept on looking at us when we were at a traffic light. They make us look like clown in the van. LOL.

It was a fun and short journey there. We checked into the chalet and had our lunch (with curry chicken) ~delicious~ Then we headed to the waterfall which required us to hike and also go through a little of jungle trekking. The journey up to the waterfall was not that hard. As soon as we reached, we jumped into the waterfall when the water was EXTREMELY COLD. Because of the rain that morning. I almost froze to dead but then that didn't stop me from playing in the water. =)

However, our journey back to the chalet was not the smooth as the journey to the waterfall. We thought of taking the shortcut back but then the route that was supposed to be the shortcut became longer. We were quite terrified that time because the sun was setting and the sky was getting darker (plus the sign that indicates the distance back to chalet was getting longer as we continued in) In the end, we managed to reach back to the chalet safely just before the sunset. Thank God. =)

Had another BBQ there. While playing with cards (police and assassin) wow. That game was nice when you are playing with a bunch of friends. We actually played that game until way past midnight. And it was not boring at all. LOL. VJ slept on the sofa and we tried to wake him up to ask him go back to his room and sleep. But then when we tried to wake him up by shaking him, he snored. The more we shake him, the louder he snores. XD

The next morning when I woke up, Adden was also just awake. And it was because of the naughty Salman and Edric who put toothpaste on Adden's face and armpits. THAT WAS SO FUNNY. They should at least wake me up to see if they do not want to call me along into this funny moment. Good time seriously doesn't last. The trip ended with a group picture. But at least we had fun playing together and get to know each other more. It was really an unforgettable trip and I hope that there will be more to come. =)

Just 2 days before the trip, I went for swimming. It had really been awhile since I swim. It was fun although that I got sunburn after that. And because of that also, my skin now is shedding like a snake. It was really torturing the next day after I swam. The last time when I got sunburn was so long ago and it was because of swimming too. But that was because I entered a competition and this was because I swim for fun. So big different. haha!!

So fast, it was already 2weeks plus since Lauretha left. She was really a great friend. Though that we just knew each other less than a year, but then we are FRIENDS!!! Friends Forever. And now its Christian's turn to leave us. Too bad. He is really a good guy. =) Take acer Christian went you move to Aussie.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY. Firstly, I want to thank my mum for everything, thank her for bringing me up, thank her for teaching me, thank her for.........................................(endless)

A lot had happened lately but then I forget what I wanted to blog here now. That's how pathetic it is. Let me recall.. Hmmm Hmmmm..................errrrrrr.........................

Oh ya... After 2 weeks of short and hard practice for the hand-miming performance, we did well in the real performance. Although there were some mistakes made but then the result was still NICE... The song was actually quite normal for me at the beginning but then after a few practices, the song just couldn't get off my head. HOLD ON~~HOLD ON~~ I still remember there was this particular practice when I laughed until I shed tears and rolled on the floor. All thanks to CHANG TING. She pointed out my mistakes and give me the 'look' which caused me all this. I did some mistakes in the move and mix up all those moves only, then she looked at me. Then I did even more mistakes and her face expression really make me can't stop laughing. It was really a torturing laughter.. haha!!!

I never realised that the caregroup last wednesday was the last one for Lauretha for now. She is going to work in PJ. I knew her barely for a year but then she is really a friendly and funny friend to be. After the caregroup, everyone suddenly gave her a suprise farewell by singing HOLD ON to her. This song really make an impact to each and everyone who had involved themselves in the miming performance. And also to those who are not. I can't take off that song out of my mind now. The impact of that song is so big. We kept on repeating that song until she actually wept. Because it was too touching for her I think. All the best for you, Lady Tha Tha. God bless.

I hate my this sem. Especially the stupid physics lab report. There are so many works to do for each report. And the works are like getting more and more for each and every report. Plus I have a so 'brilliant' lab assistant that doesn't like to explain stuffs and like to tell us stuffs during the last minutes. Workloads for assignments are building up too. Idea Generation, Idea Conversion, Idea Diffusion, Six Thinking Hats, NAF bla bla bla..

Entering into Mid-Term Test week. But eventually everything seems to be so hard to get into my thick skull. I wish I can drill more holes on my skull so that things will flow into my brain easier. haha!! But let things go by flow. =) And I haven't really started my revision for the test yet. Gonna die very soon. Haha..

Oh yea, I watched Ip Man 2 and also Iron Man 2. I can seriously say that Ip Man 2 is super NICE.. WALAO!!!!! Kacha........Quote from the movie, 'you think winning important or eating with your family is important?'. If everyone is given a choice, I think they will choose both. haha!!

