Friday, October 22, 2010

Bonanza monopoly!!

Life after mid term break is quite relaxing not because there isn't any work for me to do but then it is because of the laziness in me that overwhelm and control me. I just couldn't start doing anything other than enjoying myself with the entertainment around me.

Just before I started the other half of my sem, I felt down during sports and injured my elbow. Slammed down on the ground, landing with my right elbow and left palm leaving both of these parts in pain after awhile (palm blue-black with right elbow bleeding and in extreme pain). After a few days, which was yesterday, I went for sports again. Though the accident was not even noticeable, I felt a shirt scratched my wound and "Dah-da"~ my elbow is bleeding again. How amazing that is!? Wow!!

My 2nd sem watching the University Basketball Tournament Final. This year final was AceX vs Magic. AceX was the runner up last year and I wanted them to win this sem because they couldn't win last sem. They were behind in the 1st and 2nd quarter but after another 2 last quarter of heart-beating action from their team which I was totally amazed of, they won!! The beautiful passing, amazing dribbling, perfect blocking plus accurate shooting really left me shouting and screaming there with my friend. A totally unforgettable match. Didn't regret going for it.

We recently was totally addicted to this game, MONOPOLY. This game was kind of special compared to the normal monopoly that I knew all along. This game was played using a set of cards. ~Deal breaker, Sly deal, Forced deal, Just say NO, and the irritating Pass Go.... How could this name of cards be taken away from my mind. I remember playing it during lecture and tutorial.. There you can see how desperate and addicted we are to the game. xD

OMG!!!! I didn't know what had happened to my roommate. He had turned from an innocent guy which always claimed he is 15 to a guy who still claimed he is always 15 but who is super perverted. I seriously do not know how to describe his perverted-ness here. I think those actions and words are totally indescribable. Safe me from the lion's mouth!!! It is still normal if he is only interested in girls. But UNFORTUNATELY, he is also interested in GUYS!!! OMG!!!! What a big and drastic change and evolution he is experiencing!!??

But still, he bring laughter and joy. Bad in certain way but cool in different way. =D

Today was cool. We went for a movie called 'The Other Guys'. This was a really stupid and weird movie but yet it is funny. Funny in a stupid way!! I couldn't resist myself from laughing because of those stupid and weird actions and dialogue of theirs. Through some funny and tiring part, I managed to go for Sushi King. This was my 1st time going for Sushi Bonanza!!! WOW!!! It was really really cool!!! Unagi, salmon, tako, nihotate, ika, ebi ten, chuka iidako, chuka chinmi and ikura!! AWWWW!!! I'm so hungry now!!! Better stop it now or else I will die because of starvation. HAHA!!

Guess it's time for me to head to bed now.


I still can't figure out how I can make you work, circuit.. Could you tell me in real life or in my dream??

Friday, October 8, 2010


This is my official 1st blog since I had back to Uni or should I say -away-from-Ipoh-again 'trip'. I had move myself out of the in-campus hostel this semester where I thought I can enjoy myself here with the internet connection and the new environment but it wasn't that easy after all. The internet connection here was totally rubbish. At the beginning of the stay, it was still okay as I still can online though that it might be super lag. Eventually, the connection became worst when I can't even connect into it. What a disaster!! Now me and my house-mates have to spend some extra Ringgit for our own internet connection.

This was actually going on pretty well until problem after problem started to arise and break the silence. Some things are meant to be kept to ourselves so I would rather not speak it up in public.

I was taking my Programming subject this semester. My brother actually told me that this subject was superbly hard and I didn't really believe him at the very beginning I believe him. It was definitely hard. I think I flunk my 1st Lab Test. Another hard subject that I was facing now was some kind of Telecommunication subject where I can hardly understand the lecturer during lecture. I took most of the lecture time to visit my dreamland. Should I be proud of that??

My Uni celebrated its 10th anniversary last week. I thought it will be a grand carnival that will be held on Saturday but in the end......There was a carnival but then it was just a small carnival. Not really small but just that it was not as grand as I had in my mind.

Then I attended 'Youth Got Talent' and basically I participated in it. Don't ask what did I do on the stage but thanks to my group members, we managed to get the 1st runner up for the group category. There were 19 performances from both solo and group categories. There were 1 particular performance that made me had goose bumps. Ewwww... There were other performances that were nice but there was this particular performance ~ by this one friend of mine who performed her AWESOME skills in playing ukulele.. WOW... Her voice were nice and her skills was amazing in handling that ukulele. She deserved to be the Champion in solo category. One word, AWESOME!!!


Just finish my tests before mid-term break. HOORAY!!!! I do not know why, this week had been so difficult for me, not physically but mentally.. Maybe the disease of thinking-too-much come back again. But who cares now.. I'm cured.

Now is mid-term madness... Errrmmmm..... but should I really say it as break because I have tonnes of assignments to complete where I don't even know how to do on it. What I need to do now is to prepare myself to die nicely only. How amazing. xD Circuit oh circuit, how shall I complete thee!?

So, adios guys. I shall prepare myself... HAHAHA