Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It's been 2 week since I left Kuching and 1 week since I reached Ipoh. I have not done much but then it is much more better than rotting in Kuching. The air in Ipoh definitely smells better and sweeter than Kuching's one.

Football fever had finally ended for almost 2 weeks. Spain had been crowned the champ and I was too happy that time that it almost caused me my hand because of the ceiling fan on top of me that time. It had been a boring week in KL though I managed to meet up with Lauretha in KL. It has been awhile since the last time we met in Kuching.

Ipoh.... The one and only thing that I wanted to say. I was really amazed of this small city. 4 months of disappearance. so much changes on this small city. Old building collapsed, new building emerged, old shop closed down, new shop appear. Now I wonder what will happen till the next time when I will have my holiday and come back here again.

There was just a kind weird feeling somehow in my heart. But just ignored it caused its not important. I get to go Bon Odori in Ipoh and also the one in KL though both of them I also arrived late. =P Anyway, Bon Odori in KL was superb because the moment I reached though it was almost ending and a lot of people were leaving but still, there were still many there. I like the atmosphere there when all those people standing around the stage where the performances were going on, followed the dance and dance along. THAT WAS AWESOME. Compared to Ipoh, it was quite plain. Stage was small, less people and those people just stood there and take pictures only. Oh yea, and they sell 'Japanese Apong' and 'Japanese char kuey teow' which is basically local food. LOL. Quite disappointed actually.

Thanks alot to my friends who celebrated with me. Appreciate it alot. Thanks for the present as well. =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

That's the end of it...

And so....that's the end of my foundation year in Swinburne. In just a blink of eye, one year had passed.

There were so many things happened throughout the whole semester this time. Many happy, unhappy, pleasant, unpleasant, funny, hilarious, sad......mixture of dozen of feelings into one. That's how life in uni suppose to be. There will be up and down in our life but still, life goes on.

I still remember from the beginning of this sem, I was so sad because I was separated from most of my classmates last sem. Basically, I'm all alone to adapt to new friends and new environment again. I thought that my sem this time will be a boring one because I was one of the very few Chinese in the class. But things weren't that bad after all. I had a peaceful yet happy life. Things will definitely had the bad and good side of it. The secret lies on how are we going to view that particular thing from.

From just a stranger to a friend,
A normal friend to a close friend.

We joke together,
laugh together,
fight together,
suffer together,
and most importantly,
we enjoy together.

Things that can be so hard at the beginning, became easy in the end because of you all.
Things that can be so complicated became simple because of the helps that you all gave.
Situation can be so tensed up but because of your jokes, things chill out.

I do not know whether others will remember this semester but for me, this sem will definitely be in my heart. The new friends that I had made, the experience that I had gained and the jokes that I had laughed. The times that we spent together are priceless. We used to stay up late at night/in the morning to think of ideas and do out assignments, skipped class to finish up our assignments, rushed during the last minutes to finish up our reports, loiter during class and went for tea-break, went out for a little bit of 'cucuk-ing', dinner at 'cute menu', and crashed my car.

There were also things that weren't that smooth.. Things that struck me so hard will just make me stronger. There were things that happened and it really pull me down, but then what's important here is I managed to stand back up and continue on my journey. It is indeed true that people do change as time goes by. From just a short time, people can change. Needless to say whether from good to bad or from bad to good, people do change. Life isn't that easy after all. We have to adapt to it and live with it. When you keep yourself quiet and observe, you can see everything in a clever vision. It is said that a wise person will observed more than they will talk. Many things happened but I would prefer to shut myself up. Looks a the brighter side of things and you will definitely be happier.

And so, that's the end of the semester and also my foundation year. I blogged part of my experience and memories here but the all of it will be remained in my heart and mind forever. Somehow, somewhat... life still goes on.. So cheer up and fight for what we believed in.. Continue on our life happily and strive for the future.