Happy Birthday Jill.

(Hold on~Hold on~)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Hell of a week

I had been missing for so long.

Hell of a week. I do not know how to tell this but then I just feel that my schedule this sem is super packed. Now is only the 5th week and there were a few quizzes plus presentation and another assignment coming up.

There was this Physics lab report that I had to hand in last Tuesday and I was rushing to finish it last minute with my group mates because of the Lab Assistant who is being so demanding. He told us everything almost last minutes that this cannot and that cannot when we had finish doing everything and preparing to hand it in. And there was a group member of mine that didn't really did much and we had to finish up the work for her in the really last minutes. Report had to be submitted at 5.30pm and the report of our group mate was handed in at 5.25pm. That was a close one.

Besides, I also involved myself in the mime that we are going to perform soon. It consumed really a lot of my time. Plus the presentation and quizzes that were coming up, I really being quite worried at the beginning.  And also because of this performing, I'm kinda addicted to this song that I had been practicing now. Hold on Hold on.............!!!! =P

Just before the presentation today, I had my Physics quiz. I really do not know how to comment about the quiz. So, I'll just skip this.

Let's talk about the presentation. I prepared the Power Point slides about 1 week before the presentation but straight after I finished my slides, I didn't really touch it to prepare my speech for today. I basically just prepared my speech yesterday night for about 1 or 2 hours. Thank God that I didn't really did much mistakes today and I can say that I had done my best. But during the presentation I had done something that I feel really bad about and I've regretted doing it. I really wish that I can travel back to the time before it happens. However, everything is too late. I shall bear the consequences of the stupid me that couldn't control myself at times.

There was this thing that happened last week that really pissed me off. I can't control myself but to hate everyone that I think involved. Since this incident, I just had negative thoughts on them which basically just because of one person that did this. I was so pissed of that I actually wanted to scold them face to face for being a person with 2 faces. It's just so true that the people of this world are living with a mask on them. Even those that I think would do so. Talk in this way but then do it in another way. They just make me feel that trustworthiness no longer exist. I'm now wondering whether I shall continue to befriend with them.

How come I always tend to look things in such perspective? Random and bad thoughts will always come and pollute my mind. I just couldn't control myself. Am I just being an invisible person here who is living just for the sake of myself?? Things always go the direction that you do not want it to be. That actually will make you frustrated. Looks like I'm just posting this post here also just for the sake of myself to blurt something out of myself.

Ahh, this blog is getting so 'down'. I shall stop it now or else worst thing will happen.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday and Easter

Second week of class. I'm getting used to the environment now. New classmates and new surrounding. Guess I have to bear with it.

Good Friday was NICE. Why would I said that? Because I went to the first mountain hiking since I came to Sarawak, a land of nature. I went to Gunung Gading which was about 1 hour 45 minutes of journey from Kuching. It was not really a hard journey for me as the road was super bumpy. There was actually police with machine guns waiting there for our arrival. Proud proud. haha!! Actually it was because of some Dato or someone 'big' who was there.

We started off our journey to the Waterfall No.1. That waterfall was just normal and there was kinda alot of people there. So the scenery wasn't that nice. On our way to the next waterfall, there was this big rock that we need to pass through. And guess what!? The rock was called 'Batu Apek' or 'Old Man Rock' (FUNNY name)

The scenery in Waterfall No.3 was super nice which was the 2nd waterfall that we dropped by. We had our lunch there. I did sweat though I didn't sweat much caused we were walking with quite of a slow pace so that all can walk in a group.

And finally we reached Waterfall No.7. The scenery was breath-taking. It was totally indescribable. The place was peaceful with just us there. The water that was rushing down and hit those stones there created water sprinkles. With the cold wind and sprinkles of water there, it was like a big fan sprinkling water to you. And I was soaked and lying on a big stone as if I was sunbathing. The feeling was so comfortable and those sweat and blood that I dripped was totally worth it. haha!!! No blood la. Jusr sweat.

Then we headed down to see Rafflesia. I did managed to take a look of it but eventually it was quite small. However, I did finally take a look of the world largest flower in front of my eyes. Thank God that it didn't rain because the sky was drumming when we were heading down. It was just on the way back that it rained. Thank God.

Easter was great.

I wanted to watched many soon-to-be-released movie (Ironman 2, Prince of Persia, The Last Airbender and Kaiji) I wanted to watch Kaiji not because I really like it. It's because the main theme song is from YUI. It's all too much - Yui. Arhhhhhh!!!!! I wanted to watch it!!!

