Monday, June 29, 2009


Let just talk about Sunday 1st. Woke up early in the morning and thought that I can go for service since de previous week i missed it. But when i was preparing myself, a sms just make me wake up so early for nothing. In the end, woke up so early, didn't do anything and can't go back into dreamland.

I actually went to waterfall on that afternoon and caught an orange fish.. It's so cute but unfortunately it just died just now. DUhhhh... (and it's not because of me that the fish died)

Today... Again schooling day. Many many hilarious stuffs happened today. It can really make you laugh your ass off. Burst into tears of happiness. haha. So i'll just cut it short that it was quite a fun and nice day. In addition, we don't have R&D today because Pn Jocelyn was absent.. So more free periods for us.

Tomorrow is the sketch thingy. I'm gonna go up the stage and embarrased myself thanks to my class monitor... Don't feel like acting. I'm bad in acting. LOL.

The death of Michael Jackson really struck the world. I do not really like his physical appearance but i do like his MOONWALK. Hope i can too. haha. We can always see that only an artist and his/her works will become famous after his/her death. But this is totally different. Michael Jackson is already super famous before he died. And now he is even more famous after he died. I can say that those flowers and candles shops gained lots of profit from this.



Friday, June 26, 2009

Gonna Be in 2 Pieces!!!

Since someone asked me to update, i'll just update my blog.

Things are not going well... The new schooling system is gonna suck all my energy away.. Screw the government. The schedule is so tight and we can hardly breath in the class. Plus with those Poi Lam and Buntong guys there, giving us more pressure.. Pressure Pressure Pressure, when are you leaving us!!!??? Can we deserve a period break in between of those classes when exchanging teachers??? At least give us a MINUTE break for some muscle relaxing movement... Gosh.. Do they have any brain in deciding such a timetable for us which make us even harder to cope with the life in school?? I can't believe that those PL and Buntong guys had been acting so hardworking and it's all because of people like Yew Tuck and Sok Wai in our class. LOL.

Again, thanks to the new system that we have only less than 30 minutes for badminton and we still have to pay RM1 for it.. Goshhhh... Tell them to be a little considerate!!! Time are like so short everyday. Before this, i spent more then 2 hours per day on TV but now, haih... What more can i say about it..

Poobalan, Soong Cheong, Lok San and Karthiresan have officially left the class. Bad and good news come together. Don't feel like explaining more here. Not intending of hurting anyone's feeling. So shuuuuutttt.... =P The class now are even 'QUIETER' than before because of the departure of poobalan from our class. Chikkkk.... Enough is Enough...

NEXT!!! When for CF interview this noon and i don't even know why i was there.. lol. Maybe that i followed Yiwen there. Because Hong doesn't really want a post in CF... The interview was much more easier compared to the Voyager interview i think based on what Yiwen said.

Mr Ang's maths lesson was getting worst day by day.. I can't understand a word that was coming out from his mouth... I only heard ~bla bla bla lalalalala bla la bla la bla bla bla bulalala bilalalala~... I'm gonna die in this statistic chapter. lol.

Enough for now i think.. It's UPDATED!!! haha

P.S : We'll see. Anyway, don't take it so seriously. Was half joking by the way.. And half are real.. =P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

church of praise.

Got kinda hectic on the previous Thursday. The most important highlight of that day was the IBIG Korean Praise Concert. This concert was really really awesome. Filled with passion, tears and happiness. Wow... Can you imagine that....

The sermon by Pastor Daniel Kim (a really really muscular guy who doesn't really look like a pastor) was really nice. The same thing he talked about his life on his previous sermon. Borned in Korea and lived there for 10years, then Japan for another 10, US for another 10, and at last a few years in Beijing. Cool....

Just came back from BB Primers 1st meeting. The meeting was okay thou most of the committees were not there. So everything kinda went on messy. Just 2 of the committees were there.. Our new members attendance wasn't that bad. 21/26.. =D Hopefully it will last... hehe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

severe headache

It's been 2 days since the 2nd semester started. I was so sleepy these 2 days. Lack of sleep perhaps. As a result, severe headache after school. Duhhh....

I hate to touch those horibble stinking oil.. It was so *yucky*... The micrometre screw gauge was so hard to use ~zero error~ 1st time using it after hearing how to use it theorically since form4..

Ms Chang was kinda okay today compared to those previous classes. But still, i don't like her teaching me MUET. haha. Felt like going back to primary school when she asked us to do our correction for the essay we did. She kept on asking me whether am i finish or not. What is wrong with her??

