Monday, January 3, 2011

A short trip to KL

Life is full of decision-making situation. Every single moment we might have to make decision and we have to live with the result that might came out of it. There is no good or bad, wise or stupid decision. Every decision lead us to different direction in our life. Though there might not be good or bad decision but there are just some decisions that we make which we regret because the outcome of the decision might be awful and saddening.

I had this chance of following my aunty to KL a few days before Christmas but I had ignored it. The decision that made me regretted. I should have follow her to KL instead of staying in Ipoh. Noone will know why except you. This might be the most regretful decision that I had made before the beginning of a new year. I missed the chance of fulfilling my joy and excitement. Every night staring at the computer without having a chance to stare in reality was really saddening.

I went to KL just a few days after Christmas. This was really a short holiday in KL for me. And I celebrated New Year in KL. I celebrated New Year last year in Kuching and this year in KL. 2 consecutive years of celebrating New Year in a foreign land other that Ipoh. But this New Year was rather special to me. I get to celebrate New Year with someone that I had never celebrated New Year with. I get to.................................................. How amazing and nice it was though I was in KL.

This KL trip decision was rather sudden for me. I just decided to go 2 days before that. Main purpose there was to shop. I only managed to go to MidValley and Sunway due to the limited time. The main point was, all of my meal during my stay in KL were Japanese food. Incredible!! I'm becoming a Japanese guy.. The most incredible Japanese meal was in Rakuzen. I have to admit that the food there were extremely nice. The sashimi was awesome. It actually melts in my mouth without having me to chew it. It was so fresh and soft. YUMMY!! And not forgetting the incredible dessert - ice cream.. It was SUPER DELICIOUS!!! The green tea and chocolate ice cream. It was just like the size of your thumb. The taste of green tea was so extremely thick and NICE. The green tea ice cream was like covered with green tea powder and once you bite it, the powder will covered your teeth while the ice cream within the powder will melt and flow out. Awwwww!!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

It's been like only 2 weeks but I feel like it's been years since I'm back.. Life is just torturing.

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