Quiz tomorrow and flu now.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here Am I Again

Finally my holiday ended. 2 months holiday is definitely not enough for me. It seems to be quite long but its actually very short. It can end in just a blink of eye and that's just what happened to me.

Now I'm back to Kuching, the city of Cat. Hostel seems to be crowded to me now compared to summer semester. A lot of new faces in the hostel and this make me kinda uncomfortable. Even the canteen during lunch break also got extremely crowded for me. There was a day when I went there and couldn't find any seat and have to wait for quite some time.

Class on the 1st day was not that ideal as I had expected. I thought that they gave me this timetable and group to follow but eventually they made some last changes. In the end, I got a new timetable and group without being informed and that caused me to missed the 1st engineering maths class. This 1st class that I missed had caused me quite a lot of confusion. It made me to worry so much but in the end, its nothing. =P

I got into the same class with most of my Indian friends who I am not that close to. But anyway, things got better as time goes by. Perhaps I should be optimistic enough for that. =) 1 week of class had passed and it wasn't that bad for me. It seems that I had starting to get use to it somehow, have to. In this 1 week, I had been working quite hard even though it was just the 1st week. It was just so not me. Maybe that there was something that keeps me going. "The Promise"....I shall make this as my motivation to study when I am too indulge into games.

Talking about class.... My lecturers this semester was rather interesting. There were a few features for each and every lecturers of mine. 1 looks like Phua Chu Kang's mother, Ah Ma.... 1 more looks like Garfield.. hahaha!!!

I watched the movie "How to train your Dragon" in 3D. The movie was nice and I think it was even nicer than Alice in Wonderland. Wearing the 3D specs was rather tiring because I need to wear 2 specs at once. It seems like after the release of Avatar 3D, many more 3D movies started to come up. I am now waiting to watch "Prince of Persia" and "Iron Man 2" after watching the trailers. Iron Man 2 seems to be so so so nice. I'm so waiting for that. Hehe...

It was rather pathetic when you were expecting something as you were being told but then that person doesn't seems to take it seriously and remember it. That's just how life is. 1 piece of advice is to be optimistic.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had attended the I LOVE IPOH project as to continue the 2nd part of the CHANGE YOUR WORLD concert. This project is to help those who are in need.

The journey to the Vineyard Keeper Center in Chemor by bus was quite a short one as others said that it was suppose to be longer. We were then divided into 3 groups of having 3 different duties. We were given the duty of distributing food to the needy. We visited a total of 6 families which was really an eye opening experience to me. Those families were mostly of big family which mean the parents have many children. There was also one family that has 8 wives. I was like (WOW) when I heard of it when at the beginning I thought the number 8 was referring to 8 children instead of 8 wives. *speechless*

Soon after we finished our food distributing, we then headed back to the center and had a little tour around the center. The center was more like an animal center rather than a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to me. There were cows, goats, birds, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, ducks and swans. The dogs, rabbits and especially guinea pigs were superly cute. That SokWai kept on wanting to smuggle a guinea pig into her bag as a souvenir back home. I also got a chance to see 3 one-year-old goat that can't even stand yet. They were cute!!!

Those moments were great. However, I still regretted of didn't managed to shield the corns and also didn't get a chance to see how Bubu shield those corns. We were joking about how Bubu will peel off those corns by using his teeth. haha!! Soon after we arrived back at Elim, we headed to the cafe opposite to have some cold drinks and especially ice cream. We have some great laughter there.

Watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday The movie was just normal. Not that nice as I had expected. Tweedledee and Tweedledum were funny. The way the talk and behave were funny. I was laughing when I heard that the White Queen's name was Mirana (Priestess of Moon). The bad thing about watching the movie yesterday was..... I was sick...

Not really feeling well now even.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday night or should I say evening was the concert - Change The World concert performed by the '1am Relent' band. We (Sokwai, Bubu, Ben, Kaylynn, Yeesan and WengHong) met up in Parade to have our dinner before heading to the concert which is starting at 6pm. I had my dinner at Kopitiam Junction and headed to Giant to buy some supply for charity together with SokWai.

There is only one word to describe the concert - AWESOME. The sound system was nice as it was extremely loud and clear while the lighting was not bad considering the effects that it brought to the concert although those lights blinded me sometimes. Some songs were quite plain but yet I like the song 'Crooked'. The lyric was nice and quite funny. It's been awhile since I joined such kind of concert that were so loud. I can barely listen to myself when they were singing. Funny things happened during the concert among us which I find it was hilarious. However, the concert didn't last long as 4 hours was like so short to me. The crowd was shouting and screaming like mad to show their excitement. It was really really cool to shout along with them until you lose your voice in the end. haha!!

