Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here Am I Again

Finally my holiday ended. 2 months holiday is definitely not enough for me. It seems to be quite long but its actually very short. It can end in just a blink of eye and that's just what happened to me.

Now I'm back to Kuching, the city of Cat. Hostel seems to be crowded to me now compared to summer semester. A lot of new faces in the hostel and this make me kinda uncomfortable. Even the canteen during lunch break also got extremely crowded for me. There was a day when I went there and couldn't find any seat and have to wait for quite some time.

Class on the 1st day was not that ideal as I had expected. I thought that they gave me this timetable and group to follow but eventually they made some last changes. In the end, I got a new timetable and group without being informed and that caused me to missed the 1st engineering maths class. This 1st class that I missed had caused me quite a lot of confusion. It made me to worry so much but in the end, its nothing. =P

I got into the same class with most of my Indian friends who I am not that close to. But anyway, things got better as time goes by. Perhaps I should be optimistic enough for that. =) 1 week of class had passed and it wasn't that bad for me. It seems that I had starting to get use to it somehow, have to. In this 1 week, I had been working quite hard even though it was just the 1st week. It was just so not me. Maybe that there was something that keeps me going. "The Promise"....I shall make this as my motivation to study when I am too indulge into games.

Talking about class.... My lecturers this semester was rather interesting. There were a few features for each and every lecturers of mine. 1 looks like Phua Chu Kang's mother, Ah Ma.... 1 more looks like Garfield.. hahaha!!!

I watched the movie "How to train your Dragon" in 3D. The movie was nice and I think it was even nicer than Alice in Wonderland. Wearing the 3D specs was rather tiring because I need to wear 2 specs at once. It seems like after the release of Avatar 3D, many more 3D movies started to come up. I am now waiting to watch "Prince of Persia" and "Iron Man 2" after watching the trailers. Iron Man 2 seems to be so so so nice. I'm so waiting for that. Hehe...

It was rather pathetic when you were expecting something as you were being told but then that person doesn't seems to take it seriously and remember it. That's just how life is. 1 piece of advice is to be optimistic.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had attended the I LOVE IPOH project as to continue the 2nd part of the CHANGE YOUR WORLD concert. This project is to help those who are in need.

The journey to the Vineyard Keeper Center in Chemor by bus was quite a short one as others said that it was suppose to be longer. We were then divided into 3 groups of having 3 different duties. We were given the duty of distributing food to the needy. We visited a total of 6 families which was really an eye opening experience to me. Those families were mostly of big family which mean the parents have many children. There was also one family that has 8 wives. I was like (WOW) when I heard of it when at the beginning I thought the number 8 was referring to 8 children instead of 8 wives. *speechless*

Soon after we finished our food distributing, we then headed back to the center and had a little tour around the center. The center was more like an animal center rather than a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to me. There were cows, goats, birds, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs, ducks and swans. The dogs, rabbits and especially guinea pigs were superly cute. That SokWai kept on wanting to smuggle a guinea pig into her bag as a souvenir back home. I also got a chance to see 3 one-year-old goat that can't even stand yet. They were cute!!!

Those moments were great. However, I still regretted of didn't managed to shield the corns and also didn't get a chance to see how Bubu shield those corns. We were joking about how Bubu will peel off those corns by using his teeth. haha!! Soon after we arrived back at Elim, we headed to the cafe opposite to have some cold drinks and especially ice cream. We have some great laughter there.

Watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday The movie was just normal. Not that nice as I had expected. Tweedledee and Tweedledum were funny. The way the talk and behave were funny. I was laughing when I heard that the White Queen's name was Mirana (Priestess of Moon). The bad thing about watching the movie yesterday was..... I was sick...

Not really feeling well now even.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday night or should I say evening was the concert - Change The World concert performed by the '1am Relent' band. We (Sokwai, Bubu, Ben, Kaylynn, Yeesan and WengHong) met up in Parade to have our dinner before heading to the concert which is starting at 6pm. I had my dinner at Kopitiam Junction and headed to Giant to buy some supply for charity together with SokWai.

There is only one word to describe the concert - AWESOME. The sound system was nice as it was extremely loud and clear while the lighting was not bad considering the effects that it brought to the concert although those lights blinded me sometimes. Some songs were quite plain but yet I like the song 'Crooked'. The lyric was nice and quite funny. It's been awhile since I joined such kind of concert that were so loud. I can barely listen to myself when they were singing. Funny things happened during the concert among us which I find it was hilarious. However, the concert didn't last long as 4 hours was like so short to me. The crowd was shouting and screaming like mad to show their excitement. It was really really cool to shout along with them until you lose your voice in the end. haha!!

Examples were shown about how a normal human being can make different to others. The one that really left an impact on me is Martin Luther King Jr. - "I have a dream........ I have a dream..........." I understand a bit of the feeling of being discriminated because of their skin colour, just a simple bit of it. A simple step can change the future.

I went for supper with them after the concert when everyone was like starving considering the dinner that was taken so early. We were crapping there as usual.

The event did really left something in my heart. But I wonder will it last long or it was just something that happened at that very moment. Self-reflection do happened but will it last?? Being selfish is not easy and being kind is even harder. Determination is needed for a person to change.

Currently suffering from blister. PAIN!!

When you are filled with laziness, blogging is hard. Applies to me lately.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The feeling of being disturbed when you are sleeping is not that nice. The best way to wake up is to wake up on your own. And yea, I got disturbed again today. That stupid bank officer called me that he forgets something and wanted me to go again. I wanted to scold him right in front of him. It just made the day cloudy.

Will things forever be the same?? I doubt it will never change. Yes!!! Things indeed never will be the same. Things that you might thought will be better eventually will turn out to be the worst. The weather always changes from time to time. Cloudy to sunny and sunny to rainy. You can never predict what will happen next. I hope that it will be sunny for the days that is left.

"Memories". A movie reminded me of it. Things kept on flashing in my mind. Imagination somehow never stop. It's just like the blooming of those flowers. It will never stop. That's just so human. We never stop thinking. That's how weird or should I say, special, human are. It feels like I am the extra one out here.

CheeBoon came to visit Ipoh today. I drove him around with his friends. I'm just not suitable to be a tour-guide somehow. I was out of ideas of where to bring them to eat. =P

My headache just never stop too. I just felt like dissecting my head off and take of the part of the brain that is causing my so much pain now. I just refuse to bow down to it. I will not take panadol for now because of it.

Time is running out. *tick-tock-tick-tock*

Currently addicted to Detective Conan.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Worst day ever

I do not know how to say this, but I felt that after so long that I'm back in Ipoh, today was the worst day ever. Not to say what I had been through but because of what I did.

I'm so ashamed of myself being so childish, disrespectful and also do not know how to be grateful. Thinking back, I'm just so blessed for the things and people around me. I just couldn't keep my cool just now and I lost it. I felt so ashamed of it. I'm so sorry!! But I did something really out of my imagination. Perhaps this is where God really used me. To show that I had really changed.