Saturday, November 28, 2009


Let's rewind back what had happened previously.

My time that suppose to be my summer holidays is now packed with classes. I'm now stucked in summer sem. I have to do my Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies. Just finih my 1st week of class for summer sem. It was EXTREMELY boring. What taught in Malaysian Studies are basically all that we had learned in our History throughout Form 1 to Form 5. ~Paleolithic/Stone Age - Malacca~ Moral Studies is even worst. It's totally different from the things that we learned in our high school. More about philosophy stuffs which are superbly sophisticated. Those terms and words that were used are not for human. I repeat, IT"S NOT FOR HUMAN. ~Deantology Ethical Theory bla bla bla theory~ Eventually, Moral class wasn't as bored as Malaysian Studies. The lecturer at least add in some jokes which made us even colder which is a good way to keep us awake. Haha.

Just the 1st day of the release of New Moon, I went and watched it with a few friends of mine. The movie wasn't as bad as I had expected. Heard from yeesan that the director of New Moon is not the same as Twilight. No wonder there was so many kissing scenes in New Moon. Haha. Guess what. Those girls especially those underage girls are so obsessed with Robert Pattison a.k.a Edward. When he appeared for the first time in the movie, everyone was screaming at him and it makes me so irritated. For goodness sake, we were there to watch the movie, not him alone.

Yesterday was my roomate's and also Yiwei's birthday. LOL. Wish them Happy birthday. We planned a suprised birthday celebration for him. He was really suprised at the end when we suddenly appeared with a cake in front of him when he thought that we forgotten his birthday. Good planning and preparation. =) Unfortunately for me, the venue for the birthday celebration was in my room. As usual, 'cake throwing' will be a ceremony that is needed for every birthday celebration. So you can imagine how horibble my room will be after the celebration. And the main point was, they all were aiming at my bed... It was just my bed that got 'shot' the most. One word to describe them, 'MONSTERS'. Not only my bed, my shoes, slippers, wardrobe, chairs, hangers..... However, they were monsters with hearts. After everything came to an end, everyone did gave some of their efforts to help up to clean our room. =)

Today. I got a chance to sit on a van to go the city centre with a bunch of friends. Our 1st intention was to go to the PC Fair. The PC Fair here was rather small even compared to Ipoh. So ignore the comparison between Kuching and KL. Definitely here will lose thousand miles behind KL. Haha. Since everything here were already expensive compared to Peninsular, so eventhough it was a PC Fair so the price was actually considered as the normal price back in Peninsular. Didn't managed to buy lotsa things due to the guilty-ness in us that prevent us from buying stuffs.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's done.

It's done.. Finally my final is over. Got my freedom for 5 days before the start of my summer sem. Or should I say that it's only 4 days now. LOL. Can even get enough time to go back to my beloved hometown. Guess this test my patient. =/

After the final paper, I do not even know how to describe my mood. Dwi-mood perhaps. I think I did badly in my physics test. NO NO.. Should say that I did badly in the test. I didn't get to finish the paper, I forget most of the formulae needed when the formula sheet only provides us with those formulae that we do not really need them. Hate formula... I remember the back part of the formula but I forget the front part. For instant, I remember 'ma' for 'F=ma' but i forget that 'ma' is equal to Force.. swt swt.... I should quote what Mr. Siva said, 'Gagal Dengan Cemerlang'. :-P

That's the first part of my mood - Sad. But when I be optimistic - think the other side, I should be happy when the exam is over, for the first chapter of my life. There will be more to come. :-/

However, those things did not hold us back from getting into madness mood. We straight headed to The Spring or to be exact, MBO. We watched 2012, a superbly nice movie that we have been stalking since even before it was released. One word to describe - AWESOME.

I like this movie alot. Though that the storyline is a bit too fake because the actor never die.. Eventhough you thought that he will die, but eventually you will see a hand reaching up from nowhere. LOL. Besides, it contains alot of life lessons and also humanity values. "Humanity stops when you stop fighting for it"..

Currently planning for my 4 days 'holidays' but anyhow, I got nowhere to go. If it is so, then Chao Yan is doom since that he is still having his final paper on Friday cause I will disturbed him. hahaha.

So far for now.. It's way past midnight now and the bed is summoning me. Good night all. And best of luck for all those who are sitting for SPM.. Just in a blink of eye, it had been one year since I took SPM. :-/


Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Party...

Exam is really getting nearer but still i can't stuff anything into my thick skull. Looks like the era for me to study had yet come or maybe will never come. Or it is because i do not really care and bother about the exam??? or because i wanna keep myself cheerful in this way. Less stress less pressure less pimples and so happier. =) wow, what a conclusion i had made.

This week was like a study week for us. Most of the classes have been cancelled due to the exam next week. But unfortunately, we didn't really use much of the time to study.. Contribute most of our time to play.

Yesterday was Jing Yang's birthday. Played till kinda 'high' that time.. Bought a cake from Secret Recipe - black forest chocolate cake. We have been talking and laughing about the word blackforest lately and eventually we bought a blackforest chocolate cake. haha. Has a special meaning behind it. haha

The cake was kinda creamy and so we used most of the cream to do facial and also used as hair gel.. hahaha. Though it was superbly smelly but it was fun. xD Anyway, let the pictures do the talking. =D

The gang =)

Cream decoration on our hair..LOL

Me and the Birthday Boy!!!

Till then.....


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday..

Final is coming soon but still I haven't even really started doing my revision yet. Life in Uni is definitely different than in high school. I can't concentrate in my studies and my revision. Need some motivation.. C'mon C'mon....

2 consecutive night futsal really make me sick. I mean real sick. My stomach feels so weird lately. Been really really uncomfortable with the feeling. Especially after my every meal or every food that I consumed.

Finally I finished my IT assignment. Though it might be a bit plain but yet the satisfaction of fulfilling and finishing something is great. Currently left with my final exam before I really relax myself and enter summer sem. hehe

Church dedication is this Saturday and I still haven't remember the lyrics yet. =P Gonna die and embarrassed myself. haha.

And one last thing, Happy belated birthday to Eu Jin and also happy to birthday to Sok Wai. Wish both of you all the best in everything. God Bless.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Come back..

Currently reading my notes for tomorrow IT Online Quiz. I'm so gonna die. My brain can store no more information that basically need me to memorize them. And now i have to memorize those notes again which i can't.

Physics Quiz is on Thursday which i haven't even touch yet. That means another quiz which I'm going to fail (Gagal dengan Cemerlang). Everything started to be so not cool.

Sensitivity sucks... Come back the old 'me'.. where the hell am i??? Where did i stray to??? COME BACK.. I hate myself.....