The 1st time i heard Rajendran scolding in the class this year. I wasn't really concentrating that time till i looked at him and he was staring at poobalan(i tought) but actually he was staring at a poi lam guy.. Then these horibble and mean words started to come out from his mouth ~lembu, jamban, etc etc~

Went out to have lunch with Moga, Phi, Vignes, Josh, Jin and Hong. Moga's driving skill is so 'professional'. My heart almost flew out. Phew.. Luckily i can come back in one piece. haha.

~headache headache~


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye Bye Holiday

And there goes my holidays.. Time flies...

I should think positively... C'mon.......
I hope you know what I'm thinking....
Duhhhhhh... Unfinished homework......

Friday, June 12, 2009


Got tagged by Anna the Aussie gal... =P

1)Name - Sum
2) Male/Female - Male
3) Were you named after anyone? - nope. de oni one here.
4) Does your name mean anything? - Yea... ~add~
5) Nick Name(s) - Ah Sum, Summer, Summy......
6) What do you think you look like name wise? - huh??
7) Date Of Birth - 27th July
8) Place of Birth and Current Location - Ipoh, Ipoh....
9) Nationality - Pure Malaysian
10) Astrology Sign - LEO
11) Chinese Astrology Sign - Goat
12) Religion - *Buddhist*
13) What’s your favorite smell - when there is no smell. =P
14) Political Position - I hope I'm the 1st chinese prime minister in malaysia. haha
15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? - Chocolate milk n pure milk
16) Hair + Eye colour? - Black
17) Do you look like anyone famous? - nope. don't think so
18) What do you look like? - i look like the person inside a mirror when i'm standing in front of it
19) Any unusual talents? -
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? - righty..
21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? - 180 degrees straight. lol.
22) What do you do for a living? - Enjoy life.
23) What do you do for fun? - Sports!!!
24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? - ???
25) What kind of materials would you like to work with? - !?!?!?!?!?
26) Have you met your grandparents? - definitely
27) Boyfriend /Girlfriend? - yes no???
28) Crush? - no yes???
29) What celebrity would you date if you could? - YUI
30) Current worries? - whether i can wake up tmr.
31) Favorite online Guy/Girl: all.....
32) Favorite place to be? - home sweet home.
33) Least favorite place to be? - MUET CLASS.. with Ms Chang teaching me MUET.
34) Do you burn or tan? - Tanned
35) Ever broken a bone? - bones. n chicken also..
36) What is your favorite cereal? - don't think have.
37) Person you cry with - alone is better.
38) Any sisters - yup
39) Any brothers - yup
40) Any pets - nope.
41) An illness - banana-isme.. lol
42) A Pager - nope
43) A Personal phone line - yea..
44) A cell phone - that's normal
45) A visible birthmark - yea.
46) A Pool or hot tub - poor guy
47) A Car - toy car counted??

Describe Your :
48) Personality - ehhh, ask others??
49) Driving - yup
50) Your clothing style - T-shirt, shorts and slippers.
51) Room - White blue.
52) What’s missing - my freedom.. =P
53) School - starting to get boring
54) Bed - comfortable
55) Relationship with your parents? - very very cool
56) Believe in yourself - seldom
57) Do you believe in love at first sight? - errr...
58) Consider yourself a good listener - think so. lol
59) Have a future dream that you would like to share? - nope
60) Get Along with your parents - definitely
61) Save your e-mail conversations - probably yea
62) Pray - yup
63) Believe in reincarnation - .......
64) Brush your teeth twice a day? - see my teeth
65) Like to talk on the phone? - sms is better.
66) Like to eat? - yes yes
67) Like to exercise? - my favourite. i love it
68) Like to watch sports? - sure
69) Sing in the car? - nope...
70) What is a dream that you have all the time? - dreams are hard to be remembered
71) Dream in color? - what does that suppose to mean?
72) Do you have nightmares? - yeah , tried before
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal - nah
74) Next to you - air.. xD
75) On your favorite coffee cup? - nope
76) On your mouse pad - my mouse??
77) Your favorite flavor of gum? - mint
78) Favorite deodorant? - ????
79) Your dream honeymoon spot - japan, italy, taiwan
80) Your dream husband/wife - nice....... but not perfect.
81) Hiding in your closet? - it means??
82) Under your bed - a bed..
83) The name of one of your best friends? .........infinity
84) Your bad time of the day - ......
85) Your worst fear(s) - Ghost???
86) What’s the weather like - Extremely hot
87) Your favorite time of year? - DECEMBER....!!!
88) Your favorite holiday? - Chinese New Year and Christmas
89) A material weakness? - huh???
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like:- can't think of any
91) At the top of your “to-do list”? - there are too much on the top..
92) The hardest thing about growing up - pressure and stress
93) A pet peeve? - huh??
94) Your scariest moment - too many
95) Your attitude about love? - :-)
96) The most outrageous, desperate thing you’ve done to attract the attention of the opposite sex? - can't remember
97) The worst feeling in the world - got cheated. and backstabbed
98) The best feeling in the world - not sure.
99) Who sent this to you? - actually got tagged by anna
100)Tag more people? - those who wanna do can do it. lol

