Monday, September 28, 2009


Its been awhile since i blog, again.. haha. let me think of where to start. many things happen lately. haha.

okay.. let me start of the santubong trip. it wasnt that nice as i was expecting. the environment and fun that i had in santubong was incomparable with the time that i spent in pangkor with my schoolmates of mostly BB primers. i do not know how to explain those fun that i had in pangkor compare to the santubong but it was just different. the experience of waking up early in the morning to see sunrise but instead there wasnt any, the jagung bakar that i was so desperate for but yet i didnt managed to have it, night time poker, snorkelling, kayaking, 'sandhuman' and etc etc.

this santubong trip was kinda a plain one. just managed to go there and enjoy the environment there. didnt managed to play much due to the limitation of time. those beaches there are weird, they have time of visitation for the beach. nothing much to play at the beach as well. have a little fun time in the swimming pool. all of us were fighting in the water. it was fun. seafood dinner. and at night, we watched the new movie 'Tsunami'. the storyline was kinda boring for me. i felt asleep during the movie and kept on asking when will be the tsunami striking. haha. *evil* can you imagine, we watched tsunami at the seaside. haha.

i just slept on the carpet without blanket and pillow with air con in the room. it was torturing,. the next morning woke up with flu and neck-ache(basically whole body paining). thought that i will have another chance of kayaking there but unfortunately, aikssss...

in conclusion, i prefer pangkor more than santubong. XD

i screwed up in my test again. assignments and tests wont stop. another assignment, create a magazine. aiksss. class magazine. i thought of writting my beloved town, IPOH. hahaha.

gonna catc up for dinner. gtg


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie Week.

Finally finish my 1st English assignment. I'm quite happy with the end product. But unfortunately, before even the deadline of the assignment, there is another new English assignment given to us. life in uni is pretty hectic with just assignments alone. ~i hate referencing~

last wednesday was a day to be remember. 09/09/09. it was the opening of MBO in The Spring. The neareast cinema just opposite my uni. went on the 1st day of the opening of MBO and watch Aliens in the Attic. An action movie with hilarious action in it making the movie a nice and a must watch movie. haha. the cinema was big.. really big.. like a five stars hotel when u went inside. but unfortunately, going to toilet was the most troublesome thing and the last thing that you wanna do when you are in the cinema. the chair wasnt really nice to sit cause it is hard. the screen wasnt that big and the 1st time the movie hang in the middle. should say at the beginning make us to be super frustrated. but luckily the movie was funny and balanced our emotion up. hehe

the day didnt end just after the movie.. went to shawn's house and have sushi making competition. haha. it was really really fun. thought we lost but anyhow, i have a lot of fun there. i didnt know that i know how to make sushi. though it doesnt looks nice but at least those sushi were edible. haha.

all creations.

my group's home-made sushi..

then went to the cinema for the second time yesterday. watched the singapore movie, "Scare till laugh". haha. super funny movie which can make you to laugh your head off. though they were mostly talking in hokkien but still it was funny. xD laughed till my tears also burst out. haha.

after movie, we went for dnner+supper=dinper. chatted for quite long there and continue on at the park. I think this is the 1st time i went out so late and so far from my uni. haha. good experience after all.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gagal Dengan Cemerlang!!

The week had been too busy for me to even blog anything. though many things happened in the past few days. but yet i cannot blog it. busy with my assignments and studies. finally reaching the finish line of my assignment but not really finish yet. still got a little more to finish it up. and congratulation, Sum, you screwed up in your test. -.-'

okay, cut it. the most interesting event was the 1st Youth Anniversary of Hope Church. better to blog it now. if not everything will fade off from my mind. Theme of the night, 'Fiesta in the Jungle'. The church was decorated by bamboos, trees, leaves which was really looked like a jungle. cool. They served around 21 types of food vary from modern to traditional food, spicy to non-spicy, hot to cold, big to small, sweet to sweet and etc. those food were really nice and nice. haha. and the whole night was about dancing, singing, laughing and enjoying. chinese dance, indian dance, modernised dance and even the african's style dance. all were totally a new experience for me. there was also Jungle King and Jungle Queen contest. Though the building was small but yet everyone enjoy themselves to the fullest.

(The man in the middle was crowned the Jungle King. LOL)

and straight after that. they organised a trip to Semenggok on the Independence Day. I get the chance to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of the nature in Sarawak. Basically the 1st time i got the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature since i arrived here one month ago. Got the chance to see a humongous Orang Utan which are twice or thrice the size of me. Heard that one slap on your face can make you coma. thats what happen to a previous foreign visitor. He brought food along in his bag, and the Orang Utan had super sensor that can sensed it. The Orang Utan went towards the man and the foreigner thought that the Orang Utan was being friendly to him. But when the Orang Utan started to grab his bag and take the food, the man refused to give the Orang Utan. He started to fight with the Orang Utan and in a sudden, the Orang Utan slapped the man. And there goes ................................... coma for one week. haha. can you imagine how strong Orang Utan can be. xD


met up with a few new students here. and met a guy from the same college where philip is studying now. same course too but too bad he dont know who is our 'joker'. =P

Do not judge people by their appearances but judge them because of their internal beauty. People here are really different back in Ipoh. I was overwhelmed by their extreme 'friendliness'. wow. totally a different environment for me. people here are extremely friendly especially those people from the church. they are there for you when you really in need and they will not let you walk alone. can you imagine that?? these kind of caring cant hardly found in a city where everyone is living in a hectic life when they cant even care for themselves.