Friday, January 21, 2011

A little catching up

Human are just creatures that never can be satisfied. No matter how much they had received, they will never ever say enough for what they have. When they received something, they will begged for more. That's how pathetic human can be. That's how selfish human can be. But we as human being can't be blamed because we are just imperfect creature though we claimed to be the most advanced creature in this planet.

'An idle brain is the best place for Satan' ~ How true this statement can be. No matter how much I've been keep telling myself that I had changed, the true fact is that I never change. The same old me is still in me, taking charge of me though not completely. The same stupid and childish thinking still haunt me till today. Feelings are just hard to control. But I want to say now that I WANT TO CHANGE. I want to be in-charged back of myself. I want to control my feeling instead of letting my feeling to control me.

The one day KL shopping trip was tiring but rather nice. One thing to be remembered, the money I spent on food was more than I spent on my clothes. There was this bunch of friends (who are quite irritating) sat on the same train and monorail from Ipoh to KL and from KL Sentral to Times Square. How coincidence yet irritating that was. Another coincidence fact was we met up in the train back to Ipoh with my old friends who were in the way back from Singapore. One of the EXTREMELY tall friend of mine joke all the way back to Ipoh, joking loudly as if the whole train was ours. *come take picture come take picture ~ kampai* that's what he always shouted. How amusing that was. I was trying so hard to opened my eyes and close my nose to listen to him.

Tg. Tualang seafood lunch was indeed a nice one. It's not only about the food I consumed but the time I spent with my Form6 friends who I had lost contact for so long. The food and especially crabs were definitely finger licking good. That's no doubt about it.

The result is out today. I don't expect much but then thank God for everything, the unexpected result. One thing I won't forget, never to compare with others no matter what. This time result publication wasn't that happy to me because of something. I feel sad but then as you said, happy is better than being sad. Cheer up no matter what happen as I'm here, always. SMILE.

Now I'm waiting for that time to come , the time when we'll be able to meet again. :-)

6 crazy jokes..:

Sok Wai said...

You are eager to go back to Sarawak, I see... xD

SuM said...

Izzit?? I didnt write it in the post also?? where got say i eager to go back Sarawak oh.. :)

Sok Wai said...

Oh, maybe I misinterpret the last sentence :p

SuM said...

ahhh.. the last sentence.. hahaha!!!

Sok Wai said...

Hahaha apa? ==!!

SuM said...

nothing nothing. just laughing for fun. hehe