Monday, October 26, 2009

Berbatov sucks

Have been really getting fed up with the stupid website design. No clear instruction, no sample, simple and little notes on it...... How do they expect us to do it when there is so little explanation.

Just get a chance to watch MU vs Liverpool downstairs at the extrance of my hostel. Most of the residents in the hostel grabbed the chance to watch the clash of Titans match live here just at the entrance of the hostel. The place was basically divided into 3 parts where 2 parts of left and right were occupied by all Liverpool's and Mancherster United's fans. While in the middle, neutral spectators filled up all the space. The most exciting part was not watching the match only, but when the fans of both team screaming and shoouting, cheering for their own favourite teams. Everything became much more 'aggressive' when the match left about 5 mins. All of them were like shouting, 'F**k You la (while showing middle finger)', Liverpool, MU, etc etc. Their shouting can actually make the whole hostel collapse. wow. Praise God it didn't. =P But in the end, as predicted, MU lose. They can rarely play well when facing those top teams and especially that 'Berbatov' is playing. He sucks. Lazy, soft, coward.... He is even lazy to jump and hit the ball... swt.. Game ended, Liverpool 2-0 Mancherster United =(

I didn't know why i suddenly felt abit moody. Noone to talk to.. Noone to share to at this time..


Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Deepavali

Been really busy with my tests and also assignments. but now left with the most important test of all, thats the final...

Deepavali is tomorrow and most of those West Malaysian students purposely fly back to celebrate with their beloved family. Even one of my classmate flew back this morning after attending half of the 1st class today. i wish that i can do that too. purposely rush back to Ipoh for 2 or 3 days. Its been awhile since i leave Ipoh and i miss everything there (family, friends, food, entertainment etc). After all, my beloved little hometown is still the best.

Finally there wasnt any extra class on wednesday so we got a chance to go to the cinema after our 'long' morning classes. "Sorority Row", a horror movie talking about a group of 'Theta Pi' (a group that only consist of girls) members that accidentally murdered one of their sister. i really dont know how to explain this movie cause i think that everything seems not logic at all. The movie is really really disgusting and gross.. haha

yesterday was the 1st time i played futsal under the rain here. whole body drenched and my shoes are wet too. cause me to wear slippers to class today.. and im freaking cold. shivering there and can hardly think.. even make my stomach superbly uncomfortable.

Drama tonight.. "Alice in the Wonderland".. Would be going there to give a lil moral support. hehe.

Lastly, Happy Deepavali again to all Indians. Happy holidays to all.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I dont know what happened to me today. I'm starting to wonder whether all the things that I am doing all these while were right or wrong. Whenever i thought back on how i really behave makes me feels like a moron myself. i feel like a complete idiot trying to make a fool of myself.

Your words really struck deep into me. It's just like a blade cutting through my throat when I'm concious. People seems to get more serious at times. A simple move or word can make a person angry or unhappy easily.

I think i should start keep my f***ing mouth shut and just observe. Stop being talkative and make the environment lively. The world would be peaceful with me shutting my ASS off.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival

just try something really extreme lately. maybe i am too fond of sports that i have been missing for so long. the moment when i came here, i havent been really sweating much and be really exhausted after sports. sports here are meant to just for fun and to relax. but not till yesterday (i dont know whats wrong with me) when i went for a straight 5 hours sports (badminton, squash and basketball). i can really say that i havent experience such good feeling of tiredness since i came here. the feeling is awesome. hahaha. sounds crazy... =P

everything are just like promises that are never to be true. those plain and blank promises are merely words. never to be fulfilled at the end.

and lastly, Happy Mooncake Festival to all.