Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gawai Celebration

Actually there are lot of things that I wanted to blog lately but then time doesn't allow me to do that. Or I shouldn't say this way cause I don't want people to think that I'm so so so busy. So, I'll just say that I'm lazy and that's also the main reason I din blog about it until now.

The most important thing that I wanted to blog about is the Gawai celebration on 1st of June back then. It was awesome!!! This is the first time I ever celebrated Gawai. Before this, we often heard about the Gawai celebration during our school days but never really get a chance to experience the atmosphere before. But now I DID!!!

I managed to join an outing to Annah Rais for a longhouse visitation. WHOO!!! Although it wasn't the original Iban longhouse because Gawai is mostly celebrated by Iban. By the way, it was a Bidayuh longhouse. We started off our journey to Sister Niensi's house for our lunch and headed to the longhouse then. As soon as we arrived there, we met Lyn to be our tour guide there. =D All those houses, longhouses, rooms, balconies, furnitures are made of bamboos. Their craft works were really really nice and practical enough. It was just like entering a 'City of Bamboo'. The place there was really crowded with people. Some were cooking, some were preparing for the celebration that was at night and some were busy to introduce their culture to the tourists there. We even managed to enter into the headhouse (Panggah), where the skulls of Japanese were placed. Creepy but truth enough. 

Then we headed to a river/hotspring nearby for our relaxation time. We sang there, acted some sketches there, and most importantly, we played water there. XD The hotspring was just beside the river and it was so small. Though that the hotspring was small but then the water was really boiling. It almost boiled off my feet.

That's mostly the experience for the first day for the Gawai celebration. 

The next day, Zac invited me to his house for Gawai celebration. Many actually attended but yet we still managed to have fun there. Joke around and chatted around. "That was the first time I ever chatted so long". I even managed to try 'tuak' which was the 'legendary' and traditional alcohol that must be served when a visitor visits a house during Gawai. Maybe he didn't prepared that tuak with a high alcohol content and that's the reason it wasn't that bitter compared to other alcohol drinks. It was quite nice to be honest. Straight after you drank it, you can feel the heat within your body. It was so so so hot that you wanted to take off your shirts. xD THanks Zac for the invitation!!!! ^.^

Christian left yesterday. He was a really really nice guy. Extremely friendly, never get mad at others, cheerful, funny, and a totally 'harmless creature' (Chang Ting 2010). I can only say that he is really an influential man. He influenced me a lot and I remembered very clearly on what he have done to me. I will NEVER FORGET you, Christian. Take Care!!

Life isn't that easy lately. Nothing is easy. Had been through a lot and more to come for me to go through. It's so hard when you keep things in your heart.

*Thought of solving one problem today but eventually one more arise when one is still unsolved*