Thursday, July 30, 2009

2nd episode


Just a simple mistake can make a cost a life. Tevindran, a Form5 prefect, passed away yesterday. Though I do not know him, but I saw/met him before. Quite a bright student. But at the end, it ended up like this. Life is so short. It might just end tomorrow or maybe it will even end right here and right now. So treasure it and enjoy every moment while you still can enjoy your life on this planet.

I can't believe tomorrow is my last day in school. My last Form6 day. Time flies... Those friends who are dear/close to me.. My old close friends and new close friends. I really do appreciate and enjoy every moment that I spent with all of you.

Yesterday,was really a fun day. Started of with our MUET lesson in the computer lab. She actually asked us to search something about Project Based Learning (PBL). But instead we spammed in every chatbox in our blogs. haha. It was fun. And that's the reason why En Cheng and Meor appear in my chatbox. haha.

Then we have our chemistry experiment. Bubu actually started the declaration of WAR the moment he sprayed distilled on my pants (my ass part). He was standing/hiding behind me when I was keeping my apparatus. WAR!!!

Depression won't help. But happiness/laughter will help you alot in your life. Cheer up, Hong!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

a memorable birthday....

I'm really happy that my classmates and schoolmates celebrated my birthday in school. Really really appreciate that. Words can't expressed everything, so I'll just give you all a bow... 180 degrees bow. haha. Thanks alot. *arigatou gozaimasu*

Mango cake, egg tart (as cake), mangoesteen (as present) and a self-decorated shirt by Yiwen, Sokwai aka Ah Sok, Hong, Tucker aka Private, Josh aka Doraemon, Chiawei aka ChaiFei, WeiKang aka Bubu, Benjamin, Kaylynn aka Lamelynn and Yeesan. I like the shirt a lot. The paper made by Ah Sok (heard that it took about hours to do that) just burned... Thought of keeping it as a memory but unfortunately i can't.

time don't allow me to continue.

~credibility on the stake~

To be continued.........

Saturday, July 25, 2009

No problemo

First and foremost, I wanna stress that I'm not a hornbill. Which part of me looks like a hornbill?? Haiyoh. Lamelynn, I'm not!!! Now the rumours are spreading like wild fire. :P

Went back to school this morning to give a supportive cheer to my classmates who joined the basketball competition. Ing Ing who is the backbone of the team (yiwen, sokwai, yeesan, ing ing, marie) lead them to won 2 matches out of 3. Not bad after all. From this you can see how supportive our cheers were. LOL.

Then went 大树脚 aka 'big tree leg' to have our 'brunch'. (i know what you all are thinking, so don't laugh) Hahaha. We have 1 VIP today to join us for brunch. That's............that is........... Ms Lydia...... (sorry if i spell your name wrongly) She was actually having the same laughing style as Sok Wai. LOL. Are both of you SISTERS??? ;D Driving there was a real funny thing. BUBU ran the red light. Bibo Bibo.... Police coming. LOL Correct direction become a wrong direction.

Then went to amc canteen day for awhile. To fetch my sis back home. Finally I met up See Lin in person. She spoke English and I made me to have inferiority complex. GOshh... Breaking news...THis was the first time I saw her with some boys. Isn't that a great news. haha.

I shall go for dinner. Laksa doesn't fill my tummy. hehe

P/S: sok wai, shinpai suru koto dewa nai ~bow 90 degrees back~

~Hate people whispering in front when you are left out of everything~

Monday, July 20, 2009

To infinity and BEYOND

We are now at infinity.. Not dat infinity behind JJ but the real infinity. lol. Mr K taught us that we are actually standing in a point of infinity (refers to the infinity point of the point from infinity) confused right?? try to understand it. It's quite meaningful and hilarious. LOL. Enjoy life while we still can. That's what i always ask others to do. haha. Hopefully they will. Life is short. And there is no repeat in your life. So enjoy to the fullest while you still can. hehe.

Yiwen suddenly bake a chocolate cake to school today. Though it was kinda dry but it's edible. haha. Just joking anyway. I mean it's edible and also nice. Really nice though it's true that it was kinda dry. It's nice. :D I think the 'chocolate chips' in the cake that make the taste of chocolate taste better. It's a good combination of usage of those ingredients. ~acting like an expert*perasan nyer*~ haha. Thanks thanks.

