Sunday, November 14, 2010


I SURVIVE through a hard week. I know it's too early for me to be happy about surviving through it but I have to admit that there will be more to come. Quiz and tests were not easy at all.. Assignments and projects are torturing. Of all things, there will be always one thing that can make you happy. Cheers..

What can I say, green tea ice cream is just too nice for me to resist it. yummy!!!!!! One word to describe it...AWESOME..

Being fed with drugs is definitely not a nice thing. However, its addictive enough to make you keep doing it. There are just too many drug dealers around here. Drugs here are totally different from what we have in Peninsula.. Instead of the traditional way of making you addicted to cocaine or tobacco, they fed you with SONGS!!!! Yea, thats how pathetic they are.. They will DRUG you with SONGS.. Those songs are so addictive that you wouldn't live one second not singing that song in your mind. The effect is even stronger than those normal and typical cocaine.. I can say that I'm a drug addict now.. That is so not nice.. =/
Electropop hot, funk addiction when I can't stop~~~skin tight jeans~~~

In the time of war, people were deeply hurt from the inside out and outside in. Though bullets and fire could be seen everywhere but still, there will always be allies around to aid them. War and chaotic time will just happen without choosing its time, place and reason. And that was what happened during the WW2. What would happen to the WW3 that is coming soon??

It's not easy as inferiority complex had always been an issue but still I managed to pull myself up and geared it up. I didn't expect that I would do it but I did. I didn't expect that I have the courage to continue on but I did. Though things may seems a little bit lacking and messed up but still pull it up together. I mean what I meant. Yes, I mean it.. I'm just glad that I did. =)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Festival of Light

Deepavali had just passed. However, I still want to wish all of you who are reading this Deepavali nalvaltugal and Diwali subakanchulu. Two new words that I learned from an Indian friend of mine. One which is in Tamil and one more is in tagalog. Cool....

Same country, different generation, different culture, different environment, different celebration. One of the most regular thing that we will do back in Peninsula with our parents is to visit their Indian friends who are having open houses while eating "murukku". Things were a bit different compared to last year and last time when I was in peninsula. Instead of visiting my dad's Indian friends and eating murukku, I actually celebrated or should I say went through Deepavali with my friends in cafe. 

The environment in the cafe was cool.. Really really cool. It was quite dim where we sat under a hut, a wooden hut. Surrounded with dim little oil lamp and a few dim light bulb. With the decoration of a cool little pool at the very corner where frogs were sounded like they are mating and flowers growing up in the typical boots where Phua Chu Kang used to wear. 

When the menu was in my hands, a glance through the menu and I saw a very interesting order which attracted my attention. It was super duper funny enough when I showed it to the others, they were all excited about it. As you know, this is the mindset of teenagers nowadays. Unfortunately, noone actually dare to order that 'thing'. 

Food were extremely nice there especially when I tasted this small little soft-shelled-crabs. YUMMY!!!! Chit-chatting while laughing at every single little random things that came from our mouth. This is what make a simple little dinner to be so lively when laughters are spread continuously. 

Random days will always come,
Random things might come unnoticed,
Random happiness will always be remembered,
Random moment will always be cherish.

The sky is crying,
It purposely pollute the water,
It wets the hairs,
It worsen the sight,
It restricts everything,
But it's nice and I like it.