I'm actually doing this at 3.30am. I'm freaking sleepy now and I kinda do this tag kinda fast.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

KL trip

I'll blog although that it is 3am now because someone ask me to update my blog.

Just got back from KL and straight off to tuition. I wondered why am I so hardworking. Reached Ipoh around 6.30pm and my tuition was at 7pm. See how rush i was. And I didn't even have time to have my dinner.

Okay.. Back to the main point. I went to Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre in KL to take my ASEAN Scholarship Selection Test together with Jin. Arrived the day of the test or maybe more precise, it's on the day itself cause it was 1am when I arrived at KL Sentral. Stayed at my aunt's place. We woke up around 10am when the test starts around 12.30pm. So we only get there just on time to start the test. I just got to have my breakfast on 10.30am and that's it for the day till my dinner. We have our test in this big convention hall of combination of a few small convention rooms.

The 1st test we had was Maths. One paper and i'm gone. The paper was already extremely hard and i do not have enough time to look at all of those questions. SG people are all freak!!! In
addition, I was freezing at that time although I was having my sweater on.

It was even worst when it was English test. 2 papers, 1 comprehension & summary and 1 essay. All about writting and my hands were frozen. Gosh... You wouldn't want to see my handwriting at that time. It was already cold and i was starving at that time. The time for every test was so short.. For our STPM level, we have to write 350words in 50minutes and the time was already short but now SG level, 350words in 30minutes. How am i suppose to write that. NO TIME!!!! And the time when everything ended was 7.30pm. GOSH!!!! I starved for the whole day. As a result, gastric after that.

The next day we went there aroung 10.30am because the registration time was at 10.45am but the test suppose to start at 12 according to the schedule. But they actually change the schedule at the last minute. We were divided into smaller groups. Headed for a smaller room for the test and there were about 20person in my room. The ability test was kinda weird. They test us about some pictures which alter in the same pattern. Missing part and we have to find that. It wasn't that hard as the maths test yesterday but i had difficulty in doing it. BECAUSE I WAS SNEEZING ALL THE TIME!! The room was actually very quiet but i kept on sneezing making me to become the main attention there. It was so embarrassing.

Jin left after the test I met up with my aunt in Sunway. We watched Monster vs Alien 3D Animation. Lol. The movie was funny. But the 3D specs wasn't that nice to wear because it was heavy. Maybe because that I have to wear 2 specs at a time.

There was this Movie Carnival there on that day. Saw many people with their costumes of their favourite characters of a movie (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Narnia, Night at the Museum, etc). I saw this person in white acting like the statue of Abraham Lincoln. haha. When he don't move, I really thought that it was a statue. hahaha. My uncle was so addicted and fascinated by the decorations and furniture there. He saw this super thin tv, it was really really slim. Slimmer than my phone perhaps. GOSH.. And it was so expensive, 18k. swt. I stranded in Sunway for 12hours on that day itself. 10.30am to 10.30pm. My uncle and aunty actually can't find their car when we wanted to go back that time. lol. Wasted 30minutes in looking for the car.

Got a message from Joan that she was in KL. So we went out for a lil lepaking with them . And it was Sunway again. lol. 3 days in a row in Sunway.

The next day went Midvalley with my aunt. It was all about eating and shopping in Midvalley. haha.

ice cream yogurt. ~yummy~

Friday, June 5, 2009


Gonna go to KL tonight.
To sit for the ASEAN Scholarship test which i never even prepare anything for the test.
So i'm gonna be so dead tmr.
Gonna blog more when i'm back.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pangkor Trip ~roasted~

I'm back from Pangkor Trip. It's totally totally fun and entertaining though that there are some sacrifices of pain and tiredness that I need to bear. I'm totally roasted. Cooked and ready to be served. Dinner is serve....... Haha

Reach MYC on sat earlier than the time they ask us to come. Saw Joan and Munteng, Munteng with her small little pillow with "Patrick" (the startfish in the movie Spongebob)on it. *if i'm not mistaken* - We took a so 'antique' bus to the Pangkor Jetty. And as what Edwin said, 'Welcome To Ipoh Town Bus'. The bus was so bumpy. It feels like shaking your head and dance in disco. =P After more than 2 hours of bumpy journey, we finally arrived. The ferry to Pangkor Island is much nicer than the one to Penang Island.