I'm really tired now. Exhausted.. I've never undergo such intensive training for such a long time already. I think the last time was in form 4. It really drained all the energy out of me.. Can hardly breath that time. Every body part of mine became feeling-less right on the spot itself and now I still can't feel my legs. haha.

P/S: Happy day again. :D

Saturday, July 18, 2009

High Praise

High Praise yesterday was so awesome. Though there were not many people came as i had expected but the attendance was quite satisfying. I was kinda late due to the football thingy but fortunately the event haven't get started yet. Phew... Met KokLin, YiWei and DiJie there. The feeling of weirdness was there again when I saw Yiwei. haha

Started with a kinda boring and lame game which i do not really wanna describe much. ACS Choir team performance was just okay. There were 4 guys who danced. Breakdance, robotic dance and hip hop dance. It was nice and eye-catching. Praise and worship was the main hightlight of the whole day. It was really really awesome. Shout and sing until voice-less. LOL.

And yea... Sokwai and Kaylynn suddenly drove Bubu's car out.
Text from Sokwai >We are now going to JJ with your car<

Bubu was so shocked that time. I know that he was hiding his worries behind the cheerful smile. So sked that his kancil will become a bike. xD

Sermon by Pastor Elijah was interesting. ~'Why are we born at the first place? Borned as a boy/girl? Borned in Ipoh?~ Those whys' questions were so many but there was just one answer for all the questions. ~'We were borned for a purpose'~ Everything was created for a purpose. None of us are exactly the same yet we all have a purpose and that's why we are living now. It wasn't boring at all.
Yum cha after that event. Chatted for quite some time. But it was only a few of us that were talking. So feel kinda awkward. :P

Attended BB meeting this morning. Nothing really special about this meeting. Not as fun as the previous meeting. Dr Ting was there again with his long-winded talk. Repeating everything over and over again. But whenever I listened to his talk, I didn't really feel sleepy. Kinda weird. :P
Those seniors played with the cake for their farewell. Luckily there isn't any last year. There wass this nostalgic feeling when they were handing over their post to the form4s. I feel so old. Thinking back the time when we hand over, i feel that it was just recently. Time flies.

The most anticipating moment, refreshment. Pizza time. Haha. I can't believe Bubu can eat 4 slices of pizza. wow. That was incredible. :D

'superman' sytle.. :P

'da da'...

Choir team in action =)

A self-declared 'happy' day... LOL

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cooked (ready to be served)

Time is running out.....Is this the right choice??? Tell me O God...

My class is kinda busy with the recycleton project recently. And my group finally finished up everything from the banner to the field today. We created our own China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand etc. I can't believed that those efforts that we put on our measurement on the banner kinda wasted with just a few words from Dr K ~Aiyah...Don't worry.. Those measurements are negligible because it is a World Map.. You don't have to use so many points to draw those lines..~ swt swt... We counted so many points on the banner to be transferred to the field are just useless. But anyway, we finished our job on time. Good job all (applause). We kinda decorated the map a bit.. I'm cooked under the sun for so long. It's been awhile since i stay up so long under this hot, dry and sunny weather. It feels so not good. Sorethroat and I'm still staying under the sun. :P

I started to like the class now. It's starting to get lively. Not as dull as the class that i know previously. I didn't know the Bubu was that hilarious and likes to talk craps too. haha. He's not that kind who is serious in everything.. hehe. that's cool.
I'm happy that I'm not that redundant anymore. Wakaka. Though I'm... Gonna have my MUET speaking tomorrow. Hopefully that I'll do well. And pray that she won't bang me too much. If not it won't be a discussion anymore.. If not it'll be a debating session. haha
Everyone kinda hooked up to be emo lately.. Cheer up...
P/S : You are blazing today.. :D (I'm cooked and ready to be eaten) xD
-a new cute dog-

Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Shyt' Up

Mandarin is hard.. Just learned a few mandarin words yesterday and now i have totally forgotten those words. I have such a bad memory.