Examples were shown about how a normal human being can make different to others. The one that really left an impact on me is Martin Luther King Jr. - "I have a dream........ I have a dream..........." I understand a bit of the feeling of being discriminated because of their skin colour, just a simple bit of it. A simple step can change the future.

I went for supper with them after the concert when everyone was like starving considering the dinner that was taken so early. We were crapping there as usual.

The event did really left something in my heart. But I wonder will it last long or it was just something that happened at that very moment. Self-reflection do happened but will it last?? Being selfish is not easy and being kind is even harder. Determination is needed for a person to change.

Currently suffering from blister. PAIN!!

When you are filled with laziness, blogging is hard. Applies to me lately.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The feeling of being disturbed when you are sleeping is not that nice. The best way to wake up is to wake up on your own. And yea, I got disturbed again today. That stupid bank officer called me that he forgets something and wanted me to go again. I wanted to scold him right in front of him. It just made the day cloudy.

Will things forever be the same?? I doubt it will never change. Yes!!! Things indeed never will be the same. Things that you might thought will be better eventually will turn out to be the worst. The weather always changes from time to time. Cloudy to sunny and sunny to rainy. You can never predict what will happen next. I hope that it will be sunny for the days that is left.

"Memories". A movie reminded me of it. Things kept on flashing in my mind. Imagination somehow never stop. It's just like the blooming of those flowers. It will never stop. That's just so human. We never stop thinking. That's how weird or should I say, special, human are. It feels like I am the extra one out here.

CheeBoon came to visit Ipoh today. I drove him around with his friends. I'm just not suitable to be a tour-guide somehow. I was out of ideas of where to bring them to eat. =P

My headache just never stop too. I just felt like dissecting my head off and take of the part of the brain that is causing my so much pain now. I just refuse to bow down to it. I will not take panadol for now because of it.

Time is running out. *tick-tock-tick-tock*

Currently addicted to Detective Conan.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Worst day ever

I do not know how to say this, but I felt that after so long that I'm back in Ipoh, today was the worst day ever. Not to say what I had been through but because of what I did.

I'm so ashamed of myself being so childish, disrespectful and also do not know how to be grateful. Thinking back, I'm just so blessed for the things and people around me. I just couldn't keep my cool just now and I lost it. I felt so ashamed of it. I'm so sorry!! But I did something really out of my imagination. Perhaps this is where God really used me. To show that I had really changed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I believe that we just need to do what we need to do and things will eventually turns to the brighter side. If things doesn't work out the way I wanted it to be eventhough I had tried it for thousand of times, I prefer to give up.

The feeling of guilt still in me whenever I think of it again. Maybe because of this also, I had a nightmare last night. Horror dream~~ I remember of me taking care of a child in a camp with others. Then somehow the kid felt asleep and me still being awake (studying), stand up leaving the kid who is sleeping there and approached the group who is chatting in the other side. In a flash of an eye, I saw a dark shadow walked pass the kid and the kid is gone. The weird part is that I straight ran towards the place where the kid was sleeping, then I rushed to a "convenient shop' (more like a 7-11 to me) and ask the shopkeeper for the video of the CCTV there.. Weird huh!? A shop in the middle of the jungle with CCTV??? It make no sense to me either. But when I wanted to watch the recording, I saw my room as I'm awake. =P

Should have just forget it somehow. Thank you for the advice and for lending me your ears. Thanks alot.

Kledang Hill again. =P And Bubu finally came. The time when I hope that he will come but he didn't and when the time I didn't expect him to come, he came. Funny guy. haha. Applying the concept of projectile motion for throwing stones. It was funny when I aimed at 'someone' and HeokLyn said loudly that I won't hit him/her but after I threw, suddenly a voice "Auchh" was heard... We were then laughing non-stop. hahaha. HeokLyn kept on telling me that she wanted to go RTM. LOL

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!

First first first, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL..

This year Chinese New Year isn't that fruitful as last year in term of the number of angpaus that I got. However, I think that Chinese New Year is not just because of the number of angpaus that I will get but of other things. Things that money will never be able to buy.

