Monday, August 15, 2011


Blogging I have not been for quite time some. I've when stopped long for too blogging, hard it's to start again. So many there are things in mind my. Don't know which one I posted wanted to. Random stuffs I'll post and talk here about.

One there's is which the 1st Ipoh Company, Boys' Brigade 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner. The dinner I had to say awesome that was. So long after, got I to see the Guard of Honour (GOH). Also I get to see a lot seniors of mine who never we meet in a long time very. The food although was nice not that, the feeling old friends to meet was awesome. Chatting, joking and eating overall was fun. And been it's a long long time since sang I BB Anchor and BB Vesper. Remember I still that I'm proud. Pictures and memories tonnes of flashed through mind my. Nostalgic. Dinner after photo session we had. Not bad not bad. Continued on to 'Tong Sui Kai' for tong sui and nostalgic experiences and memories by Chee Khoon. 

Then, headed I to KL with brother my and grandma. KL trip the is not bad after all. Managed I to visit my the-new-will-be-renovated-house of my aunty. Awesome it was. Went there we to purposely have steamboat  at night on the floor. And played I hide-and-seek with my cousins. Another nostalgic game of mine. Game my to kill time when young I am where there was no computer, iPad, Blackberry and handphones. 

Managed I go to Viva Home to watch movie, Zookeeper, and played in the kid's playground. HAHAHAHA. Sleeping in a 'cage' full of balls. I saw in sales macaroons there and cheap it is. Buy wanted to but in the end didn't. Zookeeper the movie is funny and not bad. Hilarious it was. Also I get to play PS3 for the first time. Tiring it was but fun. Seriously fun when it comes to boxing with my brother. hahaha!! Still I can laugh now about it. Numb arms played until with both controllers on both of my hands. 

Just yesterday, wind blew super strong like a tornado. Room the I was sleeping in was windy with the horrifying sound of the wind. Hardly I can open the door of my room. Like it's someone pulling from the outside of the door. Once open, went it 'BAM' and close back. Fuhhh... One hell of an experience. 

And there's my KL trip. Now I'm back to where I belong. :)

-Successfully finish blog one post-

Monday, May 30, 2011

Isle of Tortuga

We as earthlings, weak and fragile, always do face problems and disappointments. Others always tell us to forgive and forget, but I tell you to remember it and take it as a lesson for your life. A lesson, experience of life, that will definitely help to make us better. That's what matters.

Okay, back to the main point.

I'm still stranded in Kuching. Currently shaking my legs as if like I had finish my finals. But the fact is, I still got 1 more paper next week. What a weird university where we started our final exam last week but having a week break starting today. Gawai holiday, the most important celebration here throughout the year. Maybe that's why. Talking about final, I think I screwed up my maths paper. The toughest math paper I sat so far in this university. Now I even doubt myself that I can pass that subject. *face down*

Friends around are leaving one by one, back to their hometown. I'm still wondering whether is it a good thing or a bad thing. Wait for my last paper then only I will be consider as a free man then.

I have to admit that I'm in love with Pirates of the Caribbean movie and also Jack Sparrow's song. Both are just too nice and addictive. I suddenly fall in love with so many things. Or I should say food in exact. Food that I never try before until now. And one another thing, I think I'm fatter compared to my old self which is not a good thing at all. Duhhh.. I hate you, fats....

Let me just continue shaking my legs.. Adios and see ya in the next post.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


After 3 continuous days of tests and assignments, there is finally a bit time for me to take a breath from those works. Almost all assignments are coming to an end. That means, final is coming and also, holidays. I really wish that this sem will finish as soon as it can be so that I can enjoy 3 months of holidays. Thanks to the messy system of Swinburne, we finally know that we do not need to take winter sem. DaDaDa.... Good thing or a bad thing, I won't know for sure yet.

I can't seems to get the feeling and enjoyment of blogging yet. Maybe I'm too lazy or maybe I'm not really in that kind of mood. I do not know why am I thinking that way, but tiny little thoughts will eventually appear in my mind. I've thought of a good way to describe it, a creative mind. It teaches and trains me about creativity, one thing I'm lacking in. There are things that I'm lacking in but I wanted to try to be a better person. There are always times you wanted to do whatever that you like. But you know that it ain't gonna happen. Things just won't go to the way that you want it to be. Things are never smooth like you think. There is just this barrier that I can't go through myself. It's just too hard to go through myself. When I'm down, there will always be someone beside me to be with me.

There seems to be so many things that I want to blog but because there are TOO MANY of it, it stops me. Maybe I'll be back when I feel like blogging or when I got the mood of blogging again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A little catching up

Human are just creatures that never can be satisfied. No matter how much they had received, they will never ever say enough for what they have. When they received something, they will begged for more. That's how pathetic human can be. That's how selfish human can be. But we as human being can't be blamed because we are just imperfect creature though we claimed to be the most advanced creature in this planet.