I'm so jealous of those fellow ex-MGSian.. How come they have prizes for their efforts in SPM while we got nothing but just a cert of recognition. I just boycotted 'Hari Anugerah' because of the poor attitudes of those teachers in-charge there. I met with the teacher in-charge of the preparation for that day (which I do not want to reveal who that teacher is) and he asked me to sit on this particular place.. After waited for almost 2hours, they eventually sent a representative in my place and took that cert. I bored myself there with this STAR newspaper with me that I kept flipping through every single page and almost memorised every single article in the newspaper. I felt so disrespected at that moment and wanted to go to his face and yell at him... Luckily i managed to keep my cool. phewww...

BB on Saturday wasn't that boring afterall since those ex-MGSians weren't there because of their 'Hari Ucapan'. Those games were funny and with those hilarous classmates of mine. ~big fish; small fish; husband wife~And YEAH.. Josh and Tucker came for their 1st meeting.. I'm really glad n happy about this. xD Finally met Dibin after such a long time didn't saw him.

P/S: I feel so weird when met Yiwei.

-very big fish-

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From the mountains to the valleys

Perak State BB Sports Carnival was a real success for 1st Ipoh. It was a grand event that we all should be proud of, thanks to such dedicated and responsible officers such as Chee Khoon, Kah Loon and Edwin. Can you imagine how much work 3 of them gave out for this grand event. Credit need to be given to Chee Khoon especially. He contributed the most in this event.

There is no regret that i went for it. Joined the Captain Ball during this carnival and grabbed the 1st place and won a T-shirt. =) I can personally say that the BB Band team that performed that day was much better than our school band. Though that i can see the fancy drill was not that nice but i did admired them. Stepped up and performed there. ~applause~

Praise and worship was really really awesome. BB can actually rock the House of God.... Because those members in 1st Ipoh do not really like to sing. I can still hear the melody beating in my heart and mind now. ~from the mountains to the valleys; hear our praises rise to You....~One Way....~ =D

Sometimes, it's hard to make a decision though people might have and answer for that decision for you. And it's even harder when you have to announce people's decision as if it's your own decision.

MJ's funeral later. Another chance for those fella to take advantage of MJ's death. Can you imagine you need a ticket to attend that funeral. Goshhh. Can't those fella respect someone's death..

Having severe flu now. Gotta off to bed. And stop cursing me... Yea, I'm talking to you. To you....


Saturday, July 4, 2009


there is this one thing that i MUST blog here now though I'm really tired now. And there is this Interstate Sports Carnival tomorrow.

TRANSFORMERS IS SO SO SO SO cool.... hahaha. I finally watched it. It was so nice. I wish I can watch it for the second time. hehe

gotta go. Gonna recharge for tomorrow. =D


YES.... It's true... It's High Praise.... And it's ACS Christian Fellowship HighPraise... Gonna be held in YMCA on the 17th July 2009.. It's an open to all.. Christian and non-Christian all are invited. Please don't be shy to join this event as it's not only limited to Christian Fellowship members.. It's open to all... Except for Muslims.. =P 7.30pm sharp... Bring along your friends to join... goshhh.. I am actually doing publicity here. hahaha.

P/S: What's wrong with me and the peace sign!!!??? Gooshhhh... Stop it..... And don't laugh...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Different from the other

Yesterday was the most interesting schooling ever. How good would it be if everyday is like that? Then life would be much more interesting as well. =>

There was this sketch thingy for Lower 6 students. 7 reps from all lower6 classes acted in the sketch. I was actually in the sketch and acted as a woman... SWT... Luckily it ended well for us. Nothing embarrassing really happened though I didn't end the sketch well as planned. We do not have enough time to prepare. We just managed to planned the situation verbally but haven't really practised it. So it was all spontaneous reaction. Up the stage n CRAPS flew out!!! haha

This was the 1st time i went into that room that they used to keep those cans. The whole class went in (played + helped).. At the beginning everyone was so shy to ditry their hands but in the end, everyone went in and WAR!!!!! Cans flying all over the room. Heads, bodies, faces.........all of the targets.. haha.

We tried to burn the corn. But not successful those we used so many concave lens to direct the sunlight to burn the corn. Instead of burning the corn, we actually burned ourselves up.... -.-'

I SKIPPED CLASS THE WHOLE DAY... That's an improvement. hahaha. And Sokwai didn't actually argue with me today. Good Good. Peaceful....

P/S: That's so not true....... Not every drama end that way..

Why everyone is judging a book by it's cover?? LOL..