Just before CNY, there was a party for the February babies in Breeze Cafe. Most of the current 6AB people attended the party with people like me, KinWai, SuiHann etc too. How can I describe the party. Hmm.. It was AWESOME. With the huge group of people there, the environment was superb. I didn't know that they can be so CRAZY. A totally different people when the time I left. LOL. They can be so so so crappy. Haha. Especially CheeHong and TickYau. HAHAHA...

1st day of CNY
Just went for a vegeterian brunch with my family and relatives. Then just headed to my grandparents' house which is just within walking distance. And there goes my 1st day of CNY.

2nd day of CNY
This day was almost a disaster. The time when I opened my eyes from my sleep, I heard my mum was talking to my bro that the plan had to be cancelled due to some problems. Having headache due to this thingy where I almost scratched my head till I'm bold. But at the end, the problem is solved and everything went well. I didn't even know that there was so many princesses during the BBQ. Had an American-style birthday party. HAHA. Bashing up a love-hearted box and a Barbie doll dressed up with huge gown. It was the hard work of my aunty. Her determination make it all happened. Hees.

3rd day of CNY
The time of bai lin starts today. 1st destination was Steven's house. It's been so long since I met Steven. He's so skinny. It's great to meet up with old buddies again. Next stop was KahMun, EeXin MingRu and lastly KarKhan house. Now only I realise that MingRu likes to gamble. Haha. And KahMun is so playful. Haha. KarKhan's gf is so pretty.. Jealous nyer.. =P That Bubu bullied me in CTR. ISHH ISHH ISHH.. But luckily KahMun bullied him back. HAHAHA. Oh yea, the main highlight of the day also because SokWai wore a dress which is because of CheeKhoon. But after all, CheKhoon ffk and her effort wasted. LOL

4th day of CNY
Our first destination was Kaylynn's house continued on with mine, Hong and HeokLyn. Kaylynn's house is nice. Very special. The small pond in her living room is just like a stream in her house which basically going around her house. Haha. Anyway, it's just my thought nie. At the end of the day, I found out that Kaylynn is a stuffed toys addict. She is abit of sot when it comes to those kind of stuff. She can talks to them as if they can understand and will reply her back. And my Bobdog was the first victim. Haha.

5th day of CNY
Ahh. Finally I got a chance to go into Sokwai's house. HAha. And into her Anime Room. wakakaka. Then headed to Yeesan's house. When we were in Yeesan's house, Bubu and KahMun gone crazy and acted.. It was super hilarious. xD I missed the chance to go to Bubu's house because I went to another friend's house. Ishh Ishh.. Bubu, I'll be back.. Headed to KC Leong's house. Wow.. Played the 2 thingy which I don't how to say. But I like it a lot. The jumping thingy which think is the trampoline and the electric thingy. haha. Whooo~~ CheeKhoon's house was so strategic. It was so paiseh when Bubu called CheeKhoon's brother, UNCLE.. HAHA.. They look so alike. xD

6th day of CNY
Hmm Hmm.. What did I do today?? Oh yea.. I went to KaiTeng's house. And I met Sean where he still recognise me. WOw. Awesome. haha. Went to SuiHann's house next. The naughty Sokwai go and throw the tiger hat into the tortoises' habitat. Went to Kopitiam so many times. haha. Meet up with Jin, Josh and Tuck there. Oh yea.. We have a small suprised party to bid farewell to Kok. He will be going to Aussie later. Wish him all the best there and hope to see him soon. Take care, my friend.

So just cut everything short, CNY this year was a awesome one because I managed to visit alot of houses though that I received less angpaus. Satisfied with it anyway. Hehe.

And now my house is not only like a bus stop. Now it's even like a hotel. XD

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't understand why is my nose so sensitive to Ipoh. Ever since I came back to Ipoh, Mr Flu had been frequently visiting me.. It's so different in Kuching when Mr Flu only visit me once in a blue moon. Now I'm suffering from it.

Too bad it had to be cancelled. ishh ishh.. I had been so excited for it to come since before my summer semester end. But now it had to be cancelled.. Sad sad..

Had been seriously addicted to sports lately especially football and table tennis.. The feeling of sweating is so so so FUN.. Wow!! But too bad CNY coming so I think I have to stop sport-ing for 1 week. hees.

Bro is coming back today.. Didn't meet with him for more than 6 months d.. I do not know whether its a good news or bad news. LOL.. Hopefully its a good one.. haha..

~flu flu flu~

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ipoh oh Ipoh,
How shalt I compare thee....

I had came back for about 1 week plus. There is really no match for my belovede Ipoh.

