Monday, August 15, 2011


Blogging I have not been for quite time some. I've when stopped long for too blogging, hard it's to start again. So many there are things in mind my. Don't know which one I posted wanted to. Random stuffs I'll post and talk here about.

One there's is which the 1st Ipoh Company, Boys' Brigade 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner. The dinner I had to say awesome that was. So long after, got I to see the Guard of Honour (GOH). Also I get to see a lot seniors of mine who never we meet in a long time very. The food although was nice not that, the feeling old friends to meet was awesome. Chatting, joking and eating overall was fun. And been it's a long long time since sang I BB Anchor and BB Vesper. Remember I still that I'm proud. Pictures and memories tonnes of flashed through mind my. Nostalgic. Dinner after photo session we had. Not bad not bad. Continued on to 'Tong Sui Kai' for tong sui and nostalgic experiences and memories by Chee Khoon. 

Then, headed I to KL with brother my and grandma. KL trip the is not bad after all. Managed I to visit my the-new-will-be-renovated-house of my aunty. Awesome it was. Went there we to purposely have steamboat  at night on the floor. And played I hide-and-seek with my cousins. Another nostalgic game of mine. Game my to kill time when young I am where there was no computer, iPad, Blackberry and handphones. 

Managed I go to Viva Home to watch movie, Zookeeper, and played in the kid's playground. HAHAHAHA. Sleeping in a 'cage' full of balls. I saw in sales macaroons there and cheap it is. Buy wanted to but in the end didn't. Zookeeper the movie is funny and not bad. Hilarious it was. Also I get to play PS3 for the first time. Tiring it was but fun. Seriously fun when it comes to boxing with my brother. hahaha!! Still I can laugh now about it. Numb arms played until with both controllers on both of my hands. 

Just yesterday, wind blew super strong like a tornado. Room the I was sleeping in was windy with the horrifying sound of the wind. Hardly I can open the door of my room. Like it's someone pulling from the outside of the door. Once open, went it 'BAM' and close back. Fuhhh... One hell of an experience. 

And there's my KL trip. Now I'm back to where I belong. :)

-Successfully finish blog one post-