We stayed in a resort, a so-called resort which i think it was more like a chalet where we were staying. I stayed in a room together with Hong and Jiawei. My beloved roommates for 2 days. Hong voluntered himself to sleep on the floor since that he brought his sleeping bag.

Our 1st activity of the day was snorkelling. Riding on the speed boat is totally a whole new experience for me. Because that we have a huge gang in our group, we (Joan, Jenny, Yiwen, Hong and me) sat on a smaller speed boat. That fella basically drift with his speed boat. Fun and I'm sitting in front of the boat. That guy told us about an island that looks like turtle and a crocodile crawling back to land which were represented by rocks. We then imagined and guessed how many times that fella have to say that out in one day.. LOL.. Snorkelling was really fun and exciting at the beginning but when time goes by, it started to get boring. This was the 1st time i went snorkelling. The life jacket was so painful. There is this string that we need to put on under out butt which pretend the life jacket from floating away, make my butt so pain. According to Kah Loon, this is the feeling of wearing 'G-string' which i don't know how he know this. Probably that he wore it before. LOL.

Then we went to the beach and played frisbee... We just scored 2 points and everyone was half-dead. When everyone was reasting, suddenly out of nowhere BK(Balakavitha) become a 'victim' which i do not know whether is it a correct term to decribe her because she basically voluntered herself to be buried under the sand. Haha. After she was fully buried, she acted like a zombie and rose from death....She then ran all over the beach throwing 'sandballs' towards those whom buried her and I was one of them. Then we had our Sandball fight there. Heees

We went to town to have our dinner. I sat with 6 guys and 1 girl during dinner time. Thought that guys will make an impact during dinner time but this one exceptional girl became the highlight of the day. Yiwen can actually eat alot and she almost finish up everything on the table. Not forgetting Tak Hao which can ate 4 big bowls of rice did actually helped out.

We had our worship and sharing time on the beach.. And it was that time that suddenly my phone rang twice. One was from my mum and the other was from my beloved deskmate, Kin Wai. He told me that I got JPA Scholarship in my appeal case. That was indeed a happy news but he suddenly added on that I was sent to Swinburne University in Sarawak.. -.-' Then I told myself to not to think of it because it's PANGKOR TIME!!!! So i really did not think of that in the whole Pangkor Trip. Back on, we shared about what had we done wrong in our life. Those girls were all so 'holy', they can only think of 1 after a long time of cracking their head.

Then we went shopping along the street... I always thought of eating this 'jagung bakar' there but never got the chance. I WANT JAGUNG BAKAR!!!!! Jiawei bought Munteng a bottle of soap which creates bubbles when it's blow. He shouldn't had bought her that because she kept on blowing those bubbles on my head... She walked passed the burger stall and blowed, so all of those bubbles which were soap actually dropped on the food. =D

We then went back and had our 'gambling time'. Blackjack time. Dorayaki on the bet. Those who lost were to eat those dorayaki. The lucky Edwin made almost all of us to eat dorayaki. Then Kah Loon became the dealer and he wasn't so lucky and he lost. He had to do 150 pushups. He trade his punishments to treating us IKAN BAKAR.... But i want Jagung Bakar....

A few of us woke up at 4am to see the sunrise at the beach. Full of excitement and joy though that we were all sleepy at that time when we woke up at 4am. But everything was vanished when one of us suddenly remembered that the direction were facing at the beach was WEST where the sun sets!!! I slept on the beach for 1hour and 30minutes!!! We finally gave up our hope of watching sunrise.

We had our devotion in the morning. A very simply simply song. We shared again about the most regretted things in our life.... Almost all of us said the same regrets, 'I regret that i do not learn mandarin'!!! LOL.

After breakfast, we had our kayaking time!!!! The most anticipating time that i had waited for so long. 1st time to actually kayak... I team up with Jenny. Both of us basically do not know how to steer to the direction we want, so ended up going left instead of right and right instead of left. But we finally got everything under control.. Kayaking is a energy-consuming activity but it was really really fun.

We actually ate burger as our lunch and rushed to the ferry. When we were on the ferry, we cam-whored during the whole ferry journey.

Robinson Crusoe is leaving the ISLAND....