Saturday, August 21, 2010

Malacca Trip as Farewell

Time flies especially when things are going the way that you want it to be. So fast and I'll be leaving Ipoh~my beloved hometown~ soon......really soon....

During this last week of my holiday, I managed to finally visit the famous historical state, Malacca, together with my mum. I was quite reluctant to go in the beginning but then the experience of my stay in Malacca and the beauty of it really proved me wrong of thinking that way. This time of my visit was actually to visit my brother as he kept on persuading me to visit him and as well as to enjoy the scenery of Malacca. Now, I finally had the chance to make it true.

My journey of about 5 hours was really torturing. I've to thank my phone for doing me a great favour in accompanying me throughout the journey. *music music music* I barely can take of my earphone once I've put it on.

First drop, 'Melaka Sentral'. I was really amazed of the station as it is much more beautiful, cleaner, nicer etc than 'KL Sentral' and this is needless to compared to the dirty and dusty 'Medan Gopeng' that we have here in Ipoh. It seems that 'Melaka Sentral' was bigger than 'KL Sentral'.It was basically a small shopping complex where you can find all types of things that you can find in a normal shopping complex can be found here as well.

After dropping all of our belongings, we headed to the famous Malacca's Petaling Street, Jonker Street. Unfortunately, this famous street will only be crowded during Fridays and weekends. However, we still managed to get a tour around Jonker Street. My mum bought a lot of local food such biscuits and candies. I managed to taste the original 'gula Melaka' here. WOW!! I was totally amazed of it. The 'gula Melaka' was seriously 'kao' and sweet compared to the 'gula Melaka' elsewhere.

After a long walk along Jonker Street, we went to have a tour in Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade. The one thing that I regretted not doing there was I did not buy Yui's latest album 'Holidays in the Sun', the only shop that I can find Yui's latest album. AHHHH!!! We went to a coffee house famous for its delicious and mouth-watering mille crepe, Nadeje. The mille crepe was absolutely amazing where it can trigger your appetite. The original mille crepe taste sold there was of no comparison to others mille crepe.

Then we head to the famous Satay Celup. The word satay definitely will give you an impression of the normally made satay where those meats were poke through with a stick and barbequed. This was a different version of satay that were normally found in Malaysia. It was something with the concept same as 'Lok Lok' but the soup that was used to cook the food is not normal soup but satay sauce. Food such as fishball, chicken meat, vegetables etc were cooked using those sauce filled with crunched peanuts. WOW.. My stomach is 'drumming' now when I'm talking about it.

In the end, we have a little of Malacca Night Tour. I managed to see the famous Stadthuys a.k.a 'Red House'. It was really really ~red....... HAHA... It was closed when I visited it that time and I didn't get a chance to get a tour in the building. Ships as museum, a tall skyscraper for visitors to view the whole city and many more historical places where I didn't managed to visit in one day.

I returned to Ipoh on the next day. I will be back to Malacca one day to truly enjoy the beautiful scenery of it. Unfortunately, the bus that I was on, broke down and one hour of my time was wasted. If it was not because of my mum, we will not only be waiting for one hour.

It's time..........

-Finger down-

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Remaining

It had been weeks since I am back to my beloved town Ipoh. And in a blink of eye, my holiday is going to end in another week time. Time really flies especially when you are enjoying most of the time. Or maybe not most of it, just partially. But still, happy time does fly. That's how cruel the world can be when it wants to grab away the time that you are enjoying the most. That's the reality. On Earth, happiness does exist but it doesn't last long. So my dear readers and friends, grab every opportunities that held in front of you all so that you won't regret it in the future.

Reviewing back on what I had really done for the past few weeks in Ipoh, I really can't think of much that I had done. However, I do appreciate the time that I spent with my friends here in Ipoh during this holiday of mine. I managed to drive down to Kampar and had a little suprised visit to them where we ended up in a cybercafe. People might think that we might be dumb to drive so far to Kampar and just ended up playing computer games but then for me, those time was precious. Or should I say priceless.

I watched a movie recently and I really felt this phrase is meaningful ~ "A person's property is not measured by his/her wealthiness but by the number of relatives and friends that he/she has" ~ Friendship and relationship are just priceless.

I just attended the Hillsong [Unite=Conquer] Concert in Syuen which was totally mesmerizing. Hmm, shouldn't really say that. Should say it was AWESOME!!! The worship was rocking and the sermon was attractive enough for people like us to listen. I can barely meet someone that I know there. Ipoh now are filled with strangers. It was seriously nice until I do not know how to express it into words. Hahaha!!!

Sports had been always my favourite hobby of all. I had been continuously going for sports especially football. I did spend some time on other sports as well such as badminton, table tennis, basketball, futsal and even pool. HAHA!! And one more thing, I had gained weight.. This is the worst scenario ever. I can't maintain back my weight before I left for Sarawak. =.='

According to Chinese Lunar Calendar, it was the beginning of July just recently which is also known as the Ghost Month of for the Chinese. And in conjunction of this also, it marked the opening ceremony for the injury of my TWO toes within THREE days. I told my dad that day about the incident that I accidentally kicked the table with my toe, he was shocked and told me back, "What!? Again!?". Even my dad was shocked too when he heard about my toes. =P MY POOR LITTLE, WEAK AND SOFT TOES.

I'm glad =)

-Fingers down-