'An idle brain is the best place for Satan' ~ How true this statement can be. No matter how much I've been keep telling myself that I had changed, the true fact is that I never change. The same old me is still in me, taking charge of me though not completely. The same stupid and childish thinking still haunt me till today. Feelings are just hard to control. But I want to say now that I WANT TO CHANGE. I want to be in-charged back of myself. I want to control my feeling instead of letting my feeling to control me.

The one day KL shopping trip was tiring but rather nice. One thing to be remembered, the money I spent on food was more than I spent on my clothes. There was this bunch of friends (who are quite irritating) sat on the same train and monorail from Ipoh to KL and from KL Sentral to Times Square. How coincidence yet irritating that was. Another coincidence fact was we met up in the train back to Ipoh with my old friends who were in the way back from Singapore. One of the EXTREMELY tall friend of mine joke all the way back to Ipoh, joking loudly as if the whole train was ours. *come take picture come take picture ~ kampai* that's what he always shouted. How amusing that was. I was trying so hard to opened my eyes and close my nose to listen to him.

Tg. Tualang seafood lunch was indeed a nice one. It's not only about the food I consumed but the time I spent with my Form6 friends who I had lost contact for so long. The food and especially crabs were definitely finger licking good. That's no doubt about it.

The result is out today. I don't expect much but then thank God for everything, the unexpected result. One thing I won't forget, never to compare with others no matter what. This time result publication wasn't that happy to me because of something. I feel sad but then as you said, happy is better than being sad. Cheer up no matter what happen as I'm here, always. SMILE.

Now I'm waiting for that time to come , the time when we'll be able to meet again. :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Time as it is...

Once upon a time,
when things were seems to be perfect,
thoughts will eventually appear in your mind,
like tiny little plants growing from the ground,
but as Time passes,
it will be gone without you noticing.

Time became as important as gold to human,
racing and rushing because of it,
but because of time,
things change, living and dead,
though people might notice it,
nothing will they do,
as they claimed it is the process of life.

Houses are meant to be shelter of life,
serve for a purpose to keep warmth around,
but when the purpose is neglected,
spaces in it will remained as spaces as it is,
as Time passes,
tiny little solid dirt will build up,
dust as we human called it,
covered each and every corner of it,
leaving gap in between of the living and the dead.

New houses will be in attention,
old houses will remained empty as it is,
continue to be forgotten as it is,
but yet nothing can they do,
as human claimed it is the process of life,
leaving the old and moving ahead with a new beginning.

That's what Time meant to be,
as it serves its purpose.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A short trip to KL

Life is full of decision-making situation. Every single moment we might have to make decision and we have to live with the result that might came out of it. There is no good or bad, wise or stupid decision. Every decision lead us to different direction in our life. Though there might not be good or bad decision but there are just some decisions that we make which we regret because the outcome of the decision might be awful and saddening.

I had this chance of following my aunty to KL a few days before Christmas but I had ignored it. The decision that made me regretted. I should have follow her to KL instead of staying in Ipoh. Noone will know why except you. This might be the most regretful decision that I had made before the beginning of a new year. I missed the chance of fulfilling my joy and excitement. Every night staring at the computer without having a chance to stare in reality was really saddening.

I went to KL just a few days after Christmas. This was really a short holiday in KL for me. And I celebrated New Year in KL. I celebrated New Year last year in Kuching and this year in KL. 2 consecutive years of celebrating New Year in a foreign land other that Ipoh. But this New Year was rather special to me. I get to celebrate New Year with someone that I had never celebrated New Year with. I get to.................................................. How amazing and nice it was though I was in KL.

This KL trip decision was rather sudden for me. I just decided to go 2 days before that. Main purpose there was to shop. I only managed to go to MidValley and Sunway due to the limited time. The main point was, all of my meal during my stay in KL were Japanese food. Incredible!! I'm becoming a Japanese guy.. The most incredible Japanese meal was in Rakuzen. I have to admit that the food there were extremely nice. The sashimi was awesome. It actually melts in my mouth without having me to chew it. It was so fresh and soft. YUMMY!! And not forgetting the incredible dessert - ice cream.. It was SUPER DELICIOUS!!! The green tea and chocolate ice cream. It was just like the size of your thumb. The taste of green tea was so extremely thick and NICE. The green tea ice cream was like covered with green tea powder and once you bite it, the powder will covered your teeth while the ice cream within the powder will melt and flow out. Awwwww!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

It's been like only 2 weeks but I feel like it's been years since I'm back.. Life is just torturing.