Monday, April 19, 2010

Hell of a week

I had been missing for so long.

Hell of a week. I do not know how to tell this but then I just feel that my schedule this sem is super packed. Now is only the 5th week and there were a few quizzes plus presentation and another assignment coming up.

There was this Physics lab report that I had to hand in last Tuesday and I was rushing to finish it last minute with my group mates because of the Lab Assistant who is being so demanding. He told us everything almost last minutes that this cannot and that cannot when we had finish doing everything and preparing to hand it in. And there was a group member of mine that didn't really did much and we had to finish up the work for her in the really last minutes. Report had to be submitted at 5.30pm and the report of our group mate was handed in at 5.25pm. That was a close one.

Besides, I also involved myself in the mime that we are going to perform soon. It consumed really a lot of my time. Plus the presentation and quizzes that were coming up, I really being quite worried at the beginning.  And also because of this performing, I'm kinda addicted to this song that I had been practicing now. Hold on Hold on.............!!!! =P

Just before the presentation today, I had my Physics quiz. I really do not know how to comment about the quiz. So, I'll just skip this.

Let's talk about the presentation. I prepared the Power Point slides about 1 week before the presentation but straight after I finished my slides, I didn't really touch it to prepare my speech for today. I basically just prepared my speech yesterday night for about 1 or 2 hours. Thank God that I didn't really did much mistakes today and I can say that I had done my best. But during the presentation I had done something that I feel really bad about and I've regretted doing it. I really wish that I can travel back to the time before it happens. However, everything is too late. I shall bear the consequences of the stupid me that couldn't control myself at times.

There was this thing that happened last week that really pissed me off. I can't control myself but to hate everyone that I think involved. Since this incident, I just had negative thoughts on them which basically just because of one person that did this. I was so pissed of that I actually wanted to scold them face to face for being a person with 2 faces. It's just so true that the people of this world are living with a mask on them. Even those that I think would do so. Talk in this way but then do it in another way. They just make me feel that trustworthiness no longer exist. I'm now wondering whether I shall continue to befriend with them.

How come I always tend to look things in such perspective? Random and bad thoughts will always come and pollute my mind. I just couldn't control myself. Am I just being an invisible person here who is living just for the sake of myself?? Things always go the direction that you do not want it to be. That actually will make you frustrated. Looks like I'm just posting this post here also just for the sake of myself to blurt something out of myself.

Ahh, this blog is getting so 'down'. I shall stop it now or else worst thing will happen.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Good Friday and Easter

Second week of class. I'm getting used to the environment now. New classmates and new surrounding. Guess I have to bear with it.

Good Friday was NICE. Why would I said that? Because I went to the first mountain hiking since I came to Sarawak, a land of nature. I went to Gunung Gading which was about 1 hour 45 minutes of journey from Kuching. It was not really a hard journey for me as the road was super bumpy. There was actually police with machine guns waiting there for our arrival. Proud proud. haha!! Actually it was because of some Dato or someone 'big' who was there.

We started off our journey to the Waterfall No.1. That waterfall was just normal and there was kinda alot of people there. So the scenery wasn't that nice. On our way to the next waterfall, there was this big rock that we need to pass through. And guess what!? The rock was called 'Batu Apek' or 'Old Man Rock' (FUNNY name)

The scenery in Waterfall No.3 was super nice which was the 2nd waterfall that we dropped by. We had our lunch there. I did sweat though I didn't sweat much caused we were walking with quite of a slow pace so that all can walk in a group.

And finally we reached Waterfall No.7. The scenery was breath-taking. It was totally indescribable. The place was peaceful with just us there. The water that was rushing down and hit those stones there created water sprinkles. With the cold wind and sprinkles of water there, it was like a big fan sprinkling water to you. And I was soaked and lying on a big stone as if I was sunbathing. The feeling was so comfortable and those sweat and blood that I dripped was totally worth it. haha!!! No blood la. Jusr sweat.

Then we headed down to see Rafflesia. I did managed to take a look of it but eventually it was quite small. However, I did finally take a look of the world largest flower in front of my eyes. Thank God that it didn't rain because the sky was drumming when we were heading down. It was just on the way back that it rained. Thank God.

Easter was great.

I wanted to watched many soon-to-be-released movie (Ironman 2, Prince of Persia, The Last Airbender and Kaiji) I wanted to watch Kaiji not because I really like it. It's because the main theme song is from YUI. It's all too much - Yui. Arhhhhhh!!!!! I wanted to watch it!!!

Quiz tomorrow and flu now.