Thursday, May 12, 2011


After 3 continuous days of tests and assignments, there is finally a bit time for me to take a breath from those works. Almost all assignments are coming to an end. That means, final is coming and also, holidays. I really wish that this sem will finish as soon as it can be so that I can enjoy 3 months of holidays. Thanks to the messy system of Swinburne, we finally know that we do not need to take winter sem. DaDaDa.... Good thing or a bad thing, I won't know for sure yet.

I can't seems to get the feeling and enjoyment of blogging yet. Maybe I'm too lazy or maybe I'm not really in that kind of mood. I do not know why am I thinking that way, but tiny little thoughts will eventually appear in my mind. I've thought of a good way to describe it, a creative mind. It teaches and trains me about creativity, one thing I'm lacking in. There are things that I'm lacking in but I wanted to try to be a better person. There are always times you wanted to do whatever that you like. But you know that it ain't gonna happen. Things just won't go to the way that you want it to be. Things are never smooth like you think. There is just this barrier that I can't go through myself. It's just too hard to go through myself. When I'm down, there will always be someone beside me to be with me.

There seems to be so many things that I want to blog but because there are TOO MANY of it, it stops me. Maybe I'll be back when I feel like blogging or when I got the mood of blogging again.

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