Friday, August 28, 2009


Its been awhile since i blogged. with the strong demand of asking me to blog, so i shall blog. haha. no la. im just too lazy to blog.

there are too many things that happened and i can't think of so many of it. or perhaps none of thsoe appear. let me think... hmmmm....

oh yea.. this one is specially for joshie.. do you know that my physics teacher's name is something related to your favourite thing. YEah, you are right!!!! HOLLAND. His name is actually Richard Belanda Anak Dagang. haha. nice name huh.. which is related to ORANGE!!! haha. i know that you will be very excited now. haha

I got this opportunity to go to explore to the cinema in kuching. the 1st time was the LFS cinema which is a disaster. It was the 1st time for me to watch a movie in a cinema with COCKCROACH!!!! that thing just pop up in front of out seats. and Jun was like watching it moving right to left and left to right. -.-' that's............ewwwwwwwwwww...... besides, we were watching an alien movie. District 9. imagine a cockcroach watching prawns in movie. haha.
but the second time was abit nicer and this cinema got the 'look' of a cinema. haha. it basically looks like a cinema compared to the previous one. wednesday was indeed a movie day. haha. our class ends quite early. give us time to watch movie. haha. watched GI JOE. a very nice movie. fond of their high tech gadgets.. haha. especially the high tech sut. hehe. but i am looking forward for the new cinema in The Spring. haha. and Avatar!!!!

Class is still normal. most of the subject is like form6 n form5 especially physics. But engineering maths is superbly hard. the formulae are so many and kinda long plus complicated which are hard to understand. Classes here are like so cold!!!! i mean extremely cold. It's like studying in the North or South pole. lol. even a jacket or sweater wont do enough for you. actually one of my classmate sometimes brought two sweater to class. haha. then you can imagine how cold it is. when i was in form6, i was always looking for coldness in school, but here.... everything is different, we craved for hotness. haha. we did all kind of stupid stuffs here, filling up hot water in the bottles and bring it into the class but eventually the hot water will become cold water in the end. think if we take an ice cream there and put it on the table for 1 hour, it also wont melt. haha.

finally i went for sports yesterday. WHAT A RELIEVED!!!!! this was the 1st time i do my sports since one month ago. maybe that's why i was sick previously because of the lack of sports. the futsal court here sucks. it is so dangerous and not to the scale of the real court. and the court is on the top floor of the carpark. and they like to kick the ball down although there are high fences there. haha. and i got 'first blood' even before i put down my bag. aiksss. the unlucky me. =/
the food here are alot. so let the pictures tell it all. hehe

a superbly tall ice cream which wasn't nice. haha

the well-known 3-layers teh (it's nice but you wont cry after drinking it,haha)

the extreme laundry that i did make me to suffer from a severe backache now. even when i am sitting to blog now, i still can feel the pain on my backbone. ahhhh. help..

will be attending an anniversary tomorrow. a youth anniversary. hopefully it is fun and there will be a lot of food. hehe


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

100th post with suprise =D

this is my 100 post in this blog. CHEER. but there is also a big suprise for you all. haha. this can make my 100th post more interesting and harder to be forgotten. haha.

Went to a dont know what thing on sunday. dont know what what what and i just went there without a purpose. i only know that we have to learn something about handicraft when we were there. we were told and taught how to make 'handicraft'.. and we need to make a 'Hornbill' from bamboo because it symbolises Sarawak and to make the Hornbill useful.

We brainstormed and chatted for awhile in the beginning. And finally we decided to make a windbell. We were kinda indolent to work for it but as we continued on, things were getting much more interesting. Though the windbell can hardly make any noise even if we blew at it. haha. but its nice and there was satisfaction for completing such a thing in such a short time. hehe.

i got one picture that i really should post it here. and plese feel free to comment what you see. (bear your own consequences of looking at this picture with your naked eyes.) haha. dont open your mouth too wide and scream. LOL
(TEIK SERN!!!!!! with my group's craft)

Just got 2 assignments at the same day yesterday. This is gonna be tough. Life here is like everyday the same.
another nice hornbill =)

multi-function hornbill. haha

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Deserve A Sum Today.

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Just something I found interesting. :)
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Friday, August 14, 2009


sampan experience...
Kuching Festival.. =)

Pictures tell it all. hehe

I miss KC LEONG's way of teaching. I dont like the physic lecturer here. He's not that good compared to KC LEONG. He's like so blur. Always did mistakes in his explanation and we have to correct him. So if you are not concentrating, you will be doing the wrong things and fail your test. (he's like Mr Liew,BB Captain. Looks like him, teaches like him, talks like him as well) I told you that there are many people looks alike here. =)

I'm sick. Headache, sorethroar and my head feels heavy. HELP. Need to get some sleep now. -.-'

- i think i'll get 1 but not using it cause no phone to use it on. or you can sponsor me 1 phone.haha.i know its cheaper. =)
-oh, yea. i didnt think of that. it's a good idea. LOL

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


kaylynn>your siblings!! haha

The City of Cat. =D

Manhattan Fish Market. It's nice!!


