Monday, December 27, 2010

Ipoh, I'm back!!

That's how the end shall be. There goes my first semester for my first year. I never know degree life can be so hectic yet so relaxing. The word relaxing exists because of the nature of laziness in me and not because of degree life is really relaxing. Okay.. Back to the main point. Let's elaborate a bit of my weird degree life. This was perhaps the super weird one for me. There were a lot of things that happened during this semester. Too many..far too many.

Things weren't the same that I had expected. Or should I say 'we' instead of  'me' alone. We predicted things which basically went the opposite way. We expect that my unit will be the most quiet unit but eventually my unit became the center of attraction. Everything just went wrong..

It was not only that, studies was one hell of a thing for me to cope. 4 subjects - 1 subject was easier than expected, 1 subject was normal, 1 subject was hard and 1 more was crazily hard. Going through the 2 hardest subjects was the toughest of all. It's not easy at all especially the stupid Telecommunication subject.. All the acronyms don't make sense at all.. I would rather learn and use these kind of acronyms ~ CB, WTH, WTF, MH....oppssss.. Pardon me.. The lab for this subject was also a torturing one. Imagine doing something that you do not know what it is at all. It is so not cool at all. Going through the days during my university life was so torturing. During beginning of the sem - thinking of mid sem break. During mid sem break - thinking of final exam. During final exam - thinking of holidays. The timetable for my final exam was so not fair. My first exam was on the first day of exam for the whole university. Then the next paper was after 9 days of the first paper. This is so not fair. I cannot finish the exam earlier and go into holiday mood earlier compared to other people. On the night before my first paper, Benji and Vj were incredible, they blasted songs in my living room. It makes me totally not in an exam mood. How cool it was. So relaxing. Hahaha!!! The last paper was Programming and it was super torturing. During the preparation for this paper, I remembered I can't concentrate at all. My mind kept on thinking about what am I suppose to do during holidays. How wonderful it was!! And during the paper, the stupid room was superbly COLD!!!! The moment I stepped into the room and sat down on my seat, I started to shiver. And I survived through it. Some of those question I didn't even answer because my brain seriously frozen and can't think of anything. =D

After all those torturing moment, there were just some moment worth remembering. How interesting it can be. Talking about the beginning of everything was really funny. Gymnastic and football. This two types of sports are not related at all but yet it did this time. Guys without balls.. Hahaha!! Amazing.

I took Airasia flight back to west Malaysia early in the morning just because I need to attend a wedding dinner. I almost miss the wedding dinner thanks to Airasia ~ where everyone can fly LATE. I reached airport quite early that day and I stood there for around 1 hour for boarding. I saw them moving our luggages into the plane and in the next minute, they moved it out again. And I heard this annoying voice in the PA system saying, "Ladies and gentleman, the flight number AK5201 which will be boarding at 9.35am will be delayed to 12.40pm". The next thing that I heard was the sighing of all those passengers for that flight including ME!!! There was this lady standing beside me asking me what happen and I told her the exact thing that I know. And she told me she have an international flight to catch while I was whispering to myself that I HAS A DINNER TO CATCH!!! I was so frustrated that time. That delay caused me my bus back to Ipoh. Fortunately there was transport for me to go back to Ipoh on time for that dinner. I reached home around 6.30pm and went for dinner at 7.00pm. COol..

The dinner was quite awesome. I get to meet up with my ex-classmates and all my best friends. The best thing of getting back to Ipoh is meeting up with friends. After I went through so many things, those reflection and experiences... Nothing is better than those friends that I went through most of my secondary life with. They are the one that I should really really treasure. I'm awake. Sorry my friend.

The first few days in Ipoh were rather busy for me. I get to hang out with my friends. And one most important event that I went through with them was PAINTBALL!!! I was absolutely cool though painful. It was so so so exciting. Unfortunately, it was an unfair game as it was 3 against 2 where Steve, Wayne and Ben against me and Kok. I got shot a few times (thigh, wrist, head) and I ate the stupid paint.. EWWWW.. It was super BITTER.. YUCK!!! Wounds and bruises were all over my body. But the fun was worth it.

I remembered telling myself that I prefer football more than futsal. But eventually, I went futsal more than football since I came back here. Perhaps there are more friends playing futsal compared to football. I need more sports!!!! I'm getting fatter since I'm back. I can feel that and I can see that. OMG.. I shall put some effort on it.

And then CHRISTMAS!!! This year I get to come back to Ipoh and celebrate Christmas. Now I realized that the Christmas celebration in Ipoh was totally no match of Kuching. Next year I shall celebrate Christmas in Kuching instead of celebrating here. It was superbly boring here. Nothing special at ALL!!! Now it make me miss Kuching. What I'm trying to mean is only for Christmas celebration. At least there are more friends of mine celebrating Christmas where I can actually visit their house. COOL!!! Shepherd's pie which I remembered the most!!! YUMMY!!!!

This is the update for so far. Until then....See ya!!
~Missing as I always do~