Thursday, February 25, 2010


I believe that we just need to do what we need to do and things will eventually turns to the brighter side. If things doesn't work out the way I wanted it to be eventhough I had tried it for thousand of times, I prefer to give up.

The feeling of guilt still in me whenever I think of it again. Maybe because of this also, I had a nightmare last night. Horror dream~~ I remember of me taking care of a child in a camp with others. Then somehow the kid felt asleep and me still being awake (studying), stand up leaving the kid who is sleeping there and approached the group who is chatting in the other side. In a flash of an eye, I saw a dark shadow walked pass the kid and the kid is gone. The weird part is that I straight ran towards the place where the kid was sleeping, then I rushed to a "convenient shop' (more like a 7-11 to me) and ask the shopkeeper for the video of the CCTV there.. Weird huh!? A shop in the middle of the jungle with CCTV??? It make no sense to me either. But when I wanted to watch the recording, I saw my room as I'm awake. =P

Should have just forget it somehow. Thank you for the advice and for lending me your ears. Thanks alot.

Kledang Hill again. =P And Bubu finally came. The time when I hope that he will come but he didn't and when the time I didn't expect him to come, he came. Funny guy. haha. Applying the concept of projectile motion for throwing stones. It was funny when I aimed at 'someone' and HeokLyn said loudly that I won't hit him/her but after I threw, suddenly a voice "Auchh" was heard... We were then laughing non-stop. hahaha. HeokLyn kept on telling me that she wanted to go RTM. LOL

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!

First first first, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL..

This year Chinese New Year isn't that fruitful as last year in term of the number of angpaus that I got. However, I think that Chinese New Year is not just because of the number of angpaus that I will get but of other things. Things that money will never be able to buy.

Just before CNY, there was a party for the February babies in Breeze Cafe. Most of the current 6AB people attended the party with people like me, KinWai, SuiHann etc too. How can I describe the party. Hmm.. It was AWESOME. With the huge group of people there, the environment was superb. I didn't know that they can be so CRAZY. A totally different people when the time I left. LOL. They can be so so so crappy. Haha. Especially CheeHong and TickYau. HAHAHA...

1st day of CNY
Just went for a vegeterian brunch with my family and relatives. Then just headed to my grandparents' house which is just within walking distance. And there goes my 1st day of CNY.

2nd day of CNY
This day was almost a disaster. The time when I opened my eyes from my sleep, I heard my mum was talking to my bro that the plan had to be cancelled due to some problems. Having headache due to this thingy where I almost scratched my head till I'm bold. But at the end, the problem is solved and everything went well. I didn't even know that there was so many princesses during the BBQ. Had an American-style birthday party. HAHA. Bashing up a love-hearted box and a Barbie doll dressed up with huge gown. It was the hard work of my aunty. Her determination make it all happened. Hees.

3rd day of CNY
The time of bai lin starts today. 1st destination was Steven's house. It's been so long since I met Steven. He's so skinny. It's great to meet up with old buddies again. Next stop was KahMun, EeXin MingRu and lastly KarKhan house. Now only I realise that MingRu likes to gamble. Haha. And KahMun is so playful. Haha. KarKhan's gf is so pretty.. Jealous nyer.. =P That Bubu bullied me in CTR. ISHH ISHH ISHH.. But luckily KahMun bullied him back. HAHAHA. Oh yea, the main highlight of the day also because SokWai wore a dress which is because of CheeKhoon. But after all, CheKhoon ffk and her effort wasted. LOL

4th day of CNY
Our first destination was Kaylynn's house continued on with mine, Hong and HeokLyn. Kaylynn's house is nice. Very special. The small pond in her living room is just like a stream in her house which basically going around her house. Haha. Anyway, it's just my thought nie. At the end of the day, I found out that Kaylynn is a stuffed toys addict. She is abit of sot when it comes to those kind of stuff. She can talks to them as if they can understand and will reply her back. And my Bobdog was the first victim. Haha.