I managed to catch up with many of my friends that I had missed out for this half year. What can I really say about them. Some of them never change, appearance and attitude, which make me think of those time that I had spent together with them. But needless to say that there are also some that have changed in appearance and also attitude. I do not know whether this kind of changing is really good.. Maybe I'm being selfish for wanting all to be still the same afterall.

One thing that will never change, the school. No matter how long I didn't go back or perhaps just this 6 months, the school will still be the same. It's just that there are many new faces in the school. Many new teachers and less of those teachers that I know. Ipoh is still the same before I left. Nothing change much.

Finally I got my chance to play soccer/football. I mean real football, football field rather than those futsal in Sarawak. xD I definitely miss football so much. Football~my passion, my life~ haha.. I think this is too much too some how. haha. But still I really miss football.

Weather had been really disastrous lately. CNY is near so the weather is superly hot and dry although there is rain yesterday and just now. But imagine that although there is rain, but still I can sweat sitting in front of my laptop with fans around me.~phew~ Compared to Kuching now, I think it was rainy season there. Just a few days before I came back, it rained continously for 2 days. I was freezing back there that time.

Another thing ~ FOOD~~ I can't deny it that I had been eating continously lately. Due to the 'delicious-ness' of the food in Ipoh, my mouth never stop. HAHA. Mum keeps on stuffing me with food. Everyone said that I got thinner and taller but I don't think that I got taller anyhow. =P Been crazily craving for food especially in ‘pasar malam’.

This holidays also marked my 1st time experience in witnessing an accident happening right in front of my eyes. Thou that the one that directly involved in it was not me, but still I was indirectly involved in the accident. So I can feel the fear of involving in an accident. ~phew~

Now I am rotting at home waiting for those who are not back to Ipoh yet. Faster faster come back.. Waiting for you guys to hang out together.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sibu and my Beloved Ipoh

Just before i stepped my feet back to Ipoh, I got a chance to go to this small town in Sarawak, Sibu.

It was quite a nice trip as an eye opening experience. Sibu can be said as a small small town just beside the famous Rajang River. Due to its location, the land there was super soft. Therefore, the roads there were quite uneven.

I have the chance to enjoy a movie in a super traditional and antique cinema. Or perhaps I shouldn't call it a cinema, it was like an old theater. There was only 10 people in the cinema watching the movie. Break my personal record of watching in a 16 people cinema. COOL.

I also get to get a chance to have a tour to the biggest temple in South East Asia if I am not wrong. The temple was really really big. There were many single building structure around the area. I really like the decorations there. Along all the so-called fences, there was many craving of pictures where each and everyone of it is different from one another. I also saw a nice chrch which looked like a hotel to me too. It looked so white and nice. Beautiful and creative decorations located in the city. Cool

A visit to 1 of the modern long house. It was my first time but I intended to visit those traditonal long house which I think will be even nicer than those modern one. Hees. There was this super BIG market located in the town area too. It was so big that there was a specific parking lot just for the market too. It was said to be the largest wet market in Malaysia. There was so many large things and building in the Sarawak. Haha.

Another things that amazed me was the food there. Although it wasn't really something that was really nice but those food was really different. And special too. Kompia, teng bian hu, egg cake and etc etc.. I also got to eat a superbly big prawn which was basically even longer than my palm. Haha. It was nice. Yummy..

One conclusion that I made after my visit to Sibu was that almost all houses in Sarawak were super big. Those land which was almost the size of a few basketball courts. LOL. How can this be?? I also want to be like them. Haha.

I seriously wanna thanks Linda's parents to give such great hospitality and treatment to us. Woww. It was really really an awesome trip. THANKS!!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Weather had been really really bad lately. I just can't stop myself from loving and hating it. The rain doesn't seems to stop somehow. It's like an alarm which had been set the time.. Once it reach a certain time, it will automatically rain. The rain just make everything so cool and chilly which make me so comfortable. However, the rain always stop me from doing many things.

When we are alone, everything seems to pop up in our mind. Now I understand the importance of fellowship. Friends do help alot but they won't always be at your side to support you. I mean really really by your side and support you for everything.

Things do change. I can't stop myself from saying this but things o change. And definitely, we can't stop things from changing. So just let Him handle everything. Faith~~

I had finally finish my exam. Now waiting for my time to go back nie. Ipoh.. It's been awhile since I had step my feet on the beloved hometown of mine. I miss everything there. IPOH~~~ I'm coming soon. Wait for me!!

And it's raining now as well. The weather express my feeling~~

Friday, January 1, 2010

1st post for 2010

~It's Done~