Class finally started. Went through 3 days of classes and so far it's still okay. Because there isn't any assignment yet. But srtarting from next week onwards, i think there will be assignments. or should i say it's sunday cause the assignment will be released on sunday. =P can say as my 1st assignment here.

There are really varieties of food here. Went out and tried the famous satay that cannnot be found elsewhere. *drum rolling*................ "pork satay".. WOW. This is really the 1st time i heard this and tried it. Where can you find it elsewhere. If you try to open a stall that sell pork satay, your stall will be gone by the next day or even worse, it won't last a day. haha. and i try a new kind of drink here, the "white lady".. nice name.. seems high class but it is sold at a small stall. xD and it is nice... very special. milk with pineapple juice i think.. haha.

Then just now, when out to Kuching Festival..3weeks plus festival. Food festival mostly. THere were so many stalls there. Even KFC have a stall there. I found out that people around Kuching or Sarawak dont like McDonald's and they like KFC more. That's why i can hardly find McDonald's here but can simply find a KFC here. the 'siu mai' here is so hard. Not as nice as those in Ipoh. aiksss.

And i heard the Ipoh now is getting serious about the spreading of H1N1 virus. ACS now reported the 1st infected H1N1 case. I'm so worried about all my friends there. Hopefully they all will be find and wont be infected by it. Take good care all of you.. I'll pray for all of you that are sick.. Get well soon.

-i won't change to Digi. You change to Maxis. The most only i will buy a D-campus here. haha
-i'm too still thinking of a way to decorate it. =P give me ideas.

P/S: Yiwen is MsChang favourite student and she's trying to become like MsChang. xD


Sunday, August 9, 2009

'meow city'

This would be my 1st post i blog in Kuching.

My 1st time on plane. It was kinda awesome to actually sit on the plane for the 1st time although the plane was kinda small for a tall person with long legs like me. haha. But fortunately the place beside me was empty so i managed to stretched my legs. Those forests in Sarawak is kinda systematic. Or should i say those were plantations?? I just don't know. So don't bother that. Those roads were really straight and it makes those forests to be in a 'square' shape. Arrived Kuching International Airport and it was nice. So i thought that Kuching was quite a developed town. Saw the 1 and only MCDONALD'S in Kuching so far,there.

This uni is consider okay until i was taken for a tour to UNIMAS in kuching. i really couldnt believe wha i actually saw. it was like a town. its bigger than old town i think. 20++ buses operating in the campus itself. a gold course,bowling, etc etc alot more. i'm totally speechless. perhaps as big as ipoh?? LOL

The food are different from those of ipoh. the laksa here is actually curry mee. but those food are actually nice here although it was kinda expensive. I finally get a taste of the 3 layer tea here. i was nice but not as nice that it will make me cry like what edwin said. LOL. Sunday sucks. No food in the campus. i have to walk out to eat and by the time i walk back, everything will be finish digisted. so in the end, the trip for food around my campus will do nothing good for my stomach. LOL

My class will be so torturing. everyday it starts at 8.30am. thought that i can sleep a little longer for a few days but eventually i cant.(dont be mad.i know what you are thinking) =P i still can adapt to the new things and new environment here. can you believe the sun rises at 6.15 here and it sets around 6.30pm?? goshhh... and there is no NIGHT LIFE here. I'm gonna die of boredom. everything seems to close around 9 or maybe worst, 8... the biggest shopping mall in kuching/sarawak is even smaller then ipoh parade i think. no cinema in it so far. coming soon only. AND I DON'T HAVE A LAPTOP YET. IT'S SO BORING!!

do you believe that there are actually many people around here that look so familiar. especially my roommate. he's so much like teik sern!!!! he looks like teik sern, talks like him, laughes like him, smiles like him, acts like him etc etc.. goshhh.. they are so alike. i shall ne day let you all see his photos. haha

people around here are so hard to communicate with. cannot blow water with them. cause i cant blow water in mandarin and english. and that's what they are all speaking in. this is relly really challenging. wow.

got a city tour this morning. not really nice. went to those historical places. visiteed a museum and make me to get a flu. the weather here is so hot and hazy. gonna die of dehydration.

i think it's long enough for you all to read till the next time i blog when i have a laptop on my own. currently blogging through 'teik sern''s laptop. haha

gonna have orientation night later. gonna do performance that will make me to have a bad reputation here. 'mean judge'. hahaha.

to you all. take care in whatever you all are doing. God bless...


Monday, August 3, 2009

My Last Day...

This special 2 parties in 2 different dates, 2 different days and 2 different places had added into my 'chamber of memories', never to be forgotten and never to be faded.

Friday.... My official last schooling day. Living things are weird especially 'homo sapien'.. We, 'earthling'. never will appreciate something until we finally lose them in reality. Once that I was still in ACS, I complained almost everything about ACS. But when it is time to bid farewell, everything seems to be so hard. Kicked off my last day late to school. Time flies when we want it to be slow. New and old friends... Friendships... The most unwilling thing that i wish to part with. Chia Wei aka Chai Fei, Yew Tuck aka Tucker, WengHong aka Hong, Joshua aka Josh/Doreamon...And new friends SokWai aka Ah Sok/Uncle, YiWen aka Wen2/CicakWen, WeiKang aka Bubu, Benjamin, YeeSan aka 123, Kaylynn aka LameLynn/hornbill and the list goes on.... infinity..... After school attended my last CF meeting, and Yiwen's wish came true. She's now the Woship Director. Hong as usual with his Games Director. My last Mr Ang's tuition... Can't really concentrate in what he was trying to teach. Ended up chatting with Yiwen again. LOL. Sorry yiwen, I distracted you from your studies.

The party gone wild in the evening with the arrival of 2 'lame' guest. haha. AhSok and Bubu came the earliest. Slacked and chatted till almost every1 came (Yiwen, Hong, Benjamin, Philip, Steven) Thanks Phi and Stev for the present. Though it didn't really fit me but i like it very much. =) My second candles blowing ceremony of my '23rd birthday'. Bubu sang a weird birthday song for me (cantonese, english and mandarin, and I hope i can hear Japanese version birthday song) hehe. We crapped and laughed most of the time. Philip was kinda quiet that day (probably too much of testosterone ady) haha. JUST JOKING. They bugged my sister to tell them where I keep my childhood's photos. Mission Accomplished but Ah Sok left early and she can't see them . haha. Party officially ended at 11.45pm when Yiwen asked for a move..

Started my Saturday late again.... Supposed to meet up with them at 7.30am at MYC but I woke up at 7.45am.. GOShHH. The 1st thing in my mind was, SHYT.... And that's what I sent to Bubu. =P but still I managed to be there within 15mins. hehe. Waited awhile for Ben then headed for breakfast. Then divided into 2 groups and me as the driver for my group (Yiwen, Ah Sok and Bubu) headed to Tesco. Enjoyed every moment we spent there and it reminds me about the time we shopped for the camp's materials. Bubu showed his so-called 'manliness' by pushing the shopping cart. haha. I like Yiwen's room, double-storey bedroom.. And saw a mysterious leg still sleeping there.. A kid's legs who is also known as Yiwei. haha. shhhhh....

Headed back MYC. Most of them went tuition and left a few of us in MYC to continue on with the work. hmm.. I marinated the chickens. cool... Went out to buy some food, ice and also lighter. Ah Sok followed along and we have a chatting session there. Heart to heart chatting. hehe. Wrote a 欠单 (don't laugh again)

The party started around i don't know what time also. haha. Joan gave a short grace and everything kicked off. I was kinda blur there. I feel really really weird and I don't like it ~phantom of the opera in action~ kicked Bubu ass in table tennis. haha. I liked those corns, toast, garlic bread and I don't like BBQ-ed marshmallows.. ewwww. The game was okay.. Maybe that I was exhausted. Camwhore awhile before the party ended. I have to admit that I didn't really help to clean the place up. Sorry. I'm really sorry for that.

That's not the way.. I do not like the way it was being carried out. I do not understand why... A leader shouldn't act in such a way. A nation can't last long if he kept on acting in such a way.. It's not easy but you can't succeed without the help of your followers.. Bear in mind that it is not easy to be a leader.

Today is the last day I'll spend in Ipoh. Goodbye my beloved Ipoh and everything and everyone here. The place I borned, the place i spend 97% of my life (my 18 years and 7 days), the place I have my 1st experiences in almost everything, the place I love so much. In the end, I have to go and leave this place. If God had guided me to this path, then so be it.. I'll follow when You lead me to.

Ah Sok, hopefully that u can get ASEAN Scholarship and get out of Form6 life. Scholarship that you wish/hope for so long. Hopefully I didn't get my interview call up and you will get.