5th day of CNY
Ahh. Finally I got a chance to go into Sokwai's house. HAha. And into her Anime Room. wakakaka. Then headed to Yeesan's house. When we were in Yeesan's house, Bubu and KahMun gone crazy and acted.. It was super hilarious. xD I missed the chance to go to Bubu's house because I went to another friend's house. Ishh Ishh.. Bubu, I'll be back.. Headed to KC Leong's house. Wow.. Played the 2 thingy which I don't how to say. But I like it a lot. The jumping thingy which think is the trampoline and the electric thingy. haha. Whooo~~ CheeKhoon's house was so strategic. It was so paiseh when Bubu called CheeKhoon's brother, UNCLE.. HAHA.. They look so alike. xD

6th day of CNY
Hmm Hmm.. What did I do today?? Oh yea.. I went to KaiTeng's house. And I met Sean where he still recognise me. WOw. Awesome. haha. Went to SuiHann's house next. The naughty Sokwai go and throw the tiger hat into the tortoises' habitat. Went to Kopitiam so many times. haha. Meet up with Jin, Josh and Tuck there. Oh yea.. We have a small suprised party to bid farewell to Kok. He will be going to Aussie later. Wish him all the best there and hope to see him soon. Take care, my friend.

So just cut everything short, CNY this year was a awesome one because I managed to visit alot of houses though that I received less angpaus. Satisfied with it anyway. Hehe.

And now my house is not only like a bus stop. Now it's even like a hotel. XD

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I don't understand why is my nose so sensitive to Ipoh. Ever since I came back to Ipoh, Mr Flu had been frequently visiting me.. It's so different in Kuching when Mr Flu only visit me once in a blue moon. Now I'm suffering from it.

Too bad it had to be cancelled. ishh ishh.. I had been so excited for it to come since before my summer semester end. But now it had to be cancelled.. Sad sad..

Had been seriously addicted to sports lately especially football and table tennis.. The feeling of sweating is so so so FUN.. Wow!! But too bad CNY coming so I think I have to stop sport-ing for 1 week. hees.

Bro is coming back today.. Didn't meet with him for more than 6 months d.. I do not know whether its a good news or bad news. LOL.. Hopefully its a good one.. haha..

~flu flu flu~

Friday, February 5, 2010


Ipoh oh Ipoh,
How shalt I compare thee....

I had came back for about 1 week plus. There is really no match for my belovede Ipoh.

I managed to catch up with many of my friends that I had missed out for this half year. What can I really say about them. Some of them never change, appearance and attitude, which make me think of those time that I had spent together with them. But needless to say that there are also some that have changed in appearance and also attitude. I do not know whether this kind of changing is really good.. Maybe I'm being selfish for wanting all to be still the same afterall.

One thing that will never change, the school. No matter how long I didn't go back or perhaps just this 6 months, the school will still be the same. It's just that there are many new faces in the school. Many new teachers and less of those teachers that I know. Ipoh is still the same before I left. Nothing change much.

Finally I got my chance to play soccer/football. I mean real football, football field rather than those futsal in Sarawak. xD I definitely miss football so much. Football~my passion, my life~ haha.. I think this is too much too some how. haha. But still I really miss football.

Weather had been really disastrous lately. CNY is near so the weather is superly hot and dry although there is rain yesterday and just now. But imagine that although there is rain, but still I can sweat sitting in front of my laptop with fans around me.~phew~ Compared to Kuching now, I think it was rainy season there. Just a few days before I came back, it rained continously for 2 days. I was freezing back there that time.

Another thing ~ FOOD~~ I can't deny it that I had been eating continously lately. Due to the 'delicious-ness' of the food in Ipoh, my mouth never stop. HAHA. Mum keeps on stuffing me with food. Everyone said that I got thinner and taller but I don't think that I got taller anyhow. =P Been crazily craving for food especially in ‘pasar malam’.

This holidays also marked my 1st time experience in witnessing an accident happening right in front of my eyes. Thou that the one that directly involved in it was not me, but still I was indirectly involved in the accident. So I can feel the fear of involving in an accident. ~phew~

Now I am rotting at home waiting for those who are not back to Ipoh yet. Faster faster come back.. Waiting for you guys to hang out together.