Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Time as it is...

Once upon a time,
when things were seems to be perfect,
thoughts will eventually appear in your mind,
like tiny little plants growing from the ground,
but as Time passes,
it will be gone without you noticing.

Time became as important as gold to human,
racing and rushing because of it,
but because of time,
things change, living and dead,
though people might notice it,
nothing will they do,
as they claimed it is the process of life.

Houses are meant to be shelter of life,
serve for a purpose to keep warmth around,
but when the purpose is neglected,
spaces in it will remained as spaces as it is,
as Time passes,
tiny little solid dirt will build up,
dust as we human called it,
covered each and every corner of it,
leaving gap in between of the living and the dead.

New houses will be in attention,
old houses will remained empty as it is,
continue to be forgotten as it is,
but yet nothing can they do,
as human claimed it is the process of life,
leaving the old and moving ahead with a new beginning.

That's what Time meant to be,
as it serves its purpose.

4 crazy jokes..:

The Half-life of Uranium-235 said...

Well I gotta say, this isn't as direct as what you usually write =D

SuM said...

Is that an improvement?? And a compliment??? :)

The Half-life of Uranium-235 said...

haha, it's different from last time. and I guess different is good XD

SuM said...

then i'll take